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Yes, President Trump Won!

Volume 3 of the Navarro Report is out. Soon to be NPOTUS Biden’s goal of “healing the nation” is doomed from the get go because “almost half the country now believes that there were significant irregularities in the 2020 presidential race; and the failure to fully investigate these irregularities will only increase the number of Americans who have such doubts.

Volume 1 of the Navarro Report, The Immaculate Deception, assessed the fairness and integrity of the 2020 Presidential Election by identifying and assessing six key dimensions of alleged election irregularities. These irregularities included: outright fraud, ballot mishandling, a wide range of process fouls, multiple violations of the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause, voting machine irregularities, and statistical anomalies.”

DOWNLOAD Volume 1 @ file:///C:/Users/Max/AppData/Local/Temp/Navarro-Report.pdf

Volume 2 of the Navarro Report, The Art of the Steal, examined the institutional genesis of the six types of election irregularities. One key finding: The Democrat Party efforts to strategically game the election process across the six battleground states began years before, and in many cases, shortly after President Trump was elected in 2016. A second key finding: the Democrat’s This gaming of the election process was implemented through a two-pronged Grand “Stuff the Ballot Box” Strategy designed to flood the six key battleground states with enough un-scrutinized and potentially illegal absentee and mail-in ballots to turn a decisive Trump victory into a narrow alleged Biden ‘win.’

DOWNLOAD Volume 2 @ https://www.priestsforlife.org/elections/pdf/navarro-art-of-the-Steal.pdf

Volume 3 of the Navarro Report is designed to serve as a capstone to what has been a comprehensive analysis of the question: Was the 2020 presidential election stolen from Donald J. Trump? In this report, we provide the most up-to-date statistical ‘receipts’ with respect to the potential number of illegal votes in each battleground state.

The broader goal of this final installment of the Navarro Report is to provide investigators with awell-documented tally of potentially illegal votes on a state-by-state and category-by-category basis. This tally is presented in Figure One.” [Graphic below.]

DOWNLOAD Volume 3 @ https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/be36dc6d-0df4-4c20-addf-fca72be46150/The%20Navarro%20Report%20Volume%20III%20Final%201.13.21-0001.pdf

CtH: Quotations are from the first few pages of Volume 3.

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Bits & Bytes

A TOAST: Don Surber says, “Before his departure, let us raise a toast to our president. He did not just try to do his best. He became the best.” Click to read his short list of all that Donald J. Trump did for us.

BIDEN: Let the “healing” begin – Biden has promised to push for federal legislation to expand abortion to all nine months and force taxpayers to fund it in every state. He also promised to sue the Little Sisters of the AGAIN. They’ve won twice in the Supreme Court, but he’s not happy about that.

BIG TECH PURGE: Twitter’s 12% share drop erased $5 billion from its market capitalization. (Full disclosure: I have no idea what that means! LOL)

Rogan O’Handley posted, “The Left’s hyperbolic freak out is actually reassuring. It shows how absolutely petrified they are of the movement. They may be enjoying a temporary victory w/ this digital purge, but it will be short-lived. A viable alternative will emerge and we will flock to it by the millions. THE LEFT SHALL REAP WHAT THEY SOW.”

BILL AYERS: This actual domestic terrorist is free to tweet his own brand of hatred. His most recent retweets include “why is cnn calling them anarchists?? they are holding american flags. they are white american nationalists.” and “this is america. these white people are defending the violent white supremacist heart of what america is and has always been.”

BORDER: Trump went to the border to celebrate and sign Mile 450 of his Big Beautiful Wall. CLICK https://rumble.com/vcqwyb-trump-signs-the-border-wall-near-alamo-texas.html [21:54] to hear his speech. It’s worth your time.

CATHOLIC VOTE: Worth watching! [2:49] – The secular Left has become a religion with its own dogma, rituals, and heresies. But unlike Christianity, there is no forgiveness available for those the “orthodox” deem to be sinners.

CLOWN CONGRESS: It’s official. President Trump has become the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice … proving once and for all that Nancy Pelosi is the biggest clown in the biggest clown car Congress in history.

CLOWN CONGRESS CRITTER: Uhhhhh … I got nothing.

FLASHBACK: In Washington, D.C., on January 2017, 400 to 500 protesters expressed their outrage over the inauguration of President Trump. They came armed with crowbars and threw objects at people and businesses, damaging and destroying storefronts and vehicles. Police arrested 217 of them. Six officers were injured during the protests, including three who were hit in the head with flying objects.

NORTH DAKOTA: In yet another explicit assault on the religious liberty of Catholics, North Dakota lawmakers have introduced a bill that would require priests to violate the seal of confession or face jail time in the state.

PARLER: Parler CEO John Matze says he has been getting death threats. “It is disgusting. I can’t go home tonight (…) This is not just, you know, our civil liberties. They can shut down a half a billion dollar company overnight.

PENCE: In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Vice Presiden Pence said, “With just eight days left in the President’s term, you and the Democratic Caucus are demanding that the Cabinet and I invoke the 25th Amendment. I do not believe that such a course of action is in the best interest of our Nation or consistent with our Constitution.”

Last week, I did not yield to pressure to exert power beyond my constitutional authority to determine the outcome of the election, and I will not now yield to efforts in the House of Representatives to play political games at a time so serious in the life of our Nation.

PROJECT VERITAS: [2:19] – Following the release of undercover video showing him expressing extreme hatred for Trump and his followers, Michael Beller has been dismissed from his position as a contracts lawyer in PBS’ general counsel office.

Calling Trump “close to Hitler,” says he would “go to the White House and throw Molotov cocktails.”

He adds that Trump voters are “raising a generation of intolerant, horrible people,” the cure for which would be to “go for all the Republican voters and Homeland Security will take their children away” and “put them into the re-education camps.”

Americans are so f*cking dumb. You know, most people are dumb. It’s good to live in a place [Washington, D.C.] where people are educated and know stuff. Could you imagine if you lived in one of these other towns or cities where everybody’s just stupid?

What’s great is that COVID is spiking in all the red states right now. So that’s great…a lot of them [red state voters] are sick and dying.”

PBS, a non-profit institution that receives millions of tax payers’ dollars every year, issued a statement saying, “There is no place for hateful rhetoric at PBS, and this individual’s views in no way reflect our values or opinions.”

Riiiiight … like we all totes believe that nobody at PublicBS ever noticed this guy’s nasty opinions before, despite the fact that he willingly spewed them to some random guy wearing a secret camera. ::smh::

Methinks a more accurate statement would have been, “This dumb-ass got caught, so we had to make him the official scapegoat for our hate-filled organization.”

SELL-OUT: Big shock (not) that Senate Majority Leader Mitch “I sold my soul to China for a whole bunch of money and a place in the New World Order” McConnell (R-KY) was reportedly pleased by and supportive of the Democrats’ ridiculous move to impeach a president who is leaving office in mere days.

STEFANIK: Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) says she is proud to join a growing list of conservatives who have been banned or shunned by college campuses.

Stefanik, who was in Harvard College’s class of 2006, has been mentoring students ever since. On Tuesday, the Harvard Kennedy School informed her that she has been booted off the school’s Senior Advisory Committee for her “baseless claim” about voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election.

The decision by Harvard’s administration to cower and cave to the woke Left will continue to erode diversity of thought, public discourse, and ultimately the student experience,” Stefanik wrote in a blunt new statement.

SUSAN ROSENBERG: From the late 1970s into the mid-1980s, Rosenberg was active in a far-left revolutionary terrorist organization that openly advocated the overthrow of the U.S. Government through armed struggle and the use of violence.

She was arrested in 1984 and sentenced to 58 years’ imprisonment on weapons and explosives charges. On his last day in office, President Bill Clinton commuted her sentence to time served (16 years).

Susan Rosenberg is now a member of the board of directors for Thousand Currents, a far-left group that handles the money donated to Black Lives Matter.

TEXAS: So far as I’ve heard, this is the only blatant cheater who has been questioned, investigated, arrested or charged [10:11] – Last fall, Project Veritas published an undercover video of a woman bragging about how many election laws she had broken on behalf of the candidate who was paying her to get him elected. This week, she has been arrested for election fraud, illegal voting, unlawfully assisting people voting by mail, and unlawfully possessing an official ballot. Each charge constitutes a felony under the Texas Election Code.

THAT MOMENT: [1:57] – This two-year-old put a racist cashier in her place with a few beautiful words of wisdom.

SAINT OF THE DAY: We are all called to be saints.

GRAMMY NOTES: If you’re looking for help praying more, consider downloading this app – https://catholicnovenaapp.com/. Mama Buzz really likes it. (I don’t use a cell phone, so I can’t say.)

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