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HELL: [7:14] – In her “Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul,” St. Faustina wrote about her vision of Hell. This is a destiny we can avoid because, “God so loved the world that He gave us His only Begotten Son.”

ARCHBISHOP VIGANÒ: His Excellency pulled no punches during his recent interview with Steve Bannon. I recommend reading the full text at either of the links below.

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: The Plot Against the President By Lee Smith – Every American, regardless of political affiliation, should know the story of how wealthy partisans and their accomplices on Capitol Hill and in federal government agencies and the media attempted to take down Donald Trump.

CALIFORNIA: Don Surber writes that a Modesto Bee headline – “Californians still going out despite stay-at-home orders, tracking data shows” – has two things wrong.

The first thing wrong is that there is such a thing as “stay at-home orders.” No government in America has the authority to order you to stay at home for months on end.

The second thing is that there is such a thing as legal tracking data. Cyber-stalking is against the law, and yet Google does it with impunity.

CULTURAL POLLUTION: On December 9 and 12, NBC published stories claiming to “expose” how pro-family groups (which they label as “anti-gay hate groups”) benefited from the Pay Check Protection Program. The network’s stories relied on information from the notoriously partisan, and frequently inaccurate, Southern Poverty Law Center.

Then, on December 15, Olivia Solon, co-author of the December 9 story, bemoaning the fact that “sex workers” were suffering since credit card companies cracked down on Pornhub for allowing videos showing rape and the sexual abuse of children.

DEMOCRATS: His Wikipedia bio is something that can only be appreciated in person. Among his sterling accomplishments as the ideal of a Democratic Party leader are six children by four different women, only one of whom he married. She was 19 at the time and had already given birth to one of his children … whose paternity he initially denied. He also denied having had relations with her before she was legal, but given the rest of his record, I’d take his veracity with a pound of Biden/Harris salt.

JACKBOOT JOE: After calling Trump a dictator who was literally as bad as Hitler, the Left is now celebrating the possibility of a Biden administration forcing nationwide mask mandates and lockdowns.

That’s not out of the question. We certainly need to enhance and make more uniform our public health measures. President-elect Biden has called for 100 days of everybody wearing a mask uniformly throughout the country. That’s really a good start.” – Dr. Anthony Fauci

MASSACHUSETTS: We deserve to be destroyed.

OATH: Modify above “All members … that refuse to investigate election fraud … ” – I’m beyond disgusted with the cowards who won’t stand up to the Left. Yes, the forces arrayed against us are vicious and dangerous, but my kids took that same oath and then risked it all in Iraq and Afghanistan trying to free foreigners from tyranny. Don’t you DARE tell me it isn’t worth it to you to free AMERICANS from tyranny!

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