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CALIFORNIA: California has an estimated 150,000 homeless people, the most in the U.S. In Los Angeles County, the number jumped 14.2% over the past year (now more than 66,400).

COVID-19: The Los Angeles Times reports that between 20% and 50% of frontline health workers have refused the vaccine.

I saw the following on FB. It was reportedly written by a nurse who has refused the vaccine: “Every time you see someone posting their virtue signaling band-aided up arms on Insta demanding everyone do the same, just remember we do have a responsibility. A responsibility to control only ourselves, to weigh all the pros and cons of any medical procedure, to use critical thinking to look at trials and science and decide what is best for our own circumstances.”

DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/RantNationBlazeTV/videos/250906983233879 [3:45] to hear an epic take down by Kayleigh McEnany.

FDA: When hand sanitizer was in critically short supply, more than 800 distilleries stepped up to manufacture the product. Now they are being punished for helping out.

Under the mis-named CARES Act, manufacturers of over-the-counter drugs have to pay a fee to help fund the FDA’s regulatory activities. When distilleries started making hand sanitizer, they unknowingly stepped into this category and have recently been assess fines of $14,060 each.

The money is due on February 11. I sincerely hope POTUS Trump overturns it.

NEWT GINGRICH: [2:15] – “I’ve been active in this since 1958; that’s 62 years. I’m the angriest I have been in that entire six decades. You have a group of corrupt people who have absolute contempt for the American people, who believe that we’re so spineless, so cowardly, so unwilling to stand up for ourselves that they can steal the presidency, and we’ll wring our hands, bring in a few lawyers, and do nothing.

“My hope is that President Trump will lead the millions of Americans who understand exactly what’s going on: [that] the Philadelphia machine is corrupt, that the Atlanta machine is corrupt, the machine in Detroit is corrupt, and they’re trying to steal the presidency, and we should not allow them to do that.

“First of all, we should lock up the people who are breaking the law. You stop someone from being an observer –- you just broke federal law. You hide and put up paper so nobody can see what you’re doing –- you just broke federal law. You bring in ballots that aren’t real –- you just broke federal law.

“I am sick and tired of corrupt left-wing Democrats who believe that we are too timid and too easy to intimidate, and therefore they’ll just go out and steal it. … You are watching an effort to steal the presidency of the United States, and this is not about Donald Trump. This is about the American people, [who] have the right, in an honest election, with honest, legitimate ballots, to pick their leader.

Or are we now just sheep, to be dominated by the high-tech businesses, the news media, and the various political machines?… This is a crisis in the American system, comparable to Washington on Christmas Eve or comparable to Lincoln at Gettysburg. This is a genuine, deep crisis of our survival.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: “We are a proud abortion provider,” says Alexis McGill Johnson, the new president of Planned Parenthood. She is tossing out the old “stigmatizing” paradigm whereby the abortion giant downplayed its role as the leader in the baby murder industry.

ROSE BOWL: For the first time since 1942, the Rose Bowl was not played in Pasadena, California. Organizers cited the rising number of cases of COVID-19 in Southern California and the state’s refusal to grant any exceptions to its ban on guests. The College Football Playoff semifinal was held on Jan. 1 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

SATIRE: I’m shpeaker of the Houshe” by Sarah Gonzales [3:17]

GRAMMY NOTES: I just got my wrist slapped on FB for noting that the House’s proposed rules to de-genderize every title, pronoun, etc. is confusing, because people who transition seem to insist loudly on being called by the genderized terms of their new identity. FB said that was hateful and unacceptable and I better, by gum, never do anything like that again or else! Satan has taken the most twisted absurdities and elevated them to the level of sacred, while delegating everything that is truly sacred to the level of hate speech.

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