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AMAZING: [7:05] – When the wheel fell off his F-111, a relatively inexperienced Australian Air Force Pilot was able to safely land the aircraft using the arresting hook to help slow it down. Wow!

COVID-19: CLICK [4:20] to hear members of the White House Press admit to each other that the pandemic death rate has been exaggerated ten-fold.

DEFUND POLICE: Or maybe not.

ELECTION INTEGRITY: PLEASE CLICK [4:16] to hear how a Virginia court has ruled that late ballots without postmarks are illegal. These ballots were not counted in the 2020 election in Virginia, but elsewhere they were counted.

FOLLOW THE MONEY, HONEY: When President Obama announced he was killing the Keystone XL pipeline, he said it was because the pipeline from Canada “would not serve the national interests of the United States.” Biden just did the same thing, claiming it was about protecting the environment.

The pipeline is the safest, least expensive means of getting the stuff where we need it, so one suspects the real reason for blocking its construction is that Warren Buffett (major Democrat donor) owns the railroad it travels on now … and would not travel on if the pipeline were completed.

HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE: CLICK [3:35] to hear about how a leading U.S. medical journal has announced that HCQ is safe and effective for coronavirus.

JACKBOOTS: In the flurry of FAUXTUS’ executive orders was one called “Modernizing Regulatory Review” that was almost entirely overlooked but could easily end up having the biggest impact. It isn’t about modernizing regulations. It’s about unleashing the regulatory state with a ferocity never before seen in this country.

In the past, regulations where the cost of compliance far exceeded the benefits could be stymied by the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. This order changes the review process into “a tool to affirmatively promote regulations” and “to ensure swift and effective federal action” on absolutely everything.

JOSH HAWLEY: CLICK [3:27] to hear the senator speak with Mark Levin about Democrat attempts to silence him and others. “I am not going to back down for a liberal mob.

MYPILLOW: Cheering for our support of My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell who refuses to cave to Leftist threats.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: I am so touched by this!

SPEECH POLICE: One of the numerous executive orders FAUXTUS signed in his first week is one that bans the use of “China virus” to describe COVID-19 by federal employees. According to the order, designating the virus by its point of origin is “inflammatory and xenophobic.”

TOLERANCE: I dunno who posted the text exchange in the graphic, but the screed below was posted on Facebook by a Rome, NY, elementary school teacher.

Just want to remind the white privileged Trump supporters, who are eerily silent as of late, that you’re scum and yourself a plague upon the world. I hope the universe blesses you with infertility and the inability to piss without it hurting. Y’all extinct. Go the f*** away. Be shameful. We will never forget. Oh, and if you’re family or you consider yourself a close friend and voted for him, go f*** yourself. I will gladly take a bereavement day at the spa when you expire.

TWITTER HYPOCRISY: Twitter never censored a single one of the tweets screaming about Russia stealing the election for Trump.

GRAMMY NOTES: This is one of the photos Mama Buzz took at the Saint John Paul II Shrine.

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