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CROCHET: Little chihuahua … cuz you needed to see this. 🙂

ILLINOIS: The Chicago Teachers Union has been at the forefront of the “Hell No, We Won’t Go Back to Work” movement that is keeping kids struggling in (or abandoning) virtual classrooms.

Meanwhile, a member of the CTU’s executive board … who claims it is unsafe for teachers to return to the classroom … flew to Puerto Rico for a nice vacay in the sun.

NEW YORK: My sucky state legislators are considering making COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory. CLICK https://rumble.com/vcdec9-proposed-bill-would-make-vaccine-mandatory.html [4:15] to hear an OAN news report on this and another, even scarier proposed legislation.

OHIO: Gov. Mike DeWine, R-OH, signed the Unborn Child Dignity Act into law. In Ohio, the bodies of children who are aborted must be cremated or buried, not dumped out with the bloody gauze and other medical trash.

No longer will the tiny bodies of babies whose lives have been tragically taken by abortion be treated like trash.” – Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life

OREGON: Portland – Law enforcement officers had to be pulled from answering emergency calls to go to yet another riot on New Year’s Eve.

Members of a large crowd smashed windows, set fires, and threw rocks, bricks, frozen water bottles, Molotov cocktails and large fireworks at police. Some officers were also targeted by paint balloons that may have been laced with a caustic substance as it caused burning to the skin.

The Mayor Ted Wheeler said at a press briefing on Friday that his “good faith efforts at de-escalation have been met with ongoing violence and even scorn from radical Antifa and anarchists” and that he is committed to bringing “the criminal destruction and violence to an end.

This crap has been going on since MAY … but NOW he’s fed up? Hmm …

OREGON: Sandy – At least one Oregonian is standing up to Governor Jackboot Kate’s lockdown orders. Mayor Stan Pulliam of Sandy, Oregon, is encouraging the residents of his town to to socially distance and wear masks, but to open businesses at reduced capacities.

Pulliam noted that the governor has provided no scientific evidence to support strict lockdowns and that it’s hypocritical to label big-box stores “essential”, while forcing locally-owned businesses to lock down indefinitely.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Gov. Kristi Noem has refused to destroy its economy in the name of fighting the coronavirus. And its economy is now among the strongest in the country, with unemployment at 3.5%, increasing tax revenues, and a FY2020 budget surplus.

The national unemployment rate is 6.7% and, in states like New York and California that have relied heavily on lockdowns, it’s over 8%. Meanwhile, people are fleeing statese like New York and California, while the housing market in South Dakota is booming.

VENEZUELA: You know what they say … “You can vote your way into socialism, but you’ll have to shoot your way out.”

GRAMMY NOTES: Yesterday, we had that lovely, soft kind of snow fall that looks like angels are sifting confectioner’s sugar on the world. The sun isn’t out yet today, so it is still all fluffy and beautiful, lining each twig and piled on each fence post.

Watching this four minute video could save you $100s some day.

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