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Bits & Bytes

BORDER: No other nation in the world has open borders [4:45].

CHILD SACRIFICE: Video warning: content may be difficult for some viewers [2:32] – Luke Lancaster writes at, “When atheists want to discredit God and the Bible, one of their whipping boys is Jephthah in the Old Testament. They see Jephthah in Judges 11 offering his only daughter to God as a sacrifice, and they object that his action is not condemned as evil in God’s Word. …

Judges 11 is not about God signing off on child sacrifice. … [Jephthah] made a stupid vow to God that ended up contradicting God’s law delivered to Moses. He was so sure about what would come out of his house—sure in the way that only God can ever be sure—that he thought he could impose a deal on God, notwithstanding the risk of transgressing God’s own laws in doing so. And then, even worse, when Jephthah saw the folly of his bargain, not only did he not repent of making such a foolish vow and beg for God’s forgiveness, but he doubled down and did the thing God had unequivocally condemned!”

EXORCISM: The building at 72 Ransom Street NE in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was originally constructed in the 19th century as a Jewish synagogue; later, it was used as a Greek Orthodox church. Sadly, it became the largest abortion facility in western Michigan. Local pro-life activists worked and prayed for many years to shut it down.

After eight years and an estimated 20,000 abortions, pro-lifers convinced the owner of the building to sell it to them. They immediately evicted the abortion practice and turned the building into a pro-life pregnancy resource center.

According to the new owners, a day or two after taking control of the building, a small group of Christian pro-life leaders gathered in the building to pray. They chose to specifically pray by the back-alley entrance that had been used by the abortionist to enter and exit the building. They held hands in a circle and prayed that God would cleanse the space of evil.

Suddenly, at the very moment a local pastor in their group concluded their prayer with “Amen,” the back-alley door swung open on its own and a rush of air went through the room and out the door. A few seconds later, a cool breeze began blowing in from the open door.

The group quietly walked back to the front of the building. While meditating on what they had just witnessed, a neighbor stopped by and asked what they had done with the statue of a demon that had been on the roof. The pro-life group had never seen such a statue and hadn’t removed anything, yet the woman insisted she had seen it on top of the building for some time, but that it was now gone.

One of the pro-life leaders present later described the events as “a spiritual transfer of ownership.” The building is now home to LIFE International, a pro-life organization dedicated to creating pro-life materials and training pro-life leaders around the world.

KINDNESS: When a juvenile orca whale was discovered beached on Prince of Wales Island, people gathered to keep it hydrated until high tide. The young whale survived and has rejoined its pod.

LYING WITH STATISTICS: It is true that “Extreme temperatures kill 5 million people a year.” It is also true that “heat-related deaths are rising.” It is NOT TRUE that heat kills 5 million people a year.

Table 1 in the study published at the Lancet (link below) reports the annual average excess deaths due to non-optimal temperatures for 2000–2019 equaled 5,083,173. Of these, 4,594,098 were cold-related deaths vs. 489,075 that were heat-related deaths.

For those Science Science Science Democrats who can’t pay attention to little things like facts, that means that extreme cold killed ten times as many people as extreme heat did.

As for the change over the twenty years covered, the excess cold-related excess deaths declined at a faster rate than heat-related deaths rose. Planet Moron calculated that, because of the slight warming of our climate, 150,000 people did NOT die of cold.

VAX TAX: Ian Millhiser, a senior correspondent for the left-wing website Vox and senior policy analyst for Center for American Progress, tweeted: “Congress should increase the income tax rate on taxpayers who are unvaccinated, and who have no legitimate religious or medical reason to be unvaccinated, to 99 percent.

Or maybe you could herd us all into an internment camp with infected illegals. That’ll teach us!

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Science, Science, Science

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) says the CDC’s recent “masks on again” guidance is based on an unpublished study that not only evaluated the efficacy of a COVID-19 vaccine that’s “not approved in America”, but also failed peer review.

Archives of the unpublished study’s page on Research Square show that from July 9 through July 26, it was marked “Reject after peer review.” On July 27, not long after the CDC issues it’s “masks on again” guidance, the July 9 note had been changed to read “Revise.”

The CDC’s July 27, 2021 “fully vaccinated guidance” web page (link below) appears to confirm that the “masks on again” guidance was based on this unpublished, rejected then not rejected study about vaccines not approved in America. In one place, it says the new guidance is based on “new evidence on the B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant currently circulating in the United States.” Later, it refers to unpublished data” from studies done in India “with vaccines not authorized for use in the United States.”

But on the CDC’s July 27, 2021 “fully vaccinated people” page (link below), the lead paragraph strongly suggests the “masks on guidance” is not justified by existing data. “Studies published since the last update that demonstrate currently authorized mRNA vaccines provide protection against variants of concern, including the Delta strain that is now predominant in the United States. Vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization and death is high for all current SARS-CoV-2 variants; emerging data suggest lower effectiveness against confirmed infection and symptomatic disease caused by the Beta, Gamma, and Delta variants compared with the ancestral strain and the Alpha variant.

Nate Silver did a deep dive into what the CDC report on the Provincetown outbreak says. Some are using it to justify the new mask mandate. Mainly, Silver notes that the sample size was both tiny (~200) and also non-diverse (mostly affluent middle-aged gay men). IOW, the data simply isn’t meaningful beyond that single event.

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Bits & Bytes

BIDENESE: Like Shakespeare before him, our beloved FAUXTUS has busy, busy, busy enriching the English language [3:04]. CLICK [:17] to hear FAUXTUS tell us he carries in his pocket something he doesn’t have because he gave it to someone but he carries it in his pocket.

CALIFORNIA: “Why I’ll Be Leaving California” at Ricochet is worth a read. The article the author is responding to is at the Hill link below.

COVID-19: Don Lemon declares the unvaxxed are uneducated, hedonistic rubes who aren’t worth understanding. [1:01]

Meanwhile, illegals apprehended by border officers who test positive are being handed over the Catholic Charities of The Rio Grande Valley, which puts them up in hotels in La Joya and McAllen, Texas. The situation came to light after a concerned citizen reported to a police officer that she saw mask-less members of a family coughing and sneezing at a Whataburger location. Apparently, it was only after the affected communities complained that the agency hired a security agent to keep the infected illegals inside their hotel rooms.

And in the Capitol, Speaker Pelosi has directed police to arrest anyone who isn’t wearing a mask, regardless of vaccination status.

CLICK [:52] for a palate cleansing rant.

FAKEBOOK: The highly trained epidemiologists in the Facebook Fact Check Farm put a “Missing Context” warning on this cartoon. (Yes, they fact checked a cartoon.)

It linked to an article by Australian Associated Press criticizing internet memes that cast doubt on the vaccines. It said, “Claim vaccines won’t stop COVID spread ignores key facts.

Here are two key facts the Fact Checkers and Australian Associated Press ignored. One, the CDC has told everyone to go back to wearing masks. Two, Sydney, Australia, is back on TOTAL lock down for everyone, regardless of vaccine status.

Meanwhile, the EU issued a report demanding the government “build up effective partnerships with social media influencers” to stop all right-wing jokes, satire, memes, and parodies, because they’re JUST NOT FUNNY ANYMORE. They actually referred to “far-right extremists”, but you and I all know what they mean are people like us.

FAUXTUS: There’s a lot of buzz about Slow Joe claiming he once drove an 18-wheeler. I listened to the clip, but what I heard him say is that he wanted to … like when he was a boy. You can listen for yourself:

MASK MANDATES: The Republican governors of Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Texas, are all flipping the bird at the CDC’s latest mask mandate.

Surprisingly, so is Democrat Gretchen “Jackboot” Whitmer. I’m guessing her obstinance likely has less to do with respecting individual freedoms than with the giant smack down she got from the state Supreme Court and the GOP-led legislature, plus the threat of being recalled like California’s Gov. Newsom.

MICHIGAN: This guy is really doing his constituents proud, neh? [2:21] – In addition to his drunk driving etc. legal problems, he’s also got a little something to answer for in his campaign spending report.

Namely, $221 he spent at a strip club, which he labeled “office expense.” He also blew through more than $6,400 from his campaign account on meals for meetings over the first 7 months of 2021. That includes one dinner meeting that cost nearly $700.

Simon Schuster, executive director of the nonprofit Michigan Campaign Finance Network, said Michigan’s elected officials “often use campaign funds to wine, dine and entertain themselves … under the guise of conducting business.

MORONS: Remember all the times that Fancy Nancy sneered at Trump for his lack of civility? It seems like she needs to take the plank out of her own eye before pointing out the specks in anyone else’s. On Wednesday, when asked about McCarthy’s criticism of the latest mask mandate (graphic), she reportedly said, “He is such a moron.”

CLICK [:14] if you want to listen. A while later, she spent 34 seconds saying “science, science, science” before claiming what she said that McCarthy’s position “is not wise.” CLICK [:34] to hear that one.

I admit that her comment while getting into her limo is very hard to hear; however, it sounds a heckuva lot more like “He is such a moron” than like “He is not wise.” So, civil, Nancy! Also, FYI: Saying “science” over and over doesn’t mean your position is based on actual science science. Just sayin’.

NEW YORK CITY: The New York Post reports, “The de Blasio-era rise in violence did not impact all areas of Gotham equally. Not even close.” And the voting patterns in the recent Democratic mayoral primary not only shows it, but also gives the lie to the claim by white liberals like Garcia who claim to care about black lives. [N.b., “Garcia” is the last name of her ex-husband; her natal name was McIver.

Inhabitants of lower-income, high-crime, mostly minority neighborhoods turned out in huge numbers for the law-and-order candidate and former cop of color, Eric Adams. Meanwhile, the safest and whitest neighborhoods voted for lily white Kathryn Garcia and her wishy-washy “crime-fighting” strategy.

The Atlantic has a good article about it which is now called “Progressive Denial Won’t Stop Violent Crime.” But on the tab one can see that the original title was “Why the Crime Wave is a Disaster for Democrats.”

PRIDE FLAGS: There’s another new pride flag! This one seeks to be the Most Inclusive Ever (and ugliest to date) by adding the red umbrella symbol to celebrate sex workers. But it’s not cuz, you know, it doesn’t include the inter-gender circle in the white triangle, which is just so, you know, like, hurtful and demeaning. Or something.

PSA: Watch this one [5:21].

GRAPHIC: science

SCIENCE: Or as Nancy Pelosi would say, “Science. Science. Science.” Cuz that’s how you prove something is really science-y … by saying it a lot. Or something.

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Bits & Bytes

AMAZING: Amateur photographer, storm chaser and college basketball player, Laura Rowe captured this spellbinding shot of a tornado touching down in Texas. Click the link to see more.

CATHOLIC: CLICK [25:57] to hear John-Henry Westen talk about pro-abortion Catholic politicians being given Communion. He explains the RCC teaching and how the same bishops who support people like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi being allowed to receive the Eucharist are also defying church teaching on same sex marriage and other key progressive issues. Chief among these is the now disgraced, pedophile, former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

FAUCI: CLICK [2:06] to hear a mashup of the president’s halo’d expert assure us about what the science says regarding masks.

FREE SPEECH: A federal court in the Tenth Circuit ruled that Colorado’s so-called Anti-Discrimination Act “permissibly compels” a website design company to offer wedding websites that “celebrate same-sex marriage” if it offers wedding websites for anyone else. Legal scholar Ed Whalen said: “It is difficult to imagine a ruling more hostile to free speech.

FREUDIAN SLIP: CLICK [:20] to hear FAUXTUS say he was VP to Trump, then called it a “Freudian slip.” But “Freudian slip” refers to “an unintentional error that reveals subconscious feelings.” Hmmm ….

GEORGIA: CLICK [3:44] to hear an OANN report about how bipartisan observers in Dekalb County were barred from vote adjudication. And when they complained, they were called liars.

JAN. 6: CLICK [12:09] to hear Tucker’s report on the first day of hearings. I couldn’t get through it. Too many fake tears and blatant lies.

CLICK [1:36] to hear Jim Jordan ask an obvious question the Democrats don’t want to answer.

CLICK [2:14] Rep. Jim Banks slam the makeup of the committee and the obvious lack of interest in getting real answers.

KENTUCKY: Republican Rep. Thomas Massie represents Kentucky’s 4th district. After tweeting the above, he got sneering replies along the lines of “Ok Einstein, What’s your education? Obviously you don’t anything about Science.”

He responded with a photo of his Master of Science diploma from MIT where his thesis was entitled, Initial haptic explorations with the phantom: virtual touch through point interaction. Whatever that means! LOL

LIFE: CLICK [2:00] if you can stand the listen to a New York legislator compare tax-funded abortion to freedom of speech, religion, and assembly (all of which Democrats cheerfully abridge at every opportunity).

Fifty-five times over the past month, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues in the House have blocked a request from Republicans on the House floor to have a vote on a bill to ban taxpayer-funding of abortions.

MASKS: New CDC recommendations call for all people in K-12 schools to wear masks, regardless of their vaccination status. President Biden stated that a vaccine mandate for federal employees is being considered. Congressional Republicans blasted the new rules. “This is politics, not science,” said Sen. Ted Cruz [R-TX].

MILITARY: CLICK [3:31] to hear Tucker talk about a recent incident that just makes me really sad for my military kids. You can read the thread they’re discussing at the link.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Dr. Leana Wen served as president of Planned Parenthood for eight short months before she was canned for not being pro-abortion enough. In her recently published autobiography, “Lifelines: A Doctor’s Journey in the Fight for Public Health”, she reveals that the organizations core mission is abortion. Although she is pro-choice, she believes abortion should be safe and legal, but also rare. She says she was told to get on board the baby killing bandwagon or leave. She left.

SHUT UP: And do what you’re told. CLICK [2:20] to hear Tucker explain why our national leaders are idiots.

TEXAS: CLICK [1:00] to hear Gov. Abbott slam Biden’s slanderous Jim Crow rhetoric.

WISCONSIN: Look Ahead America’s report (link below) found 157,299 illegal ballots cast in the Wisconsin 2020 presidential election. That is eight times the slim 20,000 vote margin awarded to FAUXTUS.

The group identified seven tranches (tranche: a portion of a total) of illegal ballots (listed above). Due to the limitations of time, budget, and the inability to access necessary government databases, they could only analyze the first four. IOW, the total number of illegal ballots cast in Wisconsin was certainly even higher.

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I saw this posted on Facebook by Byron Heath and just had to share it with all y’all.

This realization I had about Simone Biles is gonna make some people mad, but oh well.

Yesterday I was excited to show my daughters Kerri Strug’s famous one-leg vault. It was a defining Olympic moment that I watched live as a kid, and my girls watched raptly as Strug fell, and then limped back to leap again.

But for some reason I wasn’t as inspired watching it this time. In fact, I felt a little sick. Maybe being a father and teacher has made me soft, but all I could see was how Kerri Strug looked at her coach, Bela Karolyi, with pleading, terrified eyes, while he shouted back “You can do it!” over and over again.

My daughters didn’t cheer when Strug landed her second vault. Instead they frowned in concern as she collapsed in agony and frantic tears.

“Why did she jump again if she was hurt?” one of my girls asked. I made some inane reply about the heart of a champion or Olympic spirit, but in the back of my mind a thought was festering:

*She shouldn’t have jumped again*

The more the thought echoed, the stronger my realization became. Coach Karolyi should have gotten his visibly injured athlete medical help immediately! Now that I have two young daughters in gymnastics, I expect their safety to be the coach’s number one priority. Instead, Bela Karolyi told Strug to vault again. And he got what he wanted; a gold medal that was more important to him than his athlete’s health.

I’m sure people will say “Kerri Strug was a competitor–she WANTED to push through the injury.”

That’s probably true. But since the last Olympics we’ve also learned these athletes were put into positions where they could be systematically abused both emotionally and physically, all while being inundated with “win at all costs” messaging. A teenager under those conditions should have been protected, and told “No medal is worth the risk of permanent injury.” In fact, we now know that Strug’s vault wasn’t even necessary to clinch the gold; the U.S. already had an insurmountable lead. Nevertheless, Bela Karolyi told her to vault again according to his own recounting of their conversation:

“I can’t feel my leg,” Strug told Karolyi.

“We got to go one more time,” Karolyi said. “Shake it out.”

“Do I have to do this again?” Strug asked.

“Can you, can you?” Karolyi wanted to know.

“I don’t know yet,” said Strug. “I will do it. I will, I will.”

The injury forced Strug’s retirement at 18 years old. Dominique Moceanu, a generational talent, also retired from injuries shortly after. They were top gymnasts literally pushed to the breaking point, and then put out to pasture. Coach Karolyi and Larry Nassar (the serial sexual abuser) continued their long careers, while the athletes were treated as a disposable resource.

Today Simone Biles–the greatest gymnast of all time–chose to step back from the competition, citing concerns for mental and physical health. I’ve already seen comments and posts about how Biles “failed her country”, “quit on us”, or “can’t be the greatest if she can’t handle the pressure.” Those statements are no different than Coach Karolyi telling an injured teen with wide, frightened eyes: “We got to go one more time. Shake it out.”

The subtext here is: “Our gold medal is more important than your well-being.”

Our athletes shouldn’t have to destroy themselves to meet our standards. If giving empathetic, authentic support to our Olympians means we’ll earn less gold medals, I’m happy to make that trade.

Here’s the message I hope we can send to Simone Biles: You are an outstanding athlete, a true role model, and a powerful woman. Nothing will change that. Please don’t sacrifice your emotional or physical well-being for our entertainment or national pride. We are proud of you for being brave enough to compete, and proud of you for having the wisdom to know when to step back. Your choice makes you an even better example to our daughters than you were before. WE’RE STILL ROOTING FOR YOU!

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Bits & Bytes

BACK THE BLUE: CLICK [:53, 1:36] to see body cam footage and read about the wonderful job witnesses and LEOs did to rescue a 6-year-old girl from her kidnapper. The creep is in custody, charged with kidnapping, with $1 million bail. I need a tissue.


BORDER: Border Patrol processing facilities in the region are once again overwhelmed. Last week, Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley apprehend more than 20,000 illegal immigrants in one week.

CALIFORNIA: Basilico’s Pasta in Huntington Beach has posted this somewhat tongue-in-cheek sign. (It’s impossible to prove a negative.) The owners are also anti-mask. I’m guessing the clientele will self-sort. LOL

EDUCATION: The University of Kentucky doled out thousands to an assistant professor’s private company to host an “anti-racist” workshop for school administrators in January 2021. The course aims to “replace white supremacy with the more accurate white inferiority complex.”

Racist” is still defined as “A Person who believes a particular race is superior to other.

FAUXTUS: The internet is a’twitter with speculation over what Dementia Joe was actually saying. It sounds a lot like, “My butt’s been wiped,” which makes no sense … even for him.

CLICK [:21] to hear the words in context.

Katie Jerkovich at the Daily Caller writes, “I have listened to the longer clip over and over again. To this moment I cannot fathom what POTUS was attempting to say. It is my guess, though, that the president of the United States is not walking up to the press corps and saying his ‘butt’s been wiped.’” Others who listened said, “It sounds like he’s speaking another language or possibly mocking the reporter’s accent”, “It sounds like he’s just making noises”, and “Just sounds like gibberish.”

GEORGE SOROS: FEC records show that the billionaire leftist donated $1 million to Color of Change PAC. The PAC frequently calls for the defunding of police departments.

KINDNESS: “To the man in 2D. Today, you were traveling from Orlando to Philly. I don’t know you, but I imagine you saw us somewhere. I was pushing a stroller, had a diaper bag on my arm, and was also lugging an oxygen machine for my daughter. We had smiles on our faces as we were headed to see her ‘friends’ at CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). We pre- boarded the plane, got cozy in our window seat, and made jokes to those around us about having to sit by my yelling-but-happy baby. The flight attendant came over and told me you were waiting to switch seats. You were giving up your comfortable, first class seat to us.

Not able to hold back tears, I cried my way up the aisle while my daughter, Lucy, laughed! She felt it in her bones too… real, pure, goodness. I smiled and thanked you as we switched, but didn’t get to thank you properly.

Sooo… thank you. Not just for the seat itself but for noticing. For seeing us and realizing maybe things are not always easy. For deciding you wanted to show a random act of kindness to US. It reminded me how much good there is in this world. I can’t wait to tell Lucy someday. In the meantime… we will pay it forward. AA 588 passenger in seat 2D, we truly feel inspired by your generosity.”

LIFE: We now have our own flag.

MISSOURI: CLICK [1:12] to hear the state AG explain why he’s suing St. Louis for imposing a new mask mandate.

PROJECT VERITAS: CLICK (if you’re feeling masochistic) [9:59] to see James O’Keefe’s report about a newly leaked CNN interview with AOC. Most of it is the fawning interview. I watched it so you wouldn’t have to. Now I need a shower.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Alliance Defending Freedom is helping a Mississippi mom sue the Simpson County School District for violating her daughter’s First Amendment rights. The girl’s teacher told her she couldn’t wear her “Jesus Loves Me” face mask at school. The school handbook only bars messages glorifying drug culture or containing profanity.

When the mom pushed the school, the district sent her a copy of the district COVID-19 policy which had been modified less than an hour before it was emailed to her to include language barring students from wearing masks expressing religious views.

STARBUCKS: Is this one of the reasons the coffee is so expensive? – “Starbucks health insurance plans include not only gender reassignment surgery (which had been covered since 2012), but now also a host of procedures for transgender partners in the U.S. that were previously considered cosmetic, and therefore not covered, such as breast reduction or augmentation surgery, facial feminization, hair transplants and more.”

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Nancy Pelosi’s Big Fat Lie

Lying Nancy is claiming that the January 6th assault on the Capitol Building was the worst of its kind since the War of 1812.

In 1915, a bomb exploded in the Senate wing, causing extensive damage.

In 1954, five congressmen were wounded on the floor when 4 members of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party opened fire from the visitor area.

In 1971, a bomb exploded in the Senate wing of the Capitol, causing extensive damage but no injuries. The Weather Underground claimed responsibility. Bill Ayers, one of the groups leaders, participated in the Capitol bombing, as well as the bombings of a New York City Police Department headquarters in 1970 and the Pentagon in 1972. Ayers is now celebrated as an education expert. Barack Obama’s political career was launched in his living room.

In 1983, a bomb exploded in the Capitol’s north wing, causing extensive damage but no injuries. Three people were later convicted of this bombing, as well as bombings at Ft. McNair, and the Washington Navy Yard.

In 1998, two Capitol Police officers were killed in the line of duty by an armed assailant who stormed past a U.S. Capitol security checkpoint and made it deep into the building, where he was shot.

In 2018, more than 300 people stormed Capitol Hill to protest the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In 2020, in late May, tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter supporters laid siege to the White House following the death of career criminal George Floyd. More than 60 Secret Service officers and special agents sustained multiple injuries in three days worth of violent clashes in Lafayette Park and near the White House.

Some demonstrators repeatedly attempted to knock over security barriers and vandalized six Secret Service vehicles. Protesters threw bricks, rocks, bottles, fireworks and other items at officers and some Secret Service personnel were also kicked, punched and exposed to bodily fluids. Sixty Secret Service agents were wounded; 11 needed hospital care. This was the worst attack on the White House since 1812 and it was perpetrated by people the Democrats support and continually apologize for.

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Bits & Bytes

AMAZING WOMAN: [3:31] – I remember back in the 1970s seeing “A Day in the Life of Bonnie Consolo.” Very similar story. It made a huge impression on me.

ARIZONA: LONG lines for the Trump July 24, 2021 rally! [:45] – Remember the pic I posted of the barely there “crowd” that gathered to hear FAUXTUS? CLICK [:45] to see and hear the audience The Donald drew on Saturday! There are also three short clips from his speech @

CREEPY VEE PEE: Above left is one of the many images of then-Vice President Joe Biden fondling young girls right in front of television cameras. This one occurred on January 3, 2015, when Biden was swearing in Senator Steve Daines. The little girl, Daines’ niece, was eight years old at the time. Above right is a recent screenshot of a TikTok exchange with the girl, Maria Piacesi, during which she confirms that Joe Biden pinched her nipple.

EUROPE: On July 24, anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine-passport protests erupted as thousands upon thousands of demonstrators came out in London, Dublin, Paris, Rome, Athens, and other cities across Europe.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [2:16] to hear an Australian newscaster mock our incoherent president and the people who did not tell him to get off the stage.

MEDIA: CLICK [:40] to see the Twitter video that outed this reporter’s fakery.

RAAACISM: This really gives the lie to CRT’s claim that kids are innately racist. CLICK [1:32]. The graphic is a still from another adorable video showing two bffs running to meet each other with a huge hug.

TOLERANCE: CLICK [:31] to see one of those loving leftists accost Tucker Carlson at a fishing shop in Montana. In the clip, the jerk starts ranting at Carlson about how he’s “the worst human being known to man.” Carlson says he’s with his daughter, to which Mr. Tolerance says, “I don’t care”, and continues his hate-filled rant. Delighted lefties liked and retweeted it thousands of times. Then, rational righties ratio’d it with a host of amusing put downs about how a fat drunk throwing a male “Karen” hissy fit at a guy who is on vacation with his child is not a reason to cheer.

WHEESTROLL: [4:04] – Ten high school students took up the challenge to find a way for a man in a wheelchair to safely take his baby for a walk. The project was entered into an international competition where it won awards for the “Best Inspirational Story” and “Best Showcase of Iterative Design” for the 14-18 age group.

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COVID-19 Update

The federal government with the help of Hollywood, Big Tech and Corporate America are trying to force us to take experimental COVID-19 vaccines that are not FDA approved and have not been proven safe or effective.

WATCH THIS! > CLICK [38:25] to hear John-Henry Westen interview the esteemed Dr. Peter A. McCullough about the “unsafe and unfit” coronavirus vaccines, “complete, robust, and durable” natural immunity, the “Trusted News Initiative” behind the censorship of negative vax news and bans on effective early treatments, herd immunity (“we were there in March”), the mutant variants (“the wild type virus is gone … the variants are weaker”), very serious late-appearing vaccine damage from the mRNA and adenovirus vaccines, and a new COVID-19 vaccine by Novavax that might be a safe, effective choice for someone who is being forced to get vaccinated. Novavax link is below.

America’s Frontline Doctors, the same ones who held a summit in Washington DC last year at the height of the COVID-19 panic, have sued the US federal government with the goal of ending vaccine requirements for Americans.

There is no such thing as settled science. And the history of medicine has many examples of things that are now considered barbaric. In fact, bloodletting is still practiced in some places. And the doctor who invented the lobotomy received a Nobel prize for it.

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Bits & Bytes

BACK THE BLUE: A July 16-18 survey of 996 likely voters found strong voter support for law enforcement on issues ranging from display of the “Thin Blue Line” flag to prosecution of so-called “quality of life” crimes.

CATHOLIC: A New Mexico state lawmaker is sneering at his bishop and pastor for upholding church teaching about pro-abortion politicians receiving Holy Communion.

I won’t have any problem finding a place to receive Communion,” state Sen. Joe Cervantes, D-Las Cruces says. “In fact, I look forward one day to receiving Communion at the same parish where President Biden does.”

In the meantime, another Catholic diocese in New Mexico has offered to give him Communion.

CUOMO: Miranda Devine at the New York Post writes, “Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who condemned thousands of elderly New Yorkers to certain death during the pandemic — and then covered it all up to make millions from a self-preening book. He won an Emmy and was lauded by Biden as the ‘gold standard’ in pandemic leadership. But 11 sexual harassment allegations later, he is dead man walking as donors desert him and state and federal investigators close in. Character is destiny, chum.”

DOJ: Under Trump, the Department of Justice started an investigation into NY Gov. Cuomo’s coronavirus nursing home order and subsequent cover up of nursing home deaths. With Biden in charge, the probe has been dropped. Michigan and Pennsylvania enacted similar policies; they also will not be investigated. There will be no justice for those who died, so we must take comfort in knowing that God will hold those responsible accountable.

FAUXTUS: CNN hosted a live presidential town hall on Wednesday. They couldn’t even come close to filling the hall with the man who supposedly got the Most Votes In History. Click the link to see clips. Or not.

Meanwhile, evidence has come out that FAUXTUS violated his own campaign pledge not to take cash from a lobbyist AND violated the law by taking money from a registered foreign agent AND engaged in an illegal pay-for-play scheme … all at the same time.

Remember how FAUXTUS shut down construction on a U.S. oil pipeline, supposedly to protect the environment, then unblocked construction on a Russian pipeline? It turns out that a lobbyist who is a registered foreign agent representing the Russian pipeline donated to the Biden campaign in 2020.

HUNTER BIDEN: CLICK [2:26] to hear the ethics chief of the least transparent administration ever (until this one) actually criticize Hunter’s budding art career and the way the FAUXTUS administration is handling it.

MASKS: Click the link to read about and find links to 47 studies that confirm the ineffectiveness of masks for preventing COVID-19 and 32 more that confirm their negative health effects on wearers.

MICHIGAN: Michigan lawmakers have successfully repealed the law that allowed Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to impose some of the harshest COVID-19 restrictions in the United States during the coronavirus crisis. Michigan law prohibits governors from vetoing citizen initiatives endorsed by the legislature.

Under the Emergency Powers of Governor Act, “Jackboot” Gretchen shut down entire sectors of the economy, shuttered schools and churches while leaving marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores open, and banned people from visiting second homes or buying gardening supplies. And like Cuomo, she forced nursing homes to accept infected patients, something that likely cost thousands of lives.

MINNESOTA: [:54] – Elementary students in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District were given a survey and not only told to answer every question, but also to not tell their parents about the survey.

One of them told the school board about it. “One question asked us what gender we identify with. I was very confused along with a lot of other classmates. … Being asked to hide this from my mom made me very uncomfortable, like I was doing something wrong.”

NBC’S TODAY: NBC News’ flagship show used to surpass 6 million viewers on a regular basis. During the week of July 12-16, 2021, it averaged 2.9 million viewers.

NFL: Rick Dennison, one of the most highly-respected offensive coaches in the business, has reportedly parted ways with the Vikings for refusing to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

NYC: “Community activists” (aka, trespassers) decided that a vacant retail space, claiming it as “community space.” When construction workers arrived to begin renovations, the trespassers got their panties in a bunch. There are some entertaining video clips at the link.

ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT: CLICK [3:49] to hear an OANN report about how far the Communist Chinese and the Qatari Muslim royal family have embedded themselves, their money, and their values into our government and universities.

I’m reading an End Times novel where the One World Government is a coalition of Communist and Muslim; I was thinking that sounded pretty weird, but … dang. Kinda reminds me of Germany and Japan in World War II – i.e., two incompatible super powers willing to collaborate in taking down the West. Frankly, I think the whole of World War II was Satan’s dress rehearsal for the End Times.

TEXAS: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has announced, “Texas has begun arresting illegal immigrants who are trespassing in Texas or vandalizing property & fences. They are now being sent to this jail rather than being released like the Biden Admin. has been doing. We are adding more officers, National Guard & jails.

TRANS: Two states – Louisiana and West Virginia – have been blocked from trying to legally protect biological females from having to compete against biological males claiming to be females.

VAX: A government related computer programmer, who works in health care data analytics, has made a declaration under penalty of perjury that according to medical claims submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) there are “at least 45,000” vaccine-related deaths due to experimental COVID-19 vaccine injections.

Further, these numbers are “based on how many people died within three days of the vaccine in just one system that is reporting to the federal government.

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