Big Tech Purge

Big Tech is using the fake “riot” instigated by (not) Trump supporters as an excuse to purge their sites of conservative content. This was all planned ahead of time. And it is such a transparent joke. These people cheered on Antifa and BLM as they destroyed cities and killed police. NOW they’re trying to silence people out of their alleged concern over us crazy-pants deplorables going all violent? Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

Twitter froze Trump’s account and banned him for life. Trump tried to do an end run by tweeting from other government accounts. Twitter “caught” him violating their Presidential Time Out Decree, deleted the messages and restricted those accounts as well.

CLICK [1:30] to hear Tucker Carlson talk about this “unprecedented crackdown on the most basic civil liberties we’ve enjoyed for 200 years.

Because Twitter refused to allow the President of the United States to post his own video promising a peaceful transfer of power. So Dan Bongino tried to send it out on his account and got shut down as well.

As a result, I’m leaving the platform permanently for Parler. I’ll post my final tweet and message for twitter tomorrow when the 12 hour lockdown ends,” says conservative mega-star Dan Bongino, who is taking his three MILLION followers to Parler with him.

IMO, this is really dumb move . Donald Trump is a soon-to-be unemployed billionaire who has built more companies than Twitter has ever heard of. My guess is that he’s about to pour his money, energy and considerable business acumen into creating new platforms where conservatives can continue to enjoy FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION while NOT lining the pockets of Prog Elitists who want to take over the world.

Twitter permanently suspended Rush Limbaugh’s account. He told them to stuff it and is taking his 88 million followers to Parler.

Twitter has banned Gen. Flynn and suspended Sidney Powell, who says, “We are going totally fascist fast.

Meanwhile, conservative Twitter account are experiencing sudden, huge losses in their follower numbers. The Daily Caller is down almost 29k followers, LifeTalkNews about 20k, Prager U more than 14k, Kirstie Alley 9k, Joe Pagliarulo 5k.

Pagliarulo announced he’s taking his 114k Twitter followers to Parler. Millions of pro-life conservatives have joined the no-censorship alternative to Twitter; Google “hit back” by deleting the Android Parler app from the Google Play Store.

Yeah, that’ll certainly teach those deplorables, right? LOLOLOLOL They’re so sure we’re all dumb as rocks that it apparently hasn’t occurred to them that people who are really mad about being silenced might, oh I dunno, BUY A NEW PHONE from a company that doesn’t try to tell them to sit down and shut up?

And it’s not just Twitter. LifeSiteNews has been suspended from Buffer, a platform that allows users to schedule social media posts across multiple platforms. (Has it crossed any of these idiots that their income comes from USERS?!)

Democrats are happy as pigs in slop. “While long overdue, I commend twitter for moving to ban Donald Trump from the platform permanently. Tech companies must take responsibility for hate speech and misinformation flourishing on their watch. This is an important step toward accountability.” -Rep. Robin Kelly (D-Ill.)

Republicans, not so much. “The Ayatollah can tweet, but Trump can’t. Says a lot about the people who run Twitter.” – Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)

Twitter’s permanent suspension of President Trump is beyond disturbing. Instead of fostering open debate, this move will deepen the divide in this country. Unacceptable does not even begin to describe this move.” – Rep. Diana Harshbarger (R-Tenn.)

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