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COVID-19 Update

BIG PHARMA’S WHORE: After the introduction of COVID mRNA gene therapies. the CDC quietly changed its definition of “vaccine” in an apparent attempt to validate calling these substances “vaccines.” Note the subtle, but important differences. Vaccines have always been intended to stop infection, but the COVID gene therapies can’t and don’t do that. They are designed only to lessen the degree of infection.

DEMONIZING the UNVACCINATED: In a July 16, 2021, White House press briefing, the director of the CDC claimed that “over 97% of people who are entering the hospital right now are unvaccinated.”

Note that she said “right now.” This was a lie. Those statistics were from January through June 2021, back when the vast majority of the U.S. population were still unvaccinated.

GUINEA PIGS: The entire COVID injection campaign is actually an unprecedented clinical trial.

“Many people are unaware that they are participating in the largest clinical trial test of our times. It is because World Health Organization, healthcare authorities, politicians, celebrities, and journalists promote the experimental medical treatments (wrongly called COVID-19 vaccines) as safe and efficient while in fact these treatments are in early clinical research stage. It means that there is not enough data for such claims and that the people who participate are test subjects.” – Dr. Lidiya Angelova

PFIZER: This Big Pharma company partnered with start-up BioNTech (that had never produced a single product) to market one of the three COVID-19 mRNA gene therapies being marketed in the U.S. Pfizer recently reported that the effectiveness of their so-called “vaccine” decreases over time. But GOOD NEWS! They’ll sell you a BOOSTER shot. Isn’t that just swell?!

VAX DEATHS: In an apparent effort to hide how deadly the COVID shots really are, the CDC decided to count anyone who died within the first 14 days post-final-injection not as “partially vaccinated”, but as “unvaccinated.” This period just happens to be the same time frame during which most vaccine injury and breakthrough deaths occur.

N.b., I was unable to find the original source of that graph.

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Bits & Bytes

CALIFORNIA: [4:07] – Larry Elder has conceded. CLICK https://www.facebook.com/newsmax/videos/538351504118404 [1:34] to hear a Newsmax report. “The Democrats have always used the boogeyman scare tactics to encapsulate and to control the black voter base.” – Bruce LeVell

COVID-19: The media is currently hyping a statistic that isn’t a fact. Supposedly, COVID hospitalizations are at higher levels than at any prior stage of the pandemic. But the real fact is that the federal government requires hospitals to test every patient for COVID and report the number hospitalized … regardless of WHY they are being hospitalized or whether their COVID symptoms are even an issue.

Researchers have done a deep dive into actual patients’ records. From March 2020 through early January 2021, 36% of the “hospitalized with COVID” patients had mild to no symptoms of the disease. From mid-January through the end of June 2021, that number has gone up to 48%. And among vaccinated patients, that number is 57% vs. 45% for unvaccinated patients.

DOMESTIC TERRORISM: Despite their alleged interest in the Humongous Threat posed to our peace and safety by homegrown terrorists, the Left has totally ignored the recent conviction of an actual homegrown terrorist … who also happens to be a former field organizer for the Washington State Democrats. Oops.

On Sept 9, Ellen Brennan Reiche was found guilty of terrorist attacks and violence against a railroad carrier. She and an accomplice (who pled guilty) placed shunt on train tracks near Bellingham, Washington, which could have led to a dangerous derailment in a residential area.

Here we have two convicted domestic terrorists who not only attacked public infrastructure and endangered lives in the process, but appear to have gone on to brag about it online and encourage others to follow their lead. And still not a peep from the media. … Let’s roll that January 6 footage again, though.” – Bill D’Agostino

NATURAL IMMUNITY: “Officially, 40 million COVID cases have been recorded in the U.S., but millions have had COVID without knowing it or without seeing a doctor. A recent study in Nature estimates that as many as 100 million Americans were infected before the end of 2020, before the 2021 surges.

Despite being derided on social media and ignored in policy-making, natural immunity is more durable and effective than vaccine immunity, according to a recent study from Israel. Some argue that a shot ‘turbocharges’ natural immunity, but there’s also evidence that the naturally immune are more likely to suffer serious adverse effects from the vaccine.” – Peter J. Leithart

NEW YORK: [12:53] – When my sucky state banned religious exemptions, The Thomas More Society filed suit. Less than 24 hours after filing, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order. New York does not have the right to nullify our religious rights.

PANDEMIC HEALTH ALLIANCE: Fifteen doctors have formed an international alliance to educate and fight for the rights of patients and doctors to choose early treatment for COVID-19. The group’s medical director, Dr. Heather Gessling, has successfully treated about 1,500 patients with COVID-19, none of whom died.

She says the world is dealing with a “pandemic of censorship” regarding ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. “We cannot even tell people what has worked.

PSAKI: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/themarkkaye/videos/866987813800372 [4:56] to hear WH Spox LIE about Florida. Note what happened … the reporter’s question used the deceptive hospitalization numbers to target Florida, where the objectionable Ron DeSantis is governor. Then, Psaki picked up the ball and ran with it. Neither of them admitted the hospitalization numbers are meaningless and Psaki outright lied.

SATANISM: [3:39] – The Satanic Temple is demanding the FDA dispense abortion drugs for use in “sacramental settings” for Satanic “abortion ritual[s].” The group is fundraising online for its legal battle.

Under the FDA’s safety requirement (REMS), women can only obtain the abortion pill with an in-person visit to a certified prescriber of the drug. To become certified, prescribers must have the ability to accurately assess the duration of a pregnancy and diagnose an ectopic pregnancy. Removing these safety protocols will put women at greater risk.

SHADOW BANNING: Everett Piper writes at the Washington Times about a recent column regarding natural immunity, “something many of us kind of slept through in our freshman Biology 101 classes.”

Upon publication, the piece “immediately jumped to “trending” status on several news sources such as The Hill, Facebook, Apple News and the like. In fact, it was number three (I think) when I first saw it on one of my news feeds.

But then something peculiar happened. The article just inexplicably disappeared from all the trending lists. It didn’t gradually lose traction. It was just gone. It was featured one second, but then it literally just disappeared. A mere mist. Dust in the wind. Popular and trending one minute and nonexistent the next.

I was confused, so I contacted The Washington Times to let them know all the above. Their response? ‘You’ve been shadow-banned. Every article we’ve published on natural immunity has received the same.’”

TRANS: Alana McLaughlin beat the crap out of Celine Provost, pinning her to the bloodied mat until she tapped out. McLaughlin, who was born Alan, had gender reassignment surgery in 2016 at the age of 33. Before that, he was a US Army Special Forces veteran.

WORLD WAR II: On April 9, 1940, when Germany invaded Denmark, the Danish government surrendered almost immediately. Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz was a German attaché serving in Copenhagen.

In August 1943, Duckwitz got wind that the German government had decided to deport all of Denmark’s Jews to the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp. He immediately went to Sweden where he persuaded the neutral government under prime minister Per Albin Hansson to accept any Jewish refugees that fled Denmark. Then he returned to Denmark and secretly worked to slow down the German plans, while providing legal documentation to Dutch Jews seeking refuge in Sweden.

Because of is efforts and the support of the Danish government and people, 95% of Denmark’s Jews successfully escaped the Nazis. In 1971, Israel’s memorial to the Holocaust, Yad Vashem, presented Duckwitz with its “Righteous Among the Nations” award.

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