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SUNDAY SERMON: This is worth your time! Crossroads with Joshua Philipp interviews Pastor Brian Gibson about the not-a-riot [37:53] – “It was a mostly peaceful protest. … It was one of the largest crowds I’ve ever seen in America … north of a million. … A small amount went inside. … Trump responded immediately, told people to calm down. Twitter removed the video. … I’ve been threatened to be killed at least 15 times this year. … There is a flip in the narrative here about who is the agitators. … In many ways, the church in America has become a cruise ship church. We need to become a battleship.This is worth your time.

2020: More evidence has emerged, this time from testimony in an Italian court. Arturio D’Elia, an IT expert at the 8th largest global defense contractor, testified in court that he and others manipulated vote totals in the 2020 presidential election in order to switch the winner from Trump to Biden.

AMAZON: Parler is fending off another attack as Amazon, the company hosting its web service, announces it will be shutting down Parler’s servers at midnight Sunday, Jan. 10.

Parler founder and CEO John Matze said Parler may be unavailable for up to a week as they work to rebuild. He also said his company is “prepared to take full legal action” against Apple, Google, and Amazon who have all acted in bad faith.

ANTIFA: CLICK https://www.theepochtimes.com/video-trump-supporters-stop-antifa-from-breaking-into-capitol_3649380.html [3:03] to see a video report showing Trump supporters attempting to STOP people from damaging the Capitol building. They’re shouting, “Antifa”, and “Anyone who does this is not with us.

BLOVIATION: Not-my-president-elect Joe Biden spewed this absurdity about the minor kerfuffle in the capitol building – “Yesterday, in my view, one of the darkest days in the history of our nation. An unprecedented assault on our democracy.

Chucky Schmucker and NPR and a bunch of others said something similar so apparently it was the Democrat Talking Point of the Day. Is there an email list for this crap?

Personally, I think it’s total horse hockey to even consider that the day a couple dozen people tried to get inside a federal building was in the same hemisphere with days like … August 24, 1814 (the British invaded Washington, D.C. and set fire to multiple government and military buildings, including the Capitol building and the White House); March 6, 1857 (SCOTUS ruled that blacks can’t be American citizens); April 12–13, 1861 (Battle at Fort Sumter starts Civil War); September 17, 1862 (Battle at Antietam, the bloodiest day in American history, 22,717 dead, wounded, or missing); April 14, 1865 (assassination of President Abraham Lincoln); October 29, 1929 (stock market crash triggers the Great Depression); December 7, 1941 (Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor); August 6 and 9, 1945 (America drops nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities, killing tens of thousands of civilians); April 17–20, 1961 (U.S. invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs fails and nearly sets off a nuclear war); November 22, 1963 (assassination of President John F. Kennedy); April 4, 1968 (assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.); January 22, 1973 (SCOTUS ruled that unborn babies can’t be American citizens); April 19, 1995 (domestic terrorists destroy the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, murdering 168 people, many of them children); September 11, 2001 (Islamic extremists attack the United States, killing nearly 3,000 Americans).

You know … just to name a few.

COVID VAX: According to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), more than a thousand people have had an adverse reaction to the vaccine, with some hundreds of them needing to go to an ER.

DEMOCRATS: Their Trump Derangement Syndrome beggars belief. With less than 2 weeks remaining before their Great White Savior, Joe The Biden, descends from on high to save the nation from the Evil “literally Hitler” Donald, Democrats are actually demanding that Trump resign, be removed by Pence under the 25th Amendment, or face another impeachment. They’re all sin sick.

FED UP: Out-going State Representative in Georgia Vernon Jones says, “I am a lifelong Democrat and the newest member of the Republican Party. Now, let me make one thing clear—I haven’t changed. The Democrat Party has changed. It’s become a toxic combination of radical leftists and liberal elites (many in San Francisco and Hollywood) that have taken over my former Party.

Grandstanding Democrats and well-paid talking heads on TV don’t seem to understand how many Americans feel left behind and ignored by their leaders in Washington. They’ve hijacked the civil rights movement for money and corrupt political gain. …

Today’s Democrat Party embraces identity politics and victimhood. I refuse to judge a man or woman by their skin color and I refuse to accept victimhood as my destiny.

I am proud to join the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Donald Trump. It is the party that best represents the great spirit of the individual.”

FOX NEWS: CNN is demanding media conglomerates ban Fox News. CLICK https://twitter.com/henryrodgersdc/status/1347726344860348417 [4:35] to hear Tucker deliver a wonderfully snarky report about the Dwarf King of CNN. Apparently white privilege is like masturbation. If you do it too much, you’ll go blind.

HANNITY: [:29] – Elitists think real people are scum.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Consider the false flag tweet above with what A.J. Cooke writes about his first person experience at the DC rally.

There was no riot at the United States Capitol Building. There was no massive armed assault. … There were hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters blanketing downtown D.C. while maybe a few dozen troublemakers engaged in trespassing and petty vandalism at the Capitol Building. …

I’m not saying that this was staged or there were crisis actors or whatnot. I’m saying that the Washington establishment was looking for an excuse to implement a hardcore Anti-Trump crackdown … [and] that, once the shooting happened, plans for a massive crackdown on the crowd of hundreds of thousands of innocent demonstrators were abandoned in a moment of panic. …

Her death may have been brutal and unfair, but Ashli Babbitt’s sacrifice might have saved a lot of lives.”

Further evidence: DC Mayor Bowser announced BEFORE THE RALLY that she did NOT want any federal law enforcement personnel to help at the rally. Kinda reminds me of how then-SecState Clinton ordered security personnel to be removed from our consulate in Benghazi right before it was attacked.

I encourage you to read the whole report and to CLICK https://twitter.com/AJCooke1776/status/1346937433057710082 [2:02] to hear his brief report from just after the shooting.

OREGON: Portland – Antifa staged its third riot since the New Year. Graffiti sprayed on one building said, “The state can no longer suppress us” and “BLM.” I wasn’t away that what passed for “the state” in Portland, Oregon, has made any attempt whatsoever to suppress them!

SHUT UP: These platforms have banned Trump and Trump-related content – Discord, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Shopify, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitch (not Twitchy), Twitter, YouTube.

Campaign Monitor, the email service the Trump campaign used, has blocked the campaign’s access to its account.

Facebook banned WalkAway and its founder, Brandon Straka, from using its platform and deleted ALL of the content that half a million followers have posted since the group’s founding. Straka says he’s moving the group to CloutHub, a social media network that has billed itself as a free speech alternative to sites like FaceBook.

TWITTER PURGE: Twitter’s sudden commitment to purging content that smacks of “incitement to violence” somehow didn’t reach this one. Imagine that.

GRAMMY NOTES: Congratulations to Blossom who jumped up TWO ju jitsu belts. Usually they go one at a time, but with COVID, there was a hiccup. Mama Buzz told me a wonderful story about how Blossom successfully used her mad skillz to teach Buzz a lesson.

It seems Buzz was being a Major Pest, continually poking Blossom despite her repeated, polite requests to stop doing it. Finally, she flipped Buzz, landing him on the soft couch, then straddled him and said, “Stop. Poking. Me.” Reportedly, Buzz thought this was hysterically funny … but he hasn’t poked her since.

Mama had a quiet moment with Blossom after to thank her for handling the situation so beautifully.

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