Be Faithful

I realized today that I’m showing signs of depression. I’m fighting it, knowing from experience that it’s easier to stay out than to get out of that particular hole. But it ain’t easy and I suspect many of us are in the same place. I get From His Heart emails and especially appreciated today’s message (below).

“Here is a big problem that we as believers (and pastors) have: we want to be liked by the world. Most of us don’t like conflict. We want everyone to love us and get along. We want to preach the goodness and blessings of God and just be sweet, nice, and non-confrontational. The flaw in that approach is obvious: it is not Christ-like, and it does not fulfill our mandate to be salt and light. Remember, light exposes and salt burns in a wound.

“If we are going to be faithful to the One who bought us with His blood and put us into service as His ambassadors, we must preach the word and speak the truth in love. We must call sinners to true repentance and genuine faith in Christ. Anything less is doing a disservice to God and man.

“Surely, we are to be kind and loving in our presentation of the truth. God’s servants are not to be arrogant, obnoxious, or pugnacious. We are to tell the world that the flood of judgment is coming soon, but God has graciously given us an ark of safety in the Lord Jesus Christ. All who will turn from sin and believe on Him will be saved.

“This is the message the world desperately needs to hear and heed. Yet, this is the message many in the world will hate and fight to silence. Our job is not to be popular; it is to be faithful.”


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  1. red

    Why be depressed? Do like Rabbi Dylan, the cantor from the Tamaqua synagogue (Messianic) does. He said, Jews love to be depressed but God wants us to see Him in joy, working to make things right. Reb allows himself the ‘joy’ of depression for 45 minutes, then tells it to beat it. He sings psalms, 23 is a favorite, and praises God for His peace, love, and joy, and feels great. Look toward what God is doing, exposing the left for what they are, nazis, and working towards destroying them. Let not your heart be troubled. God is on control. Walk in His beauty!

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