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Global Power Politics

Rick Moran writes at PJ Media –

Animals have been transmitting their diseases to humans since we began to domesticate them — about 11,000 years ago. So when many reputable scientists tell us that the coronavirus probably originated in bats and was transmitted to humans in some unknown way, it makes perfect sense. But there was no compelling evidence of that.

So why were alternate theories censored? From a scientific point of view, it didn’t make any sense. Science is a process and one of the basic processes in investigating this disease is gathering all possible evidence. It’s crazy to close off a line of investigation for any reason.

In this case, it’s politics. Global power politics. China is flexing its muscles and any suggestion that it was somehow responsible because of a leak of the virus from one of its labs has been brutally and savagely attacked by Beijing and its supporters.

Social media went so far as to censor those who suggested China is involved in a coverup of the virus’s origins. The mainstream media equated the lab-leak theory with QAnon conspiracy theories. The WHO decreed that there would be no more research into the lab leak theory.

Global power politics is also behind the squashing of all early treatment protocols, because the Progressive Elites WANT us so frightened that we’ll …

a. Stay locked away in our homes while our small businesses collapse (making the market better for the mega-corporations who are suddenly 100% WOKE) and

b. Become accustomed to accepting multiple government edicts that strip us of our freedoms (making the eventual takeover by the Antichrist easier).

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After the Fall

Bob asked me to share some of my projects from back in the years when miniatures were my main craft hobby.

Here is one small project I made to tease my fearless and easily distracted daughter who spent more time in the ER than both her sisters put together.

The 1” scale* doll head was sculpted by Marcia Backstrom. I’m not sure who built the body, dressed and wigged it. I bought her because I thought her face and crookedness worked well with my idea. All I did was pose the doll and add the accessories. The base has a glass dome for dust-free display.

*1” scale means 1” on the miniature = 1′ in real life. It’s the most popular scale for dollhouse miniatures.


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Bits & Bytes

ABORTION: [11:32] – “Avow,” a pro-abortion political action and education nonprofit formerly known as NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, has created a benefit package that pays employees a $3,000 annual stipend to cover the cost of abortions for the employees and their family members. Three thousand dollars is enough to cover multiple first-trimester abortions or one late-term abortion.

AMERICAN AIRLINES: Guy Midkiff of Southlake, Texas, has been flying for American Airlines for more than 30 years. Now his job is uncertain, because he spoke out against an effort by his local school district to shove critical race theory into the curricula. WTH happened to the First Amendment?!

CATHOLIC: Bishop Hying (Madison, WI) tweeted, “Pelosi is ‘pleased’ with Vatican letter to U.S. bishops on Communion. So, in other words, Nancy, we bishops should just be quiet about your radical pro-abortion stance, as you facilitate the continuation of the murder of millions of unborn lives.”

COMPANY MEETING: [2:11] – BBC Sports Broadcaster Andrew Cotter holds a Zoom call with his labradors Olive and Mabel to discuss management concerns.

FAUCI: What a phoney this man is! Remember Sen. Rand Paul’s testimony where Fauci sneered at the idea that he didn’t actually need two masks when he was fully vaccinated? NOW he says, oh wait, that really was just theater. CLICK https://twitter.com/tomselliott/status/1372568301084286977 [6:27] to hear it again.

FAUXTUS: [12:42] – JP offers some whimsical advice for the people who running the senile Oval Office place holder who “came to the Senate 120 years ago.” This would be really funny if it weren’t about the actual man in the White House.

HUD: Despite a shortage of available housing in certain areas, FAUXTUS’ Housing and Urban Development is not prioritizing U.S. citizens over illegal immigrants for public housing assistance.

MARICOPA AUDIT: [8:17] – If there were no election irregularities, then why are Democrats running so scare?

NETANYAHU: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/MattWalshBlog/videos/462451831492776 [11:12] to hear Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu torch CBS News host John Dickerson for insinuating that Israel wasn’t doing enough to avoid civilian casualties in its conflict with the terror group Hamas.

RACISM: Robert Woodson, a key 1960s civil rights leader says the political left profits from the “race grievance industry” and warns the African-American community is poised to rebel against being treated “like an exotic pet.

It’s insulting and demeaning. It’s patronizing. And it makes me really angry. … It would get a lot better if white people just take a pledge and stop helping black people. Get out of the way, stop telling us that, on the one hand, America is a racist society. And then those same races are the agents that’s going to deliver you from yourself. What kind of message is that?

In February 2020, Woodson launched the 1776 Unites campaign to counter the racially toxic 1619 Project.

SEYCHELLES: The most vaccinated nation on Earth is having a surge of cases. Most of the vaccinated were injected with the Sinopharm vaccine that was developed by the ChiComs.

I can think of two possibilities to account for this. One, the ChiComs vaccine isn’t very effective. Two, it is causing the phenomenon I wrote about a while back whereby vaccinated individuals were incubating and spreading variants. Maybe it’s both. But I’m betting on number two.

TENNESSEE: On Friday, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed a law to protect access to gender-specific bathrooms. The law states that “reasonable accommodation does not include access to a restroom or changing facility that is designated for use by members of the opposite sex while persons of the opposite sex are present or could be present.

I’ll spare you the responses from the Left. You’ve heard them all.

GRAMMY NOTES: The Mascots love their trampoline time!

HOW FACEBOOK WAS INVENTED: [4:54] – Charlie and Dude Dad, the collaboration we never knew we wanted! LOL

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