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2022: CLICK [4:27] to hear a report on the new GOP.

Three incumbent Republican senators (Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina) have announced that they won’t seek re-election in 2022. None are populists. Political analysts suggest this could mean the Senate GOP caucus will be “Trumpier” two years from now. Works for me!

BORDER: One of FAUXTUS’ first acts was to issue an executive order shutting down construction on the southern border wall. This move killed 5,000 construction jobs in one fell swoop, but the cost to Americans won’t end there.

Congress had approved funding for 350 miles of wall for which 270,000 tons of steel bollard fencing have already been produced but not assembled. It has to be paid for. Then it has to be either destroyed or stored. In addition, there are partially completed areas that we will have to pay to undo.

Conservatively, that one executive order will cost 5,000 American jobs and billions of taxpayer dollars.

BUYCOTT: CLICK [1:03] to hear why you should consider buying something from MyPillow.

Just one caveat … my sil and dd love their MyPillows so got us each one. Dearest didn’t like it and I am allergic to foam, so they’re in the guest room … where my sil and dd can enjoy them when they visit LOL.

CALIFORNIA: San Francisco’s public schools have voted to strip the names of 44 schools in their district including George Washington, Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson, Francis Scott Key, Abraham Lincoln, Herbert Hoover, and current U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed called the proposal to remove the names “offensive” and said the school board should focus on reopening schools.

CLIMATE CHANGE: FAUXTUS’ climate czar, John Kerry, is calling climate change the “most significant public health challenge of our time.” Seriously? CLICK (or not) [5:16]. I didn’t.

COVID-19: FAUXTUS campaigned on a promise to turn the tide of the pandemic, saying he had a superior plan to the one that was being executed by the administration of President Donald Trump.

A review of the 15 major executive actions related to managing the pandemic involve ordering the government to create 14 different plans to combat the pandemic, orders which in almost every case, come with no deadlines.

IOW, he had a year to formulate a strategy supposedly superior to the one Trump had to make on the fly … but all he really had was what Trump was already doing plus plans to make more plans.

FACEBOOK: The social media giant has hired Roy Austin to act as vice president of civil rights and deputy general counsel. Austin served in the Obama administration veteran and FAUXTUS’ transition team. It isn’t clear what Austin’s specific responsibilities will be at Facebook, which did not respond to inquiries. My best guess … think up new ways to persecute Trump supporters.

GRIM REAPER: Governor Nipple Ring’s nursing home order killed thousands of the most vulnerable in this country … and then he had his lackeys lie to cover it up.

A new report by the New York Office of the Attorney General shows that the numbers of coronavirus resident deaths at 62 facilities was underreported by approximately 50 percent. I.e., 1,229 reported vs. 1,914 actual.

In some facilities, the percentage was much higher.

RACHEL LEVINE: FAUXTUS has nominated this openly transgendered born-male for the post of Assistant Secretary for Health.

In line with the Left’s current break with reality, Levine’s Wikipedia biography never admits that “she” was born in 1957 and lived most of “her” life as a male, but never uses “he” or lists what name came before “Rachel.

The irony is rich with this one. “She” is is a professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at the Penn State College of Medicine. God help “her” students and their future patients.

She also served as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health from 2017 to 2021, during which time she came under fire for creating a policy whereby nursing homes through the state were required to admit COVID-19 patients … then removed her mother from the personal care home where she was living.

When called out on this, Levine claimed “personal care homes” were not “nursing homes” and so did not fall under her order, which I suppose makes what she did something less than the flaming pile of hypocrisy one might think. Or something.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: An Ohio mother of three decided after a long day and more than one meltdown in the car that a quick, painless dinner was the way to go. Most of us who have been there can surely relate. By the time she got to the window, all three of her kids were crying about something or other, which is when she discovered she had forgotten her wallet.

With tears in her eyes, she looked at the cashier and said, “Hun, I am so sorry but I have to cancel that order.” Then, she says, “Without hesitation he takes out his wallet and swipes his card.” She said she’d run home and grab her purse, but the kind young man would not hear of it. She snapped a quick picture, which she later posted to social media, hoping to show the young man’s mom what a kind heart he had.

As it turns out, the young man (who is saving up for a car) has done this before and thinks it’s no big deal. His mom reports, “It makes me probably even more proud of him because he’s not seeking the limelight. He’s not like, ‘Hey, look at me, you know, I did this great big good deed.’ He’s still like, ‘It’s just something I would do anytime.’”

SAINT OF THE DAY: On January 30, we celebrate St. Savina of Milan. During the persecutions of Emperor Diocletian, she was noted for giving aid and comfort to Christian prisoners and assisting in providing decent burials after their executions. She was martyred in 311 AD.

SCHOOLS: CLICK [2:16] to hear an epic rant by a very angry dad. He speaks for all of America right now.

SUED: On January 27, Western Energy Alliance, a group representing fossil fuel producers on federal lands, filed a suit against FAUXTUS’ executive order halted oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters.

The law is clear. Presidents don’t have authority to ban leasing on public lands. All Americans own the oil and natural gas beneath public lands, and Congress has directed them to be responsibly developed on their behalf.” – Alliance President Kathleen Sgamma

Unless it’s overturned, FAUXTUS’ illegal order will cost 1 million American jobs. And since we aren’t going to stop using the stuff, we’ll have to waste more money buying it from foreign sources who will then have leverage over us on the world stage.

FAUXTUS’ climate czar, John Kerry, says the administration wants all those workers to transition into “better” jobs that are “cleaner‘ and cites making solar panels. I can’t imagine what he means by “better” since oil and gas workers make an average of $101,181/year. Ditto “cleaner” since producing solar panels creates tons of toxic waste.

VP of COLOR: Democrat Kamala Harris is the first female of any color to be elected to the office of Vice President, but the first male of color was Republican Charles Curtis.

WOMEN’S SPORTS: [2:34] – FAUXTUS’ preference for trans “rights” will destroy all the gains made by Title IX.

YOUTUBE: On Jan. 19, YouTube suspended Trump for one week. Now they’ve extended it to “indefinite.” Trump had 2.79 million subscribers. Get woke. Go broke.

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama Buzz bought a new crucifix with her Christmas money. Wow!

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