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CHICOMS: Now that Xi has got his own man in our White House, he’s ramped up his nuclear saber rattling.

Over the week-end, Beijing sent four fighter jets and eight bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons plus another 16 military aircraft of various types into Taiwan’s air space.

In recent months, Communist China has repeatedly threatened to invade Taiwan, an independent country which Beijing considers a breakaway province.

DOWN SYNDROME: Marian Avila is using her success as a fashion model to bring awareness to the chromosomal disorder she shares and to encourage people to pursue their dreams no matter what.

FAUXTUS: CLICK https://rumble.com/vda6lx-democrats-push-bill-to-enshrine-fraud-and-stifle-dissent.html [20:08] to hear Tucker report on the staggeringly rapid social change the Dems want to bring about.

Stephen Kruiser writes, “Biden might be such a train wreck that he makes us miss Obama. … Even The Lightbringer waited for a while before he turned the IRS into his personal goon squad to target conservative groups.

Joe Biden’s first five days in office have made it clear that a lot of people aren’t going to enjoy this presidency. I was only sort of joking when I said he might make us miss Obama. Heck, this guy might make a lot of his voters miss Trump.”

FILIBUSTER: Senator McConnell says the Democrat’s effort to end the legislative filibuster appears to be dead. “No Senate majority should destroy the right of future minorities of both parties to help shape legislation,” he said.

The legislative filibuster was a key part of the foundation beneath the Senate’s last 50-50 power-sharing agreement in 2001. With these assurances, I look forward to moving ahead with a power-sharing agreement modeled on that precedent.”

HERETICS ON THE BUS: Sister Simone Campbell, known for organizing the “Nuns on the Bus” tour and for offering prayer at the 2020 Dem Convention, says FAUXTUS has a “very developed approach” to abortion.

She also claimed that the “political obsession” with the “criminalization of abortion” has broken the Church apart.

Yeah, no. It’s heretics like her who have caused the division. The Catholic Church’s opposition to abortion has stood firmly since the first century.

H.R. 1: The first bill proposed by the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives seeks to use the House’s power of the purse to bludgeon the states into conforming to a centralized election system pioneered in California and other deep-blue states.

Congress can’t technically compel the states to change their voting laws, but seasoned politicians know that the states have become dependent on federal money to run their elections, and can’t afford to pick up the tab themselves.

To make matters worse, HR 1 would grand “ultimate supervisory power over Federal elections” to Congress, an extraordinary usurpation of governmental authority that the Founders specifically assigned to the states.

If this atrocity becomes law, the “Grand Old Party” of Abraham Lincoln might as well disband, because Republicans would never have any hope of regaining a congressional majority or controlling the White House again … which, of course, is the whole point.

H.R. 350: Democrats in the House are proposing the “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021”, and unsurprisingly it’s not about reining in Antifa or BLM (who are not even mentioned). It’s about appeasing the growing demands on the Left that Trump “cultists” be “deprogrammed.”

Tulsi Gabbard warns that the bill would “undermine our constitutional rights and freedoms,” and lead to law enforcement targeting “almost half of the country.”

It moves towards the thing Joe Biden said in his inauguration speech that shouldn’t happen, which is a dehumanization of your opponent. He needs to denounce people like John Brennan and their statements, bills like the one Adam Schiff put forward, and truly speak to the American people about how we must come together.

FAUXTUS (by which I mean the people operating his puppet strings) likely support the bill.

ILLINOIS: Forget what kids need or their parents want. Also forget “The Science” that shows in-person classes have an insignificant effect on spreading the coronavirus and an increasing number of kids killing themselves. The Chicago Teachers Union voted again NOT to return to in person teaching.

Their intransigence is difficult to understand given that schools around the state and nation have opened without too many problems. In Chicago itself, 130 private and parochial schools along with 2,000 learning centers returned to classrooms in the fall and 6,500 pre-K and special education teachers and students returned on January 11.

KENTUCKY: Legislation to ensure that babies born alive are provided proper medical care received overwhelming support from Democrats and Republicans in the Kentucky Legislature.

Gov. Andy Beshear refused to sign the bill, but he didn’t veto it either. That means the bill became law without his signature.

Beshear received support from pro-abortion groups during his campaign, and he has vetoed similar pro-life legislation during his time as governor. This is the first piece of pro-life legislation to become law during his time as governor.

LOCKDOWNS: Some people thought the extended lockdowns would bring about a little “baby boom.

The opposite happened, with birth rates falling across the United States. Florida saw an 8% drop, with Ohio declining 7% and Arizona sliding 5%.

Demographer Lyman Stone wasn’t surprised. “Lockdowns communicate worry and a negative outlook on society, which motivates pessimism about fertility,” he said.

MILITARY: FAUXTUS revoked the Trump administration’s ban on gender transitioning in the military, allowing troops to serve on the basis of their gender identity.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: Ryanair runs what amounts to an airborne taxi service in Europe. The fares are incredibly low, but they really only cater to day trippers. When our Army Princess spent a summer and fall semester studying in Italy and Scotland, she learned the hard way that Ryanair keeps its rates low by charging punitive fees for stored baggage.

Last month, a woman attempted to take her 3 kids from their home in Ibiza, Spain, for a week-end visit to relatives in the UK. Even though the plane was half-full, Ryanair refused to allow her to carry her bag on board, because it was slightly too large to fit under the seat. The woman became overwhelmed with distress when she realized she couldn’t afford to pay the £50 (US $68.41) penalty Ryanair was demanding to put her bag into the luggage compartment.

A young man came forward saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll pay for you,” and handed over his credit card. The woman offered to repay him, but he declined to give her his name.

SECSTATE: The Senate confirmed Antony Blinken as secretary of state in a 67-22 vote. Blinken has the support of pro-abortion and pro-LGBTI organizations. [LGBTI = Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Intersex]

SECURITY CLEARANCE IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 2021: [:46] – Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL-7) is proposing a breathtaking ban on allowing any American who rallied in support of President Trump post-election or who publicly voiced concern about election fraud from being able to hold a job in the Armed Forces or any federal law enforcement agency. Murphy is a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

THIRD PARTY: A new Rasmussen poll of 1,200 registered voters shows that a hypothetical “Patriot Party” led by former President Donald Trump would win the support of 23% of the electorate, bumping the GOP down to third place with just 17%. It’s clearly a recipe for Democrat rule, which is probably why Trump has disavowed the effort.

TITLE IX: [3:01] – Trans activists are a serious threat.

TWITTER: The social media giant has locked LifeSite News out of its account as punishment for telling the biological truth – i.e., that President Joe Biden’s newly named Assistant Secretary of Health “Rachel” Levine is a man.

WAY TO GO, DAD: Hunter Tynes had to have surgery on his skull that left significant scarring where his hair won’t grow. Noting the boy’s discomfort with his weird hair, dad Jonathan got matching “lightning bolts” shaved in his hair.

WOKE BASEBALL: Cancel Culture has hit Cooperstown. Retired pitcher Curt Schilling has been prevented from entering the Hall of Fame for expressing right-wing political opinions.

He’s fed up and told the committee to take him off the ballot. “I’ll defer to the veterans committee and men whose opinions actually matter and who are in a position to actually judge a player.

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