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ABORTION: Forty-eight years ago, a handful of men on the Supreme Court invented a “right” that isn’t in the U.S. Constitution, instantly demoting all unborn Americans from “people” to “property.”

The body count now stands at 62 million innocent souls shredded, poisoned, burned, and ripped limb from limb in the name of “choice.”

To celebrate this evil anniversary, FAUXTUS reiterated his administration’s commitment to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law and to appoint pro-abortion judges.

There’s a special, extra-awful place reserved in Hell for “devout” Catholic pro-aborts like him and Pelosi.

BORDER: Besides stopping construction on Trump’s Big Beautiful Wall, FAUXTUS ended Trump’s “remain in Mexico” asylum policy.

CLIMATE: FAUXTUS took another step in the Left’s march toward destroying America. He’s put us back into the economically disastrous Paris Climate Accord, ensuring our economy and our citizens will suffer in the name of solving a non-problem.

COVID-19: I knew it. I said that the minute FAUXTUS took office, COVID cases were going to plummet. They’ve been artificially inflating the numbers the whole time so they could trash our economy, drive small businesses into bankruptcy, and blame it all on Trump.

FAUCI: CLICK (or not) https://www.facebook.com/whitehousebrief/videos/429536698462996 [5:20] to see this Globalist, Trump-Traitor, and general all around a**hole use his first presser to throw Trump’s entire COVID-19 effort under the bus.

CLICK (or not) https://www.facebook.com/whitehousebrief/videos/452854902740108 [3:13] to hear FAUXTUS mumble, stumble, and blather about how GREAT it will be now that The Science will come first! Translation: “I’m giving Fauci free rein to destroy our economy in support of the Globalist Agenda without interference.

During one of his podcasts this week, Dan Bongino snarked about how Slow Joe, who slandered Trump’s effort (which was headed by Fauci) for allegedly having no vaccine distribution plan, has appointed Fauci to head up his vaccine distribution plan.

FAUXTUS LIES: What a shock (not). On 1/21, he said if we wore masks for next 100 days it would save 50,000 lives, which is non-scientific garbage. Mask wearing has gone hand in hand with greatly increased spread in many states and countries.

IMPEACHMENT: Republicans are negotiating the terms of Trump’s second impeachment trial. According to legal scholar, William Jacobson, “There’s nothing to negotiate. The trial would be unconstitutional and illegitimate, regardless of when it starts or how long it takes. It doesn’t matter what you think of Trump, the Capitol Hill riot, or the election.”

Another well-known legal scholar, Alan Dershowitz, said it was illegal for Pelosi to even bring it up in the House in the final days of President Trump’s first term. “It’s illegal and unconstitutional to impeach a President if you can’t bring him to trial and give him the opportunity to defend himself. Here Trump will be out of office before the matter can be heard in the Senate! That’s utterly outrageous!

JOBS: FAUXTUS may have set a single-day record for the number of jobs killed by an American president when he revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and halted the construction of the border wall. One estimate puts the direct and indirect jobs lost from these two orders alone at 70,000. The following day, he suspended oil and gas permits on federal land, adding who knows how many to the total.

LEGACY: CLICK (yes, really do) https://rumble.com/vd3jan-what-is-president-trumps-legacy.html [2:57] for a OANN look at what Trump’s Administration accomplished that will last and how corrupt the current attempt to put a stake in its heart is totally corrupt.

MASKS: That “science of masks” thing needs quotation marks around it. Studies are showing they make no difference outside of medical settings.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Leftists spewed endlessly about how “Trump supporters” supposedly pose a yuge threat to our democracy. It’s all lies. CLICK (yes, please do) https://rumble.com/vd2x0f-mainstream-media-ignoring-scenes-of-violence-by-radical-leftists-on-preside.html [5:13] to hear OAN report on the violent protests that Democrats organized and participated in on January 20, 2017.

NATIONAL GUARD: Tens of thousands of National Guard troops were deployed to the U.S. Capitol to protect Wednesday’s inauguration from “Trump supporters.” As one might expect, they were treated like crap. E.g., In between 12-hour shifts, they were resting in the Capitol building. They only got cots AFTER photos of them sleeping on the marble floors went viral.

Then on Thursday came another insult. Five thousand troops were abruptly told to relocate to a nearby parking garage where they were exposed to auto exhaust fumes and forty degree temperatures. Their new digs had no internet reception, one electrical outlet, and two bathroom stalls.

One Guardsmen reported, “Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed.”

Disgusted by the shabby treatment, the governors of Texas, Florida, and New Hampshire have ordered their Guardsmen to come home.

VFAUTUS: The jubilation on the Left about the “first female AND first black VP” is so absurd. This woman was such a pathetic candidate, she dropped out before the first primary. Her appointment to the VP spot and eventual rise to FAUXTUS is entirely predicated on her gender, skin tone, and total lack of moral fiber.

SAINT OF THE DAY: January 24 is the Feast of St. Francis de Sales, patron of Catholic writers, the Catholic press, the deaf, journalists, and adult education. He is one of the Doctors of the Roman Catholic Church. Born to a noble family in the 16th-century, St. Francis de Sales served as priest and bishop in Calvinist areas of France during the Reformation, when celebrating Holy Mass was punishable by death.

He taught something unusual for his time – i.e., that holiness did not require someone taking holy orders or withdrawing from the world. His book, Introduction to the Devout Life, teaches lay people how to become saints in their everyday lives. It was first published in 1609 and is still in print. (It’s only 99¢ at Amazon in the Kindle edition.)

For Francis, the love of God is like romantic love. He said, “The thoughts of those moved by natural human love are almost completely fastened on the beloved, their hearts are filled with passion for it, and their mouths full of its praises. When it is gone, they express their feelings in letters, and can’t pass by a tree without carving the name of their beloved in its bark. Thus, to those who love God can never stop thinking about him, longing for him, aspiring to him, and speaking about him. If they could, they would engrave the name of Jesus on the hearts of all humankind.”

The key to love of God is prayer. “By turning your eyes on God in meditation, your whole soul will be filled with God. Begin all your prayers in the presence of God.”

GRAMMY NOTES: [6:50] – Thank you, red, for this message, which I am copying here, cuz I don’t want anyone else who is feeling down to miss it! – “Why be depressed? Do like Rabbi Dylan, the cantor from the Tamaqua synagogue (Messianic) does. He said, Jews love to be depressed but God wants us to see Him in joy, working to make things right. Reb allows himself the ‘joy’ of depression for 45 minutes, then tells it to beat it. He sings psalms, 23 is a favorite, and praises God for His peace, love, and joy, and feels great. Look toward what God is doing, exposing the left for what they are, nazis, and working towards destroying them. Let not your heart be troubled. God is on control. Walk in His beauty!

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Be Faithful

I realized today that I’m showing signs of depression. I’m fighting it, knowing from experience that it’s easier to stay out than to get out of that particular hole. But it ain’t easy and I suspect many of us are in the same place. I get From His Heart emails and especially appreciated today’s message (below).

“Here is a big problem that we as believers (and pastors) have: we want to be liked by the world. Most of us don’t like conflict. We want everyone to love us and get along. We want to preach the goodness and blessings of God and just be sweet, nice, and non-confrontational. The flaw in that approach is obvious: it is not Christ-like, and it does not fulfill our mandate to be salt and light. Remember, light exposes and salt burns in a wound.

“If we are going to be faithful to the One who bought us with His blood and put us into service as His ambassadors, we must preach the word and speak the truth in love. We must call sinners to true repentance and genuine faith in Christ. Anything less is doing a disservice to God and man.

“Surely, we are to be kind and loving in our presentation of the truth. God’s servants are not to be arrogant, obnoxious, or pugnacious. We are to tell the world that the flood of judgment is coming soon, but God has graciously given us an ark of safety in the Lord Jesus Christ. All who will turn from sin and believe on Him will be saved.

“This is the message the world desperately needs to hear and heed. Yet, this is the message many in the world will hate and fight to silence. Our job is not to be popular; it is to be faithful.”


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