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AUSTRALIA: WATCH https://rumble.com/vmbhbs-real-america-dan-ball-w-nick-holt-sep.-9-2021.html [10:59] to hear Get Real Dan report Australia’s war on the unvaccinated. NEVER MIND what the actual science says. It’s all about control. I can’t help thinking that at some point, getting a booster will be part of the Mark of the Beast. We’re not there yet, but it certainly looks like we’re headed that way.

CLIMATE: The sea ice in the Arctic Ocean increased more than 30% from last year, putting it at the highest it’s been in nine years. Meanwhile, the Antarctic’s ice level is also well above normal.

DeSANTIS: WATCH https://rumble.com/vmc2gv-desantis-scorches-biden-responds-to-attack-in-vaccine-mandate-speech.html [2:59] to hear Florida’s governor slam Biden’s mandates.

ENGLAND: The UK is abandoning plans to require vax passports for nightclubs and crowded events after lawmakers across the political spectrum voiced strong opposition.

EXEMPTIONS: LifeSiteNews has compiled some helpful information for those looking to push back against vax mandates.

HEARTBEAT: Meet Baby Olivia [3:13] – Even as the FAUXTUS DOJ files a lawsuit against Texas over its heartbeat law, pro-life lawmakers in Missouri, Florida, Indiana, South Dakota, and Ohio are looking into imitating the law in their own states.

HYPOCRISY: The vax mandate FAUXTUS promised he’d never impose is supposedly about conquering COVID-19. But it doesn’t apply to migrants flooding across our southern border. And the USPS negotiated an exemption.

INDIA: Late last month, the High Court of the Indian State of Kerala dismissed a pregnant mother’s request to abort her 31-week-old baby. “In the absence of any threat to the life or health of the mother, the reproductive choice of the mother which is a facet of the fundamental right guaranteed to her under Article 21 of the Constitution, will have to give way to the right of the unborn to be born.”

PATIENTS’ RIGHTS: Under federal law, American hospitals are bound to ensure patients are “free from seclusion and restraints, of any form, imposed as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience, or retaliation by staff.” However, a woman in a Burlington, MA, hospital says the doctors won’t treat her, because she refuses the experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

STATES’ RIGHTS: White House senior adviser Cedric Richmond said FAUXTUS is willing to “run over” any Republican governors who attempt to fight back against federal vaccine mandates.

TALIBAN: On Sept. 8, the new government of Afghanistan banned all slogans, demonstrations, and protests that do not have official approval.

TRUMP: I seem to remember these people calling Trump “literally Hitler” over and over and over, because he did … I forget. What did he do?

VFAUXTUS: On Thursday, just hours before FAUXTUS began his speech on expanded vaccine requirements, VFAUXTUS met with abortion rights advocates. “The right of women to make decisions about their own bodies is not negotiable. The right of women to make decisions about their own bodies is their decision, it is their body.

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Fauci’s Fading Star

WATCH https://www.facebook.com/DamaniBryantFelder/videos/1159018517953597 [3:58] to see if you can handle any of these 30 questions vaxxers hope you won’t ask. Note: This video is rated CT. Contains Critical Thinking. Watching may harm stupid ideas.

WATCH https://rumble.com/vmaml4-the-real-story-oan-losing-faith-in-fauci-with-paris-dennard.html [8:44] to see OAN’s report on Fauci’s fading star.

WATCH https://rumble.com/vma61h-nobel-laureate-slams-fauci-in-resurfaced-video.html [2:05] to hear a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry say, more than twenty years ago, that Tony Fauci is an ignorant, administrative hack with a political agenda.

WATCH https://rumble.com/vmaib7-psaki-lies-like-crazy-to-defend-dr.-fauci.html [1:00] to hear WH spox use one fact to spin a lie about another fact – Doocy asked, “Is that still the case” that Biden wouldn’t ever fire Dr. Fauci “since [he] told Congress the NIH never funded gain of function research for coronaviruses in Wuhan, but documents…suggest that is not true, which would mean that he misled Congress?” Psaki replied, “Nothing the NIH funded contributed to the development of COVID-19.”

WATCH https://rumble.com/vmbinu-study-finds-vaccinated-patients-27-times-more-likely-to-develop-covid-sympt.html [6:16] to hear OAN report on a new study out of Israel involving tens-of-thousands of patients that showed that the natural immunity enjoyed by those who have recovered from COVID-19 is 27 times more effective than the vaccines. When asked why recovered patients should get the vax, Fauci said, “I have no firm answer on that.”

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