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GRAMMY NOTES: Mama took the photo I used in the graphic above. Dear little Bootz fell asleep holding his comfort cross. 🙂 ❤

ABORTION: Eight pro-abortion activists pushed into a Respect Life Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral in Columbus, Ohio. After they paraded through the sanctuary chanting, “Two, four, six, eight, this church teaches hate.

ANTIFA: While Trump was in office, Twitter and Facebook allowed their platforms to be used by Antifa to plan riots all across the country. Now that the Left’s narrative is that Trump supporters are ticking bombs, these platforms has finally been forced to remove their accounts. I’m guessing it was only out of embarrassment, not because they give a crap what Leftists do to destroy the country.

CENSORSHIP: They probably thought they were safe from the purge. But the Left always ends up eating its own.

CRITICAL RACE THEORY: CLICK (seriously) [5:59] to hear Christopher F. Rufo, Director for the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth and Poverty, talk with Glen Beck about how he’s gearing up for a David vs. Goliath fight against the Marxist takeover of education. “When you scratch a Critical Race Theorist you find a totalitarian … and in fact they’re not even subtle about it.”

DAN BONGINO: On Thursday, Dan’s daughter, Isabel, appeared on his podcast to talk about the fund drive she’s running through her school to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (Dan has lymphoma.) On Friday, he said the response from listeners was absolutely staggering. He didn’t have a final number, but said it would be in the six figures. ❤

GLENN GREENWALD: Dan Bongino says Glenn Greenwald is one of the few actual journalists still reporting. He’s a Leftie, so it was easy for him to hate on Trump for the past 5 years. Now he’s got to watch his profession succumb to halo polishing FAUXTUS. He recently tweeted this lament …

Media group think, at least in my lifetime, has never, ever been higher — with the possible exception of the days after 9/11. That was true after the George Floyd killing. It’s way more true now. You have to work – hard – to find any dissent or heterodox views on [Biden’s SecDef choice].

Also there seems to be very little interest in whether the killing of an unarmed protester at the Capitol by an armed law enforcement agent — shooting her point-blank in the neck despite her attacking nobody — was justified. Seems a long way away from ACAB.

Again, just six months ago, it was considered so taboo, so incident, to propose the deployment of the military on US streets to quell protests & riots that 2 NYT editors were *fired* just for airing (not endorsing) that view. Now, militarize away.

The media incuriosity over why Washington continues to be utterly militarized, why none of the supposedly planned January 20 day violent protests at state capitols happened, and whether this threat is being exaggerated to justify the Draconian security proposals, is stunning.

In the prevailing climate, the rational choice is to avoid social scorn and ostracization no matter how baseless the grievances one must appease. Unleash this monster and one day it will come for you. And you’ll have no principle to credibly invoke in protest when it does.”

GLOBAL ELITE: CLICK (really) [3:02] to hear OAN report on how leading Democrats claim to care for the little guy when in reality they couldn’t care less.

IMPEACHMENT: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is planning to send the House’s articles of impeachment to the Senate on Monday.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, says the trial in the Senate will begin on Feb. 9.

Pelosi has admitted that she is pursuing the unconstitutional impeachment of a retired president is that she’s afraid he’ll run again in 2024.

Dan Bongino was on the POTUS Secret Service detail for Bush 43 and Obama. He keeps in touch with his buddies who are still inside the system. They told him the whole “massive threat of insurrection by Trump supporters” was a load of bull.

Yeah, we knew that.

NATIONAL GUARD: So … the troops only got cots AFTER pictures of them sleeping on hard floors went viral.

And now that their banishment to a parking garage has gone viral, they’ve been moved into comfortable accommodations.

Democrats don’t care about people. They only care about PR.

NPR: NPR is a non-profit media organization based in Washington, D.C. that was established by an act of Congress. It produces and distributes news and cultural programming which is broadcast via member stations, most of which are owned by government entities.

Roughly a quarter of its revenue comes from federal, state, or local taxpayers. The rest comes from programming fees, grants from foundations or business entities, listener contributions and sponsorships.

Since so much of its funding comes from taxpayers, you might think it would make an effort to present fair and balanced news. You would be wrong.

SECDEF: Lefties who sneered at Trump’s appointment of Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development cuz Trump’s a racist so any black who works for him is a porch you know what.

These same Lefties are now in raptures over Biden’s appointment of the the first black Secretary of Defense. If he had been appointed by Trump, they’d be screaming about how he joined the board of Raytheon Technologies, a military contractor, in April 2016 and now holds about half a million dollars worth of Raytheon stock.

I don’t know anything about this guy, but one tweeter posted, “One of his many failed missions was arming and training local militias but ended funding terrorist groups and only was able to train less than a dozen men and it cost $millions of dollars.”

But because FAUXTUS appointed him, he’s the BEST and MOST HISTORIC military leader EVER!!!!

GRAMMY NOTES: I saw this on my FB feed and LOVED the idea. It would be perfect to glue the family tree to the back where it would never be lost.


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  1. red

    Abortion is slavery. I get hate mail because I’m not shy about saying that, and reasons for it. Now, biden wants the wall down. The wall is a major reason why the number of slaves dropped by 100,000 these last 4 years.

    Always good stuff. I like to post it on FB, but the nazis there got angry because I detailed what hitler wanted, and the dnc is today doing. 24 hours freedom from FB!

    Sanders was afraid, but defiant and stated biden is why the repubs will get a landslide victory in 2022. I love it when God’s pans come together!

    Happy spring! we’re expecting 3-5 inches tonight and RAIN again tomorrow! Wow, and am praying the mesquite double crops this year. It usually does when we get some snow. God’s peace and joy be on you in His love.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      We’ve had a dry, mild winter, but thankfully now we’re getting snow. I don’t go out, but I’ve heard farmers really need it and we need them!

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      • red

        It’s still snowing, but melting into the earth. We got so little moisture for 2 years, a lot of cactus died. the date palms all look spiffy with snow on them. Little kids who never saw snow before are afraid of it, till they realize it’s cool to make snowmen and throw a snowball at Mom and Dad, and get one back. People make snowmen out of tumbleweed, then joke we need snow because the snowmen are all starving to death 🙂

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        • chrissythehyphenated

          starving snowmen LOL … my Texas grands hadn’t seen snow since they visited here at Christmas 2 years ago, so they (and my daughter who misses winter) were THRILLED when Texas got 6″ recently!

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