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CLICK https://twitter.com/mrctv/status/1393015708280262658 [3:03] to hear a group of furious parents read pornographic trash from books assigned to ninth graders in Loudoun County Public Schools.

This is the same district that banned Dr. Seuss and ‘Huckleberry Finn’ as being ‘offensive,’ yet they’re having children read pornography that violates every code of conduct in their sexual harassment training,” said one parent who did not want to be named.

LCPS’ response was to publish a notice on its web site reminding parents that if they feel a book is not appropriate for their student, they may request an alternate text be assigned. Riiiight … like they’re really providing copies of all the books to the parents to pre-read, instructing kids to NOT share the smutty stuff with their more sheltered friends, and somehow squashing the natural desire to read what has been forbidden.

I looked up Loudoun County Public School’s English Curriculum Guide for 9th grade. To their credit, the required reading list includes Medea, Of Mice and Men, Odyssey, Romeo and Juliet, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Twelve Angry Men. I’m familiar with some of the titles on the suggested reading list and read them myself in high school.

However, I noticed that the books the parents read from were not on either list, though they do appear to be best sellers and teachers choice books at Amazon. One wonders how parents are supposed to pre-read and have time to object to books that aren’t even listed.

Most of the excerpts were from Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany Jackson, described at Amazon as “a gripping novel about the mystery of one teenage girl’s disappearance and the traumatic effects of the truth.

One was from #MurderTrending by Gretchen McNeil, described at Amazon with “WELCOME TO THE NEAR FUTURE, where good and honest citizens can enjoy watching the executions of society’s most infamous convicted felons, streaming live on The Postman app from the suburbanized prison island Alcatraz 2.0.”

Neither book is listed on Goodreads’ “Teen Smut” list … which makes me shudder to think how bad the ones listed must be. Ick.

The LCPS’s non-apology to the outraged parents notes that there are several books available for each segment of the “Reading Strand.” One wonders why they feel any need to assign the salacious stuff. Are the teachers getting off on it? Or is it just easier for them to get kids to read the smutty books than the non-smutty books?

With a median household income of $136,268, Loudoun County is the wealthiest county in the country among jurisdictions with a population of 65,000 or more. The public school system employs nearly 12,000 people. The county is home to Dulles International Airport, one of the three major airports in the larger Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area. Dulles handles 90% of the international passenger traffic in the Baltimore–Washington region.

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Bits & Bytes

BABYLON BEE: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/prageru/videos/599902667637574 [4:41] to hear Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee, talk about the death of comedy and satire.

ELISE STEFANIK: On Friday, House Republicans voted Trump-backed Rep. Elise Stefanik [NY] to head up the House GOP. She replaces anti-Trumper Rep. Liz Cheney [WY] who was booted out. Cheney is the eldest daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

ENVIRONMENT: One of the first things FAUXTUS did was shut down the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, killing off thousands and thousands of jobs.

The “bad for the environment” excuse given was as faux as the number of votes allegedly cast for Joe Biden. under the excuse that such a method of transporting oil and fuel came with a whole host of problems for the environment.

FAUXTUS’ Climate Envoy John Kerry now tells us that, well, yes, pipelines are better. Which begs the question … WHY did they really shut down the Keystone XL pipeline?

LGBTQ: Kelloggs has released a new woke cereal so kids can get a big dose of leftist propaganda in the morning. On the side of the box, kids are asked which genders they prefer to use.

Kellogg’s has not created a page for this cereal, so I looked at Froot Loops, the one it most closely resembles. A 39 gram serving (1-1/3 cup) contains 12 grams of sugar, 210 mg of salt, and four different food dyes.

MARICOPA COUNTY: At the link is the devastating letter written by Arizona Senate President Karen Fann about voting irregularities, and probably fraud, in Maricopa County during the 2020 Presidential Election.

MINNEAPOLIS: Last weekend in Minneapolis, seven people were shot in the span of 12 hours. In a rare moment of left-wing clarity, Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey admitted that the loud cries to get rid of the police contributed to the spike in crime.

REBEKAH JONES: Jones presents herself as a whistleblower who has been martyred by the evil Ron de Santis. Charles C.W. Cooke explains that she’s actually a myth-peddling con artist.

THAT’S MY MAMA: After adoptee Lisa Wright sent her DNA to 23 and Me, she got hooked up with a blood relative and that led to her finally meeting her birth mother, actress Lynne Moody.

As they got to know one another, Lisa learned that her birth mother had starred in an ABC sitcom in the mid-1970s, a show that was one of Lisa’s favorites at the time. It was called, “That’s My Mama.”

TWITTER: A federal judge has dismissed Twitter vs. Texas. Texas AG Paxton said, “Twitter’s lawsuit was little more than an attempt to avoid answering my questions about their large-scale censorship and content-moderation policies. The public deserves the truth.”

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