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The Merging of Government and Corporate Powers

Remember once upon a time, way back in the 20th century, when Lefties were all FOR free speech and said dissent was patriotic?

Remember just a little ways back, in 2011, when Lefties cheered on Occupy Wall Street’s extended condemnation of Big Business?

Remember just last summer when Leftists cheered people ignoring COVID-19 rules and freely expressing their deep anger all over other people’s bodies and properties?

2021 will go down in history as the time when Leftists flipped the script.

NOW they are all about combining the powers of Big Government and Big Business to disenfranchise, silence, and shame the half of the country whose politics they despise.

And the incoming fake president is all for it. Joe Biden has selected at least fourteen current or former executives from Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook to serve in his administration or advise on the transition into power.

AOC has demanded Senators Cruz and Hawley resign immediately, while Rep. Bennie Thompson thinks they should be put on the No Fly list. Elsewhere, 7,000 law students and alumni have signed a petition demanding both Cruz and Hawley be disbarred.

Corporations are lining up to join the anti-Trumping McCarthyites too.

Ford Motor Co., Marriott, BlueCross BlueShield, itigroup Inc., Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JPMorgan, and Commerce Bank have announced they will not be donating to any of the 147 Republicans who objected to the Electoral College vote.

Stripe, an online payment service, has shut down the Trump campaign’s payment processing services, blocking the president’s campaign from accepting donations by credit or debit card.

Deutsche Bank, one of President Trump’s largest lenders, announced that they will no longer do business with any of the president’s companies. Oh the irony of a bank that has admitted it helped Adolf Hitler now claiming the moral high ground!

Randall Lane (Forbes magazine’s chief content officer and editor) warned companies not to “hire any of Trump’s fellow fabulists” or else. In his view, the expulsion from society of Trump’s staff constitutes an important “national reset.” Lane claims his position is not “politically motivated.” Riiight.

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Bits & Bytes

ABORTION: The 2020 report on abortion in the U.S. shows a net loss of four abortion clinics nationwide.

One state – Missouri – became the first in the union to be abortion free. The Planned Parenthood in St. Louis still has a license to do abortions, but it apparently is choosing not to, probably because it does not want to comply with Missouri’s pro-life laws. Instead, it refers women to a facility just over the border in Illinois.

CUBA: The Trump administration officially re-designated Cuba’s communist regime a “state sponsor of terrorism” just years after President Barack Obama reversed the order.

DOMESTIC TERRORISM: On Jan. 7, 2021, Lila Rose, founder and president of the pro-life advocacy group Live Action, tweeted that “Abortion is violence.” This is objectively true, since every abortion executes a living human being via poison and/or dismemberment. The more honest abortionists admit they kill babies. Some even brag about doing it.

But Leah Torres doesn’t agree. She responded to Rose’s tweet with: “This is violent rhetoric. It is objectively false and meant to incite others to commit crimes against clinics, patients, and health care providers. This is what domestic terrorism looks like.”

Torres is an abortionist who is willing to kill babies right up until the moment of natural birth. In August, her medical license was suspended by the state of Alabama pending an investigation by the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners into allegations of fraud and malpractice.

Pro-lifers are understandable expecting their presence on the internet to be sharply curtailed as soon as the Fascist Brothers get done silencing Trumpers and Election Fraud Conspiracy Theorists.

DON’T SAY IT: On Monday, the Fascist Brothers announced it is removing all content containing the phrase we deplorables used to question Herr Biden’s coup. The social media company said it was necessary lest such unacceptable content “incite further violence during these next few weeks.

INSURRECTION: [1:09:05] – Pelosi’s Derangement Squad is talking today about impeaching President Trump because he supposed “incited insurrection” during this speech. Yeah. No. If he had actually done anything remotely close, the pertinent clip would be playing on an endless loop on every channel, all day and all night.

Instead, the video of President Trump telling everyone to go home with peace and love in their hearts was scrubbed from the internet.

Fuzzy Slippers correctly notes at Legal Insurrection: “Ultimately, Pelosi and Democrats are playing a dangerous game with our Constitution’s most basic rights and, arguably, with our nation’s very rule of law.”

None of this matters to the new DNC which is claiming that “thousands” of violent protesters “stormed the US Capitol during a Joint Session of Congress.” I’m sorry, but what? There is no way there were THOUSANDS of anybody in that building at any time. I doubt very much there were even hundreds and only a small handful of them were disruptive. And that’s out of the estimated 1.5 MILLION who PEACEFULLY protested!

LIAR, LIAR: Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI-4) tested positive for COVID-19 on Dec. 28. She then assures us that she self-quarantined for ten days before showing up on the House floor on Jan. 3 to vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker. (Read that again and think about it for a moment.)

Two of Moore’s colleagues have now tested positive, something they blame on Republicans, none of whom have tested positive recently … like Moore did.

NEW YORK: Gov. Nipple Rings strikes again. Medical providers across the state have been forced to throw out expired doses of COVID-19 vaccine, because Cuomo’s restrictions and penalties made it impossible to use. Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wanted to know why his people couldn’t decide who got vaccinated so they could streamline the process.

On Friday, Cuomo loosened up the restrictions somewhat. I don’t know who is paying for the repeated phone calls we’ve been getting here at Casa Hyphen that plays a recorded message about who is and how they can make an appointment to get vaccinated.

OHIO: On Saturday, January 9, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed into law Senate Bill 260 which bans Ohio doctors from prescribing abortion-inducing drugs through the use of telemedicine. Ohio legislators wisely recognize that it is imperative that women be personally examined by a physician and instructed in potential side effects. The drugs have caused serious complications for hundreds of women in the United States. Twenty-two have died.

PARLER: Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Greg Gutfeld and Lou Dobbs all announced recently that they were terminating their Twitter accounts and moving to Parler in protest over the silencing of conservative speech. Shortly therafter, Amazon shut off Parler’s servers.

On Monday, Parler CEO John Matze announced, “We will likely be down longer than expected. This is not due to software restrictions — we have our software and everyone’s data ready to go. Rather it’s that Amazon’s, Google’s and Apple’s statements to the press about dropping our access has caused most of our other vendors to drop their support for us as well. And most people with enough servers to host us have shut their doors to us.

Maybe what soon-to-be-unemployed Orange Man Bad needs to do is build a Big Beautiful Server Farm to protect our First Amendment rights.

SAINTS OF THE DAY: The Martyrs of Córdoba were forty-eight Christian martyrs who were executed in the 9th c. by the Muslim rulers of Al-Andalus (southern Spain). The Muslims had invaded and conquered the region in the early 8th century and imposed Islamic law. Christians were persecuted and apostasy, blasphemy, and proselytizing were capital offenses.

Some of the Martyrs of Córdoba were executed for blasphemy after they appeared before the Muslim authorities and denounced Muhammad. Some were Christian children of Muslim–Christian marriages who publicly proclaimed their Christianity and were executed as apostates. Still others who had previously converted to Islam to avoid persecution had denounced their new faith and returned to Christianity, and thus were also executed as apostates.

GRAMMY NOTES: Bootz warmed by Grammy Quilt and comforted by Grammy Crochet. Grammy warmed by Grandson Love.

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