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2017 to 2020: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/whitehousebrief/videos/455040615527219 [19:53] to hear President Trump’s gracious farewell speech.

CLICK and DOWNLOAD the 28-page document below. I expect it’ll go somewhere obscure in a day or two.

2017 to 2020: Oddly enough, this video not only posts on Facebook, but does so without a screen. [5:41] – Never forget. THIS is the New Democratic Party. THESE are the people who are in charge now. God help us.

ANDY NGO: [:57] – A book store in Portland has caved to Leftist demands and boycotted Andy Ngo’s book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. The book, which is not due to be released until Feb 2, is already a best-seller at Amazon.

Ngo is the brave journalist who has been risking life and limb to document the Antifa and BLM sponsored riots in Portland.

Not surprisingly, the Democrats’ Black Block thugs hate him and tried mightily to label him a “white supremacist.” Sheesh … at least when Hitler labeled you a Jew, you had to actually have some Jewish blood! Gno is a first generation American, born to Vietnamese refugees. He’s also gay.

But never let it be said that the Left’s ugliness made sense. Their smears were so bad that any Asian man who even remotely resembled Andy Ngo in the Portland, Oregon, area was harassed and threatened.

AOC: I love this photo … it shows her inner 13-year-old so clearly.

BORDER: For years, Democrats have fought against building a secure barrier on our southern border. Now they’re pushing to erect a permanent barrier around the Capitol Building.

It is tempting to cry hypocrisy in the face of “Walls don’t work” and “We need a wall”, but in fact, you don’t have to look very hard to find the global elitism underlying and uniting these two positions.

CULT: Lauren Wolfe, an editor for the New York Times, tweeted “I have chills” while watching Biden land at Joint Base Andrews.

CNN’s David Chalian said (out loud and on air) that the side lights on the National Mall’s reflecting pool are like “extensions of Joe Biden’s arms embracing America.

These are the same people who say Trump supporters are cultists.

DAN BONGINO: CLICK https://rumble.com/vd0tdx-ep.-1438-youll-be-shocked-to-hear-about-the-lefts-new-agenda-the-dan-bongin.html [1:05:09] to hear Dan talk about the totalitarian Democrat’s push for book burning, a secret police force, and “re-education” facilities for Trump supporters.

JACKBOOTS: For four years, the Slimers on the Left have been chanting in unison about what a fascist, “literally Hitler”, military dictator Donald Trump would be, is, was. They said he wouldn’t leave the White House peaceably and they’d have to send in the military to evict him.

Can you imagine how they would’ve reacted to the huge wire barricade Democrats have built around the Capitol Building or the ~25,000 National Guardsmen they’ve got patrolling the streets of D.C. with permission to use lethal force?

JOSH HAWLEY: After Sen. Josh Hawley [R-MO] objected to the certification of Pennsylvania’s election results. Simon & Schuster immediately canceled its contract to publish his new book about censorship by Big Tech.

Conservative book publisher Regnery has announced that it will publish the book. “The warning in his book about censorship obviously couldn’t be more urgent,” said Regnery president and publisher Thomas Spence.

KATIE COURIC:How are we going to really, almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?” – former NBC anchor Katie Couric

LARRY ELDER: [13:16] – Larry Elder talks about four nutty conspiracy theories that the Left and their SlimeStream Media totes believe(d).

LIZ CHENEY: Wyoming’s Carbon County Republican Party unanimously passed a resolution to censure Rep. Liz Cheney, a GOP legislator who voted with nine other Republicans to impeach President Trump.

LOCKDOWNS: Fauci lied to us [3:53] – Two scientific studies now confirm that lockdowns are ten times worse than COVID-19.

MITCH McCONNELL: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/whitehousebrief/videos/409664280362978 [5:03] … or not. I didn’t. I’m not interested in what TRAITORS have to say!

MY PILLOW: Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Wayfair have all notified CEO and Trump fan Mike Lindell that they will no longer carry MyPillow products.

They’re beyond stupid to cave to threats of boycotts by vicious, left-wing twits. Every time a company stands firm, the boycott turns into a buycott as tens of millions of patriotic Americans flock to support that company.

When AOC called a boycott on Goya, they had their best month ever. It was so good, they named AOC “Employee of the Month.”

PARDONS: On his last day in office, President Trump granted pardons to 73 individuals and commuted the sentences of an additional 70 individuals. The most notable name among them is Steve Bannon.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: If they can make a buck selling deadly drugs, they’ll jump at the chance.

PROJECT VERITAS: Another Twitter exec has been exposed plotting to suppress conservative speech. “We’re going to actually be more aggressive in our enforcement beyond de-amplification,” she said.

CLICK the link below to see the [7:41] video.

TUCKER CARLSON: [15:11] – Democrats won. They got everything they wanted, but they’re not happy. Instead, they’re plotting how they’re going to absolutely crush the people who opposed them. All 74 Million of us. We’re all TERRORISTS! And we all ALL need to be destroyed. Never mind that our values match those of the nation’s founders.

And have you noticed how different the mood is now compared with when Obama was inaugurated? Twelve years ago, they were all gooey eyes and kumbaya. Now they’re all razor wire, censorship and talk of reeducation camps.

XL PIPELINE: The word is that Biden is going to rescind the Keystone XL pipeline permit on his first day in office. Idiot Democrats are thrilled … never mind that pipelines are the safest way to transport oil and, yeah, we do need the stuff.

SAINT OF THE DAY: St. Sebastian is the patron saint of soldiers, athletes, and those who desire a saintly death. My youngest chose him as her confirmation saint, so we weren’t all that surprised when she joined the Marines! I think he’s a good one for us to invoke in the dark days ahead.

St. Sebastian, please pray with us that God Almighty will grant us the graces we need to follow your courageous example, boldly preaching the Gospel even in the face of persecution, hardship, and death. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Sebastian apparently was a Christian when he joined the Roman Army in 283 AD. Perhaps he joined to help Christians who were being persecuted by Emperor Diocletian. In 286, somebody ratted him out and the emperor ordered him to be tied to a stake on a training field and used as target practice.

Archers riddled his body with arrows and left him for dead. A Christian recovered his body and, discovering he was alive, nursed him back to health.

In 288, he publicly denounced the emperor to his face for his persecution of the Christians. Astonished to see that Sebastian was still alive, Diocletian ordered him to be beaten to death with clubs, then thrown into the sewers. His body was recovered by a Christian and she secretly buried in the catacombs beneath Rome.

GRAMMY NOTES: Dearest is active in local politics and serves on the Planning Board. He often attends Board of Trustee meetings and, as an architect, frequently consults with or presents appeals to the Zoning Board. He’s also very active with the local GOP and is well known by the Democrat mayor (who lives up the street) and the all-Democrat Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees meetings are on the third Wednesday of every month. This afternoon, he checked the website to see if they were going to Zoom, but the notice said it would be at the Village Hall. So he went down there, only to find the building locked up and empty. He peered through the glass on the front door and saw a sheet of paper taped to the inside door that simply says, “Zoom Meeting.”

These meetings are supposedly open to the public. Except clearly, now that FAUXTUS has been coronated, they’re not. Dearest said I was being silly, that it was just somebody’s dumb mistake that instructions to get into the Zoom meeting weren’t made public. Yeah. No. I think it was deliberate and that it is just another taste of what is to come.

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