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Bits & Bytes

1984: Just days after President Trump was kicked off his Twitter account, banned from selling his merchandise on Shopify, Campaign Monitor stopped allowing his campaign to send emails to his supporters, George Orwell’s dystopian novel shot to #1 on Amazon’s Best Sellers list.

2A: On Jan. 8, President-elect Joe Biden promised to “defeat” the National Rifle Association while he’s in office. The NRA, which has more than 5 million members, seeks to protect and educate people about their Second Amendment rights.

CATHOLIC: On Monday, Pope Francis formalized what has been happening in many developed countries for years. That is, to allow females to serve as readers, altar servers and distributors of communion.

This has been in the works for about 50 years. I remember way back when conservative American Catholics were raising a stink in some parishes that were allowing girls to serve. A group of bishops asked the pontiff (I think it was JPII) to rule on the matter. He refused saying it was something the Holy Spirit would help the church decide at the grassroots level.

CAVING TO BULLIES: The PGA of America board has voted to terminate an agreement to host next year’s PGA Championship at a golf course owned by President Donald Trump in New Jersey. Their statement said not doing so “would be detrimental to the PGA of America brand and would put at risk the PGA’s ability to deliver our many programs and sustain the longevity of our mission.

GERMANY: The German government is set to enact a new hate speech law which will require social media companies to hand over user data to Germany’s federal police even before any wrongdoing has been established.

On Friday, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called on the incoming Democratic administration to join the European Union in backing a “wide-reaching pro-democracy initiative” to counter the “enemies of liberal democracy.”

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: On Friday Jan. 8, Twitter shares closed at $51.48. Over the week-end, the social media giant purged itself of conservative content. On Monday Jan 11, they opened at $45.17, a 12 percent drop.

HEALING: On Monday, in a move worthy of a Keystone Cops movie, House Democrats introduced two measures, one to invoke the 25th amendment and the other to impeach Donald Trump.

Republicans blocked the first saying, “The U.S. House must never adopt a resolution that demands the removal of a duly elected president, without any hearings, debate or recorded votes.

They’re supposedly going to vote today, but Alan Dershowitz says Senate rules would not allow an impeachment case to come to trial until 1 p.m. on January 20th, an hour after President Trump leaves office. He also notes that the Constitution does not allow for impeaching a former president.

So it’s all just a bunch of headline-grabbing, leftard-appeasing political theater brought to you by the clown car party.

INAUGURATION: The theme for President-elect Joe Biden’s illegitimate inauguration will be “America United.” Yeah. No.

LINCOLN PROJECT: The Lincoln Project, an American PAC formed in late 2019 by the group in the graphic, is reportedly building a database of Trump officials and staffers with the intention of holding those people professionally “accountable.” In other words, it’s a blacklist. Welcome to the gulag.

MEXICO: On Thursday, Mexico’s President Obrador blasted social media companies for blocking the accounts of President Donald Trump.

I don’t like censorship,” he told a news conference. “I don’t like anyone to be censored and for them to have their right taken away to send a message on Twitter or on Facebook.”

MOVIE RECOMMENDATION: This is a delightful addition to the “documentaries about sports, hobbies, and games” genre. Light-hearted, interesting, family friendly … and one of the finalists lives in my home town!

PARLER: On Monday, the social networking service favored by many supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump filed a law suit against Amazon.com Inc with the U.S. District Court in Seattle. The suit charges that Amazon’s move to deplatform Parler was “apparently motivated by political animus” and “apparently designed to reduce competition in the microblogging services market to the benefit of Twitter.

PELOSI’S LAPTOP: The full interview with Lt. General Thomas McInerney [21:48] – Thiswill give you an understanding of why Pelosi and many others are screaming about removing Trump by any means possible when he is leaving in ten days.

CLICK https://rumble.com/vcl9r3-gen.-mcinerny-we-got-pelosis-laptop.html [8:44] for a shorter clip from the interview.

POLITICAL VIOLENCE: Madonna thinks a lot about blowing up the White House and the crowd cheers wildly [:56] – Democrats are hyperventilating and clutching their pearls over the very idea that citizens would use politics as an excuse to smash windows or occupy a building. Here are ten times … all during Trump’s time in office … when they specifically urged that and much more. (Video clips are at the link below.)

  1. You can’t be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.” – Hillary Clinton
  2. If Trump fired Mueller, people should “take to the streets” in “widespread civil unrest.” – Sen. Ted Lieu
  3. If Trump fired Mueller, people should “set off a firestorm not only on the Hill but also in the streets.” – James Clapper (Obama’s Director of National Intelligence)
  4. You have to be ready to throw a punch.” – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
  5. When they go low, we kick them.” – Eric Holder (Obama’s Attorney General)
  6. To take on Trump, you have to “punch him in the face.” – Senator Jon Tester
  7. Democrats should “fight [Trump] … in the streets.” – Rep. Joaquin Castro
  8. People should answer his “call to action” to protest. “Please. Get up in the face of some congresspeople.” – Senator Cory Booker
  9. You get out and create a crowd. You push back on them.” – Rep. Maxine Waters
  10. People need to be “more forceful, more confrontational, and more prepared to push back on this administration.” – Rep. Maxine Waters

SAINT OF THE DAY: In the 16th c., Queen Elizabeth I outlawed Catholicism. Priests found in England were rounded up; anyone caught hearing the Mass was punished. Owning “superstitious” items intended for personal devotion, such as rosary beads, could lead to forfeiture of lands and goods. Merely possessing books upholding Catholic doctrine could get you thrown in prison. Converting to Catholicism or helping someone else convert was deemed an act of high treason, punishable by death.

In this dangerous time, William Carter served time in prison for printing “lewd” (i.e., Catholic) pamphlets, as well as possessing books upholding Catholicism and priestly vestments. After 18 months in prison, during which time he was tortured, he was convicted of high treason. He made his final confession to a priest who was being tried alongside him. In 1584, he was hanged, drawn, and quartered. In 1987, he was beatified by the Roman Catholic Church.

WEST VIRGINIA: About 30 teachers who attended the Trump rally last Wednesday have been notified that they may lose their jobs. In addition, multiple Jefferson County Board of Education employees have been disciplined and verbally threatened with termination for supporting President Trump.

GRAMMY NOTES: God answered my granddaughter’s Christmas prayer for snow to play in. The last time those kids saw the white stuff was when they visited us here in New York. And LOOK how much He sent them!! (Full disclosure: This family doesn’t allow me to post their photos, so I grabbed one of the MANY images on the ‘net from the recent snowfall that blanketed a big section of Texas.)

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