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Conscience and the Vaccines

The following is part of a homily entitled “God Is Not Mocked” that was given on September 5, 2021 – the 15th Sunday After Pentecost – at Notre Dame Monastery in Australia. I don’t know the priest’s name.

“What I am about to say here may strike some as being somewhat political. It is not political; it is pastoral. I speak these words as a Catholic Priest, a Benedictine Monk and as a Doctor in Moral Theology. …

“Let’s be clear. There is no moral responsibility to receive the vaccine. I’m going to explain why.

“For there to be such an obligation, a number of conditions would need to be met. Assuming there is a real danger:

1) the vaccine would have to present no ethical objections at all in its development;

2) it would have to be certain in its effectiveness;

3) it would have to be safe beyond doubt;

4) there would have to be no other options to protect oneself and others against the virus.

“Now, none of these conditions are met.

“The gravest objection [is that] all the vaccines currently available are made using and therefore abusing an innocent baby. It is the ultimate and gravest form of child abuse ever, and it is astounding that anyone could think God will actually bless such crimes by allowing them to save humanity. …

“Secondly, … the vaccines have not been properly tested; they are still on trial. This is not a debated point. It is clearly stated on the websites of those who produced them. … The whole world is being treated as an immense laboratory in which you and I are expected to be the Guinea pigs.

“A third reason is the danger from the vaccine itself. As of 1 September 2021, the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) of the Australian Department of Health affirms on its website that there have been no less than 462 deaths following administration of the Covid-19 vaccines. The same Department of Health reports that the number of deaths from Covid-19 itself is 1,008. In other words, in the few months since the rollout of the vaccines, the vaccine has killed already half as many people as the virus itself in the last 18 months. These numbers speak for themselves.

“A fourth reason is that serious caution has been issued by prestigious medical authorities, including Dr. Robert Malone (one of the original developers of mRNA technologies), Dr. Michael Yeadon (former researcher and vice president of Pfizer), Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (who has treated over 6000 Covid patients), and Dr. Luc Montagnier (a Nobel laureate for his discovery of HIV). They all encourage people not to take the vaccine. That alone, for anyone who knows anything about the virtue of prudence and its reliance on docility to people who are eminent for their learning and have everything to lose by saying it, is enough to convince, at the very least, that there is a serious problem.

“A fifth reason is that there are numerous effective protocols for treating Covid-19 that use accepted, affordable, commonly-available medicines and supplements which have been demonstrated to be safe. One of them was developed over a year ago by Dr Thomas Borody, who is one of our Australian experts, and who wrote at the time: “We have a therapy that can fight COVID-19. The medications have been around for 50 years, they are cheap, FDA and TGA approved and have an outstanding safety profile. Why are we just waiting around for a vaccine? To save lives we should be using whatever is safe and available right now. We could lead the world in this fight…”. One wonders what happened to that protocol.

“What conclusions are we to draw from all this? Principally, that those of us who refuse the vaccine have solid ground to stand on. But we will need to be strong. The pressure will only increase as time goes by. We will be locked out of many public places; we may even be denied entrance into our own churches; perhaps our own Catholic friends and shepherds will deny us. So be it. But we do have a word for them and this word is for everyone, including authorities, both civil and religious of every rank. It is a strong word. That word is this:

“Beware. Our conscience stands firm on this issue. If you wish to pressure us, know that you are violating the voice of a well-formed conscience, that is the voice of God Himself. You should also know that international law condemns severely the use of moral persuasion when it comes to that taking of any medication that is experimental. This sort of thing has been done before. It was perpetrated by the same people who put yellow stars on the shoulders of the Jews, and then ultimately decided that they had a better, more final, solution for them. Beware. Whoever you are, whatever badge or religious symbol you might wear, you are crossing a line that you will bitterly regret and for which you will have to give an account.”

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Abortion Tainted Vaccines

We’ve heard many times that the fetal tissue used in the development and testing of vaccines, drugs, and cosmetics is not a big deal morally, because the cell lines originate from a small number of fetuses “ethically and legally aborted” back in the 1960s.

The Very Well Health article below claims that since the 1960s, no additional fetal cells have been harvested to use in the creation of vaccines. And in 2017, the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life said that because a lack of vaccinations represents a serious health risk, it’s not morally problematic for Catholics to use vaccines developed with the cells “derived solely from two fetuses originally aborted in the 1960s.”

Unfortunately, this claim and the Vatican’s assurances don’t line up with the facts. In January 2018, Dr. Stanley Plotkin, M.D. (the man credited with developing the Rubella vaccine) testified under oath about the use of dozens of aborted, second trimester fetuses in the development of a particular vaccine. He notes the Catholic church says he’ll go to Hell for it and that he will be “glad” to do so.

A nine-minute excerpt from his testimony is at YouTube as “Testimony of Dr Stanley Plotkin Under Oath confirming Use of Murdered Baby Organs in Vaccine Develop.” The full 9 hour deposition is at YouTube as “Stanley Plotkin, Vaccines Deposition, Under Oath, 9 Hour Full Video.” CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=169178701347460 [17:07] to hear John-Henry Westen comment on clips from the 9 minute version.

IF YOU ONLY HAVE TIME FOR ONE VIDEO, watch this one! https://rumble.com/vd4z19-human-experiments-with-aborted-babies-with-dr.-stacy-interview.html [21:27]. On January 21, 2021, Dr. Stacy Trasancos talked about how scientists are increasingly using aborted babies and their body parts for research. She says their reasoning is that the babies are dead anyway, so we might as well get some benefit from the abundant, inexpensive source of human tissue.

Trasancos mentions the baby hair on mice experiment which The Sun reported on July 28, 2021, was funded by U.S. tax dollars courtesy of Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The two National Catholic Register links are to articles written by Trasancos that go deeper into this issue.

People who are opposed to abortion-tainted vaccines, medicines, and cosmetics can often get alternative products made from animal cells instead of human cells.

At this time, the three mRNA vaccines approved for the U.S. and the Regneron-COV treatment were all developed and/or tested using the 1960 cell lines.

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Bits & Bytes

CATHOLIC NEWSPAPER: The newspaper for the Diocese of Richmond issued an apology following the publication of a satirical cartoon mocking an unvaccinated patient sick with COVID-19, admitting it “lacked the love of Christ that we, as Catholics, are taught to preach and to live.”

It also ignored the fact that the Bible clearly teaches that karma is anti-Christian and that schadenfreude is a sin. “Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth.” – 1 Corinthians 13:6

CHILD PORN: CLICK https://twitter.com/jennybethm/status/1437911039576875008 [:41] to hear the mayor of Hudson, Ohio, announce to the school board members that any of them who do not resign immediately will be charged with promoting child pornography. It’s not clear whether the board can be held criminally liable for curriculum material, but the stuff was pulled out of the school immediately anyway.

(The graphic has nothing to do with the story. I used it because it’s funny, school-related, and not about porn, which turns my stomach.)

CONFORMITY: If we are to be GOD’S people, we must be filled with the Holy Spirit and live steeped in prayer, so the opinions of others cannot push us into making bad choices.

CORNELL UNIVERSITY: During the first week of classes, 322 people tested positive for the coronavirus during the opening “surveillance testing”, despite a 95% vaccination rate. “Surveillance testing” at Cornell involves testing healthy individuals without symptoms for COVID-19 in order to quarantine them and stop them from spreading the coronavirus.

Does it strike anyone else as whacked out that healthy, most likely vaccinated students have to lock themselves in their dorm rooms to “protect” other vaccinated students from catching a mild case that would grant them broad, durable immunity?

N.b., I chose the postcard above, because this building – Anabel Taylor Hall – is where Dearest and I first met and where we had our wedding and reception. Our 42d anniversary is next month. 🙂

FAUCI: CLICK https://twitter.com/heckyessica/status/1437794006776287233 [:38] to hear the 2019 version of St. Fauci sneer at the “paranoid” idea that masks can help keep anyone from catching an infectious disease.

OOPS: When Detroit’s ABC station asked Facebook users to share stories of unvaccinated people who have passed away from COVID-19, an overwhelming number of the people who responded talked about death and injury that followed soon after the COVID-19 shot. Below is a brief list of some of the responses:

I know a 37 year old who got the vaccine and died of brain aneurysm 8 days later.”

I know 3 people personally that died shortly after being fully vaxxed.”

My Aunt died a week after the shot.”

My mother had a heart attack 4 days after receiving her first vaccine. She now has a blood clot in her lung.”

My neighbor died from the vax, the funeral is next week.”

My mom can’t feel her arms and legs.”

My BFF has been in ER several times with debilitating headaches.”

NEW YORK: Cuomo’s replacement, Gov. Kathy Hochul, recently sent a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg requesting that the social media giant increase efforts to censor pro-lifers.

NOKO: North Korea said it successfully launched ballistic missiles from a train for the first time on Wednesday.

PERSONAL CHOICE: A new national poll by the Trafalgar Group shows American’s overwhelming reject vaccine mandates.

PRO-ABORTION: Google has banned all pro-life ads from Live Action, including ads for the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline, which is managed by a team of medical professionals.

They aren’t hiding their bias anymore. Google’s censorship baldly reveals that the corporation is in the pocket of the abortion industry.” – Lila Rose, president of Live Action

RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS: CLICK https://rumble.com/vc041p-pro-death-world-powers-use-vaccine-mandates-to-force-cooperation-with-abort.html [1:03:33] to hear John-Henry Westen’s December 2020 interview of Bishop Athanasius Schneider about the morality of Catholics receiving vaccines and drugs that were developed with or tested on cells derived from aborted human fetuses. This applies to all the COVID-19 vaccines, as well as to the Regeneron-COV treatment.

At the Fairview Baptist Church link (last one below), there is a good article from a non-Catholic-Christian point of view about religious exemptions. It covers informed consent, sanctity of life for the unborn, the body as a temple, and conscience. It’s worth reading.

TRANS BISHOP: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) just installed its first openly transgender bishop on Saturday during a ceremony at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco with 65 bishops and more than 150 pastors in attendance.

Bishop Megan Rohrer will lead the Sacramento-based Sierra Pacific Synod, which includes almost 200 congregations in California and Nevada. The 41-year-old biological female uses the pronouns “he” and “they” and is married to “his” wife, Laurel. The couple has two children.

TRUMP: Heads up to my fellow Trump supporters … beware of giving your email to any Trump group. I’m now on multiple lists, all of which send me nearly daily “Donate Now” begging emails. I wouldn’t mind it so much, but their “unsubscribe” functions do not work. So EVERY DAY, I have 4 or 5 of these “DONATE NOW” things in my spam folder!

P.S., I also had a bad experience with the Trump 2020 campaign store. They took my money immediately, but didn’t ship for 6 weeks! When I complained, they said, “That’s what everybody does.” No, it isn’t. I do the majority of my shopping on-line. Almost NOBODY charges UNTIL THEY SHIP.

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