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ABORTION: On Thursday, our “devout Catholic” FAUXTUS signed two executive orders “to undo the damage Trump has done.” That “damage” was to prevent taxpayer funds going to support the International Planned Parenthood abortion business and sending taxpayer funds to promote its global abortion agenda.

He also removed the United States from a historic international pro-life declaration that pushes back against the United Nations’ pro-abortion agenda.

CANCEL CULTURE: When somebody outed Colleen Oefelein as having joined Parler and Gab, The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency fired her.

DEATH PANELS: The Left mocked Sarah Palin for suggesting that nationalizing health care would bring on death panels. But they’re already real for patients caught in Great Britain’s National Healthcare System … where “healthcare” is somewhat sketchily defined to include killing patients who are deemed too expensive.

A Polish Catholic patient fell into a coma after suffering a heart attack that resulted in massive brain damage. After doctors determined he had only a small chance of progressing to even a minimally conscious state and might live five years or more, they removed all care, including tubes delivering food and water.

It took him two weeks to die, an event that has been official listed as due to “1a bronchopneumonia; 1b hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) of the brain; 1c myocardial infarction (heart attack).” The hospital has congratulated itself for acting “with compassion and professionalism throughout.

It is my understanding that Catholic moral teaching says it is licit to remove “extraordinary” means of artifically prolonging life, but that nutrition and hydration are not considered “extraordinary.”

EXECUTIVE ORDERS: In his first three days, FAUXTUS issued 30 executive orders, presidential memorandums, and agency directives—all without the consent of Congress. That’s more than double the number President “Practically Hitler” Trump issued in his first week.

JOHN KERRY: FAUXTUS’ new climate czar – U.S. Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry – is totes committed to combating the use of fossil fuels by the stinking’ masses. Him though … he owns a private jet.

At the end of the day, it’s the same old, same old with liberals. You can’t get a haircut or go to a restaurant because of COVID-19, but they can. You shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun, but they have a half dozen armed men guarding them. You shouldn’t fly on a plane because of the greenhouse gasses, but they have a mansion and a private jet. If liberals knew they’d have to live by the same rules they propose for everyone else, you’d see their attitudes change in a hurry.” – John Hawkins

K-VON: Biden’s First Week [8:51] – Funny! DEFINITELY watch this!

MICHIGAN: On January 8, Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer refused to open indoor dining because she wanted to “make sure that it’s safe to do so.” But then two days after Biden took office, she announced indoor dining would resume.

NEW YORK: CLICK [4:38] if you have any interest in hearing Gov. Nipple Rings whining about how unfair it is that he’s being criticized over nursing home deaths. And after he went and wrote a whole book about how awesomely awesome his coronavirus leadership was/is/will be forever and ever amen.

I listened to a few moments only. Can’t stand the man!!! Just two thoughts from what I did hear. One, if most of the people who died were people who were going to die anyway, then why are we keeping the country shut down? And two, isn’t his claim about having a lower percentage of deaths in nursing homes a lie? I read that Florida did.

PFIZER VAX: A second death is being investigated after a 60-year-old healthcare worker had to be hospitalized within hours of receiving his second shot. His health rapidly deteriorated over the next few days, then he died.

POLAND: Poland has outlawed eugenic abortions. Prior to this, Poland’s laws permitted the abortion of unborn babies with “serious disabilities” and “incurable diseases” including Down Syndrome.

Article 38 of the Polish Constitution states that “the Republic of Poland provides every human being with legal protection of life,” and Article 30 reads, “The inherent and inalienable dignity of man is the source of human and civil freedom and rights. It is inviolable and its respect and protection is the responsibility of public authorities.”

SUSAN RICE: Remember right after the Benghazi attack, when this woman went on five Sunday news shows in a single day to fraudulently blame the attack on a YouTube video that virtually nobody ever saw? Remember how she was at the heart of the illegal surveillance on the Trump team?

FAUXTUS’ puppet masters have brought this consummate Democrat loyalist and liar back into the White House to ensure that every federal agency put “racial justice and equity” at the top of their priority lists … because it’s supposedly “essential” to “economic growth.”

Remember how, before COVID hit, the unemployment rate for minorities across the board were at historic lows? Did you know that Susan Rice, a woman of color, has a net worth of $50 million?

TECHNOMIRACLE: Joao Carlos Martins was Brazil’s most acclaimed pianist for decades, but then an accident and later a generative disease forced him to quit. But Thanks to a pair of 3D printed gloves, the famous musician is now able to play again!

The gloves cost less than $100 to make and use rods that spring the pianist’s fingers back to a “ready” position after depressing each piano key. There is a 1 minute video at The Epoch Times link of Martins playing part of “Adagio” from Bach’s Keyboard Concerto in D minor.

TEXAS: On Thursday, Republican Governor Abbott signed an executive order directing all state agencies to sue the Biden administration for any federal actions that threaten the Lone Star state’s energy sector.

FYI: The photo comparison was inspired by Dearest telling me repeatedly that Abbot reminds him of Bush. I never noticed it before, but now I see what he means.

TWITTER: Twitter has suspended Catholic World Report’s account because the Catholic publication referred to Biden’s transgender nominee as “a biological man identifying as a transgender woman.” Twitter said those words were a violation of Twitter rules “against hateful conduct.” Catholic World Report will not be allowed to tweet from its account unless it deletes the message.

Ivermectin is a safe, inexpensive and widely available medicine that is used world-wide for the treatment of intestinal worms lice, and mites in animals and humans.

YOUTUBE: This week, YouTube removed two videos from Senator Ron Johnson’s account. They showed doctors testifying, under oath and before the U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee, about their successes in using a safe, inexpensive, and widely available drug called Ivermectin to treat for people with COVID-19.

On January 27, Senator Johnson said: “Apparently, the ‘doctors’ at Google know more about practicing medicine than heroic doctors who have the courage and compassion to actually treat COVID patients and save lives.

Google’s “doctors” apparently also know more than the NIH. In April, the NIH published an article on-line saying that Ivermectin inhibits the growth of the virus responsible for COVID-19. In June, the NIH put the article into their print magazine.

On January 14, the NIH upgraded its recommendation for Ivermectin, making it an option for use in treating COVID-19 within the United States.

GRAMMY NOTES: The Buzzers made a pilgrimage to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and the St. John Paul II shrine, both in D.C. Sadly, only a little bit of the National Shrine is open right now due to COVID, but they did get to go inside the chapel at the St. John Paul II shrine, which has GORGEOUS mosaics all over the place! I love mosaics!

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Bits & Bytes

2022: CLICK [4:27] to hear a report on the new GOP.

Three incumbent Republican senators (Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina) have announced that they won’t seek re-election in 2022. None are populists. Political analysts suggest this could mean the Senate GOP caucus will be “Trumpier” two years from now. Works for me!

BORDER: One of FAUXTUS’ first acts was to issue an executive order shutting down construction on the southern border wall. This move killed 5,000 construction jobs in one fell swoop, but the cost to Americans won’t end there.

Congress had approved funding for 350 miles of wall for which 270,000 tons of steel bollard fencing have already been produced but not assembled. It has to be paid for. Then it has to be either destroyed or stored. In addition, there are partially completed areas that we will have to pay to undo.

Conservatively, that one executive order will cost 5,000 American jobs and billions of taxpayer dollars.

BUYCOTT: CLICK [1:03] to hear why you should consider buying something from MyPillow.

Just one caveat … my sil and dd love their MyPillows so got us each one. Dearest didn’t like it and I am allergic to foam, so they’re in the guest room … where my sil and dd can enjoy them when they visit LOL.

CALIFORNIA: San Francisco’s public schools have voted to strip the names of 44 schools in their district including George Washington, Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson, Francis Scott Key, Abraham Lincoln, Herbert Hoover, and current U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed called the proposal to remove the names “offensive” and said the school board should focus on reopening schools.

CLIMATE CHANGE: FAUXTUS’ climate czar, John Kerry, is calling climate change the “most significant public health challenge of our time.” Seriously? CLICK (or not) [5:16]. I didn’t.

COVID-19: FAUXTUS campaigned on a promise to turn the tide of the pandemic, saying he had a superior plan to the one that was being executed by the administration of President Donald Trump.

A review of the 15 major executive actions related to managing the pandemic involve ordering the government to create 14 different plans to combat the pandemic, orders which in almost every case, come with no deadlines.

IOW, he had a year to formulate a strategy supposedly superior to the one Trump had to make on the fly … but all he really had was what Trump was already doing plus plans to make more plans.

FACEBOOK: The social media giant has hired Roy Austin to act as vice president of civil rights and deputy general counsel. Austin served in the Obama administration veteran and FAUXTUS’ transition team. It isn’t clear what Austin’s specific responsibilities will be at Facebook, which did not respond to inquiries. My best guess … think up new ways to persecute Trump supporters.

GRIM REAPER: Governor Nipple Ring’s nursing home order killed thousands of the most vulnerable in this country … and then he had his lackeys lie to cover it up.

A new report by the New York Office of the Attorney General shows that the numbers of coronavirus resident deaths at 62 facilities was underreported by approximately 50 percent. I.e., 1,229 reported vs. 1,914 actual.

In some facilities, the percentage was much higher.

RACHEL LEVINE: FAUXTUS has nominated this openly transgendered born-male for the post of Assistant Secretary for Health.

In line with the Left’s current break with reality, Levine’s Wikipedia biography never admits that “she” was born in 1957 and lived most of “her” life as a male, but never uses “he” or lists what name came before “Rachel.

The irony is rich with this one. “She” is is a professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at the Penn State College of Medicine. God help “her” students and their future patients.

She also served as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health from 2017 to 2021, during which time she came under fire for creating a policy whereby nursing homes through the state were required to admit COVID-19 patients … then removed her mother from the personal care home where she was living.

When called out on this, Levine claimed “personal care homes” were not “nursing homes” and so did not fall under her order, which I suppose makes what she did something less than the flaming pile of hypocrisy one might think. Or something.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: An Ohio mother of three decided after a long day and more than one meltdown in the car that a quick, painless dinner was the way to go. Most of us who have been there can surely relate. By the time she got to the window, all three of her kids were crying about something or other, which is when she discovered she had forgotten her wallet.

With tears in her eyes, she looked at the cashier and said, “Hun, I am so sorry but I have to cancel that order.” Then, she says, “Without hesitation he takes out his wallet and swipes his card.” She said she’d run home and grab her purse, but the kind young man would not hear of it. She snapped a quick picture, which she later posted to social media, hoping to show the young man’s mom what a kind heart he had.

As it turns out, the young man (who is saving up for a car) has done this before and thinks it’s no big deal. His mom reports, “It makes me probably even more proud of him because he’s not seeking the limelight. He’s not like, ‘Hey, look at me, you know, I did this great big good deed.’ He’s still like, ‘It’s just something I would do anytime.’”

SAINT OF THE DAY: On January 30, we celebrate St. Savina of Milan. During the persecutions of Emperor Diocletian, she was noted for giving aid and comfort to Christian prisoners and assisting in providing decent burials after their executions. She was martyred in 311 AD.

SCHOOLS: CLICK [2:16] to hear an epic rant by a very angry dad. He speaks for all of America right now.

SUED: On January 27, Western Energy Alliance, a group representing fossil fuel producers on federal lands, filed a suit against FAUXTUS’ executive order halted oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters.

The law is clear. Presidents don’t have authority to ban leasing on public lands. All Americans own the oil and natural gas beneath public lands, and Congress has directed them to be responsibly developed on their behalf.” – Alliance President Kathleen Sgamma

Unless it’s overturned, FAUXTUS’ illegal order will cost 1 million American jobs. And since we aren’t going to stop using the stuff, we’ll have to waste more money buying it from foreign sources who will then have leverage over us on the world stage.

FAUXTUS’ climate czar, John Kerry, says the administration wants all those workers to transition into “better” jobs that are “cleaner‘ and cites making solar panels. I can’t imagine what he means by “better” since oil and gas workers make an average of $101,181/year. Ditto “cleaner” since producing solar panels creates tons of toxic waste.

VP of COLOR: Democrat Kamala Harris is the first female of any color to be elected to the office of Vice President, but the first male of color was Republican Charles Curtis.

WOMEN’S SPORTS: [2:34] – FAUXTUS’ preference for trans “rights” will destroy all the gains made by Title IX.

YOUTUBE: On Jan. 19, YouTube suspended Trump for one week. Now they’ve extended it to “indefinite.” Trump had 2.79 million subscribers. Get woke. Go broke.

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama Buzz bought a new crucifix with her Christmas money. Wow!

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Bits & Bytes

CHICOMS: Now that Xi has got his own man in our White House, he’s ramped up his nuclear saber rattling.

Over the week-end, Beijing sent four fighter jets and eight bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons plus another 16 military aircraft of various types into Taiwan’s air space.

In recent months, Communist China has repeatedly threatened to invade Taiwan, an independent country which Beijing considers a breakaway province.

DOWN SYNDROME: Marian Avila is using her success as a fashion model to bring awareness to the chromosomal disorder she shares and to encourage people to pursue their dreams no matter what.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [20:08] to hear Tucker report on the staggeringly rapid social change the Dems want to bring about.

Stephen Kruiser writes, “Biden might be such a train wreck that he makes us miss Obama. … Even The Lightbringer waited for a while before he turned the IRS into his personal goon squad to target conservative groups.

Joe Biden’s first five days in office have made it clear that a lot of people aren’t going to enjoy this presidency. I was only sort of joking when I said he might make us miss Obama. Heck, this guy might make a lot of his voters miss Trump.”

FILIBUSTER: Senator McConnell says the Democrat’s effort to end the legislative filibuster appears to be dead. “No Senate majority should destroy the right of future minorities of both parties to help shape legislation,” he said.

The legislative filibuster was a key part of the foundation beneath the Senate’s last 50-50 power-sharing agreement in 2001. With these assurances, I look forward to moving ahead with a power-sharing agreement modeled on that precedent.”

HERETICS ON THE BUS: Sister Simone Campbell, known for organizing the “Nuns on the Bus” tour and for offering prayer at the 2020 Dem Convention, says FAUXTUS has a “very developed approach” to abortion.

She also claimed that the “political obsession” with the “criminalization of abortion” has broken the Church apart.

Yeah, no. It’s heretics like her who have caused the division. The Catholic Church’s opposition to abortion has stood firmly since the first century.

H.R. 1: The first bill proposed by the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives seeks to use the House’s power of the purse to bludgeon the states into conforming to a centralized election system pioneered in California and other deep-blue states.

Congress can’t technically compel the states to change their voting laws, but seasoned politicians know that the states have become dependent on federal money to run their elections, and can’t afford to pick up the tab themselves.

To make matters worse, HR 1 would grand “ultimate supervisory power over Federal elections” to Congress, an extraordinary usurpation of governmental authority that the Founders specifically assigned to the states.

If this atrocity becomes law, the “Grand Old Party” of Abraham Lincoln might as well disband, because Republicans would never have any hope of regaining a congressional majority or controlling the White House again … which, of course, is the whole point.

H.R. 350: Democrats in the House are proposing the “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021”, and unsurprisingly it’s not about reining in Antifa or BLM (who are not even mentioned). It’s about appeasing the growing demands on the Left that Trump “cultists” be “deprogrammed.”

Tulsi Gabbard warns that the bill would “undermine our constitutional rights and freedoms,” and lead to law enforcement targeting “almost half of the country.”

It moves towards the thing Joe Biden said in his inauguration speech that shouldn’t happen, which is a dehumanization of your opponent. He needs to denounce people like John Brennan and their statements, bills like the one Adam Schiff put forward, and truly speak to the American people about how we must come together.

FAUXTUS (by which I mean the people operating his puppet strings) likely support the bill.

ILLINOIS: Forget what kids need or their parents want. Also forget “The Science” that shows in-person classes have an insignificant effect on spreading the coronavirus and an increasing number of kids killing themselves. The Chicago Teachers Union voted again NOT to return to in person teaching.

Their intransigence is difficult to understand given that schools around the state and nation have opened without too many problems. In Chicago itself, 130 private and parochial schools along with 2,000 learning centers returned to classrooms in the fall and 6,500 pre-K and special education teachers and students returned on January 11.

KENTUCKY: Legislation to ensure that babies born alive are provided proper medical care received overwhelming support from Democrats and Republicans in the Kentucky Legislature.

Gov. Andy Beshear refused to sign the bill, but he didn’t veto it either. That means the bill became law without his signature.

Beshear received support from pro-abortion groups during his campaign, and he has vetoed similar pro-life legislation during his time as governor. This is the first piece of pro-life legislation to become law during his time as governor.

LOCKDOWNS: Some people thought the extended lockdowns would bring about a little “baby boom.

The opposite happened, with birth rates falling across the United States. Florida saw an 8% drop, with Ohio declining 7% and Arizona sliding 5%.

Demographer Lyman Stone wasn’t surprised. “Lockdowns communicate worry and a negative outlook on society, which motivates pessimism about fertility,” he said.

MILITARY: FAUXTUS revoked the Trump administration’s ban on gender transitioning in the military, allowing troops to serve on the basis of their gender identity.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: Ryanair runs what amounts to an airborne taxi service in Europe. The fares are incredibly low, but they really only cater to day trippers. When our Army Princess spent a summer and fall semester studying in Italy and Scotland, she learned the hard way that Ryanair keeps its rates low by charging punitive fees for stored baggage.

Last month, a woman attempted to take her 3 kids from their home in Ibiza, Spain, for a week-end visit to relatives in the UK. Even though the plane was half-full, Ryanair refused to allow her to carry her bag on board, because it was slightly too large to fit under the seat. The woman became overwhelmed with distress when she realized she couldn’t afford to pay the £50 (US $68.41) penalty Ryanair was demanding to put her bag into the luggage compartment.

A young man came forward saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll pay for you,” and handed over his credit card. The woman offered to repay him, but he declined to give her his name.

SECSTATE: The Senate confirmed Antony Blinken as secretary of state in a 67-22 vote. Blinken has the support of pro-abortion and pro-LGBTI organizations. [LGBTI = Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Intersex]

SECURITY CLEARANCE IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 2021: [:46] – Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL-7) is proposing a breathtaking ban on allowing any American who rallied in support of President Trump post-election or who publicly voiced concern about election fraud from being able to hold a job in the Armed Forces or any federal law enforcement agency. Murphy is a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

THIRD PARTY: A new Rasmussen poll of 1,200 registered voters shows that a hypothetical “Patriot Party” led by former President Donald Trump would win the support of 23% of the electorate, bumping the GOP down to third place with just 17%. It’s clearly a recipe for Democrat rule, which is probably why Trump has disavowed the effort.

TITLE IX: [3:01] – Trans activists are a serious threat.

TWITTER: The social media giant has locked LifeSite News out of its account as punishment for telling the biological truth – i.e., that President Joe Biden’s newly named Assistant Secretary of Health “Rachel” Levine is a man.

WAY TO GO, DAD: Hunter Tynes had to have surgery on his skull that left significant scarring where his hair won’t grow. Noting the boy’s discomfort with his weird hair, dad Jonathan got matching “lightning bolts” shaved in his hair.

WOKE BASEBALL: Cancel Culture has hit Cooperstown. Retired pitcher Curt Schilling has been prevented from entering the Hall of Fame for expressing right-wing political opinions.

He’s fed up and told the committee to take him off the ballot. “I’ll defer to the veterans committee and men whose opinions actually matter and who are in a position to actually judge a player.

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Bits & Bytes

CALIFORNIA: On January 25, Gov. Newsom suddenly lifted his statewide stay-at-home order, claiming it was because “We are anticipating decline.

Two native Californians commented at Epoch News that it was more likely to be (a) because the recall effort is at 1.2 million signatures, and (b) the post-Trump Democrat narrative is that Biden is making us all better now.

Another commenter noted that with respect to (b), CNN has suddenly dropped its COVID “death count” banner. I also reported here about how, one HOUR after Biden took office, the WHO suddenly issued a warning about how the PCR tests are just way too sensitive, something we’ve known for months.

The post-Trump COVID “science” now says that a positive test is NOT enough to diagnose the disease, because it registers positive even in people who have zero symptoms and carry an insignificant number of virus particles.

ELECTION FRAUD: [7:10] – Watch Sen. Rand Paul masterfully respond to George Stephanopoulos’ attempt to pimp for the Left. Paul promises to spend the next two years going state to state trying to fix the problems that led to what we believe was widespread fraud. “You’re saying people are liars if they want to investigate problems.”

IMMIGRATION: Tucker reports on an internal ICE email [1:48] – Biden’s order amounts to a presidential order to federal officers to stop enforcing federal immigration law. But they’re going to impeach a president who isn’t in office any more. That’s today’s Democratic Party.

At the same time the Biden order sweeps away any and all judgment calls with regard to deportation, it rescinded Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy, saying it “was inconsistent with the department’s longstanding principle that we exercise judgment and make individualized assessments in criminal cases.”

A federal judge in Texas has issued a 14-day restraining order on President Biden’s plan to pause deportations for 100 days. U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton, who was appointed by President Trump, stated that the Biden administration failed to “provide any concrete, reasonable justification” for the moratorium.

IMPEACHMENT: CLICK [9:04] to hear Sen. Rand Paul drop a bomb on the Democrats’ b.s. Impeachment effort. “It’s like they have no ability to exist apart from opposition to Donald Trump.”

Five Republicans joined all 50 Democrats in rejecting Paul’s motion to dismiss the impeachment trial on the grounds that Trump is no longer in office. The 55-45 vote indicates it’s highly unlikely the Senate will have 67 votes to convict Trump on the charge.

JANUARY 6: CLICK (please) [5:10] for OAN’s interview with war correspondent Michael Yon about the tactics used by Antifa and other groups that he saw on Capitol Hill.

Yon was the only war correspondent I can remember who reported honestly and fairly about the Iraq War. I still have his book Moment of Truth in Iraq.

LIFESITE NEWS: CLICK (esp if you’re Catholic, also LDS) [19:58] to hear John-Henry Westen report on the Left’s sudden love for “devout Catholicism” … by which they mean Pelosi-Biden’s “devout” commitment to the Democrat-Before-Scripture, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-trans (false, anti-Catholic NOT) Catholicism. Westen also talks about how Leftist Catholics are “salivating” to get “in on the Cancel Culture.

McCARTHYISM: Over the past several weeks, there have been growing calls to disbar Rudy Giuliani for representing his client, former President Donald Trump. Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said, “It’s McCarthyism. I grew up during McCarthyism when the lawyers were being disbarred for representing clients that people didn’t like.”

Rudy is a lawyer. And that’s what he is supposed to do. And if his client says, ‘Challenge the election,’ he challenges the election,. If you don’t agree with his analysis, answer it in the court of public opinion. But don’t disbar him. Are we going to disbar Adam Schiff? Adam Schiff got on the floor of the Senate and the House and lied through his teeth about a range of things, including Russian collusion.

MORE McCARTHYISM: Last week, seven Democrats filed an ethics complaint against Sens. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) urging the Senate Ethics Committee. They charge that by challenging the electoral votes, Hawley and Cruz contributed to the violence on Jan 6th.

On Monday, Hawley filed a counter-complaint charging that these seven Democrats had “submitted their meritless complaint in potential coordination with a campaign by partisan and dark-money groups that have peddled falsehoods about me and my objection. By knowingly submitting a frivolous complaint to accomplish impermissible partisan purposes, these Senators have engaged in improper conduct that may reflect upon the Senate. The Committee should discipline these Members to ensure that the Senate’s ethics process is not weaponized for rank partisan purposes.”

Hawley also wrote a letter to the seven senators, telling them: “The idea that one Senator who disagrees with another Senator can therefore have that Senator punished, sanctioned, censured, or removed is utterly antithetical to our democracy and the very idea of open, lawful debate. This line of thinking is, however, sadly consistent with the new woke-mob mentality that you should cancel anyone who disagrees with your views. Your baseless allegations are in that sense unfortunately typical of today’s leftwing cancel culture, a culture that tramples on the democratic traditions that left and right once defended together. I will not be intimidated by your efforts to silence me, the people of my state will not be intimidated by you, and you should be ashamed to have so grossly abused your office and the Senate.”

OFFICE OF THE FORMER PRESIDENT: On January 25, Trump opened an “Office of the Former President.”

The Office will be responsible for managing President Trump’s correspondence, public statements, appearances, and official activities to advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing, and public activism.

President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American People.”

So far, the former president has endorsed Kelli Ward, who was later reelected Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman, and Sarah Sanders, who is running for Governor of Arkansas.

The Trump team has also disavowed any affiliation with or support for the newly formed MAGA Patriot Party.

PLAYING POLITICS WITH LIVES: It’s what Democrats do.

PRAGER U: “No Past, No Future” [5:32] – Social critic Douglas Murray says we must not judge the past by the standards of the present. “Divorced from our past, we would not rise but plummet.

SAINT OF THE DAY: On January 28, we celebrate the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas (1226-1274), Doctor of the Church and patron of students and universities. Born in the Italian county of Aquino (present-day Lazio, Italy), Thomas was a Dominican priest and an immensely influential philosopher, theologian and jurist.

Pope Pius V, who declared Saint Thomas a Doctor of the Church, said he was “the most brilliant light of the Church.” The English philosopher Anthony Kenny considered Thomas to be “one of the dozen greatest philosophers of the western world.

Sometimes known as the Angelic Doctor, Aquinas was the foremost classical proponent of natural theology and the father of Thomism; of which he argued that reason is found in God. His influence on Western thought is considerable, particularly in the areas of ethics, natural law, metaphysics, and political theory.

The study of his works has long been used for those in religious formation, particularly for those seeking ordination, and for other students of the sacred disciplines – i.e., philosophy, Catholic theology, church history, liturgy, and canon law.

SCHOOLS: The CDC has released a paper reporting, “There has been little evidence that schools have contributed meaningfully to increased community transmission … even in places with high infection rates.”

UNMASKED: CLICK [32:37] to hear the Epoch Times interview Andy Ngo about Antifa. Ngo’s book, which is due to be released on February 2, is a #1 Bestseller at Amazon.

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Bits & Bytes

ARKANSAS: On Jan 25, former Trump White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced her 2022 campaign for Arkansas governor. The gubernatorial race is wide open because Gov. Asa Hutchinson, a Republican, is unable to run next year due to term limits.

MIRACLES: When Lorraine and Brian learned their unborn baby daughter was missing two-thirds of her brain and had a 1% chance of being born alive, they put her in God’s capable hands. Eleanor is almost three years old now and is a living miracle.

Although born with no eyeballs or optic nerves, her brain matter has grown substantially and never had a seizure. She cannot walk yet, but she can stand strong and is learning to hold a cane. She eats and breathes on her own, communicates using signs, and will learn Braille when it’s time. Overall, she is very healthy and happy.

God knows what He’s doing when He makes these children,” Lorraine says. “There’s nobody like our Eleanor!

MITTENS: Despite the clear language of the Constitution, Sen. Romney is totes on board with the Democrats’ impeachment of a man who has already left office for an act he did not commit. What a schmuck.

As of Monday, twenty-nine GOP senators have spoken out against the trial, saying it’s unconstitutional and a waste of time.

MONTANA: The state legislature is taking up a bill that, if passed into law, would protect women’s sports from trans activists. The “Save Women’s Sports Act” would bar biological boys from competing in sports designated for women or girls. The bill cites various inherent differences between men and women plus a study of male and female Olympic athletes demonstrating that women simply cannot compete at the same level as men.

NATIONAL GUARD: Over 26,000 were on duty on Jan. 20, as part of a heavy militarization of Washington, allegedly to prevent overwhelmingly peaceful patriots from storming the city. Or something.

Guardsmen experienced no security incidents and only three people were arrested in Washington on Inauguration Day. Nevertheless, Democrats want at least 5,000 National Guard members to remain in Washington through mid-March.

NEVADA: The Las Vegas school district has decided to return to in-person learning due to a “surge” in student suicides.

When we started to see the uptick in children taking their lives, we knew it wasn’t just the COVID numbers we need to look at anymore,” said Jesus Jara, the Clark County superintendent.

Ya think? Sheesh! We’ve been talking about the devastating impact lockdowns have on mental health for MONTHS. But these turds had to wait until KIDS starting KILLING THEMSELVES before they listened.

RAND PAUL: CLICK (really) [3:29] exposes the ridiculous hypocrisy of the Democrats’ insistence on impeaching Trump.

SAINT OF THE DAY: St. Angela Merici (1474-1540) – Today we celebrate the founder of the Company of Saint Ursula, more commonly known as the Angelines. The Angelines was the first group of women religious to work outside of the cloister or convent. They and became the first teaching order of women in the Catholic Church.

Angela’s goal was to elevate family life through Christian education for women. She believed it was important to teach the girls in their own homes with their own families. One of her favorite sayings was, “Disorder in society is the result of disorder in the family.

Though the women in the community wore no special religious habit and took no formal vows, they did pledge to live a life of consecrated celibacy, poverty and obedience. And they lived the Rule of Life Angela wrote for them within their own homes.

St. Angela Merici is also the patron saint of the sick, disabled and physically challenged people and of those grieving the loss of parents.

SOCIAL MEDIA PURGE: [3:12] – Facebook and Twitter have purged tens of thousands of “militarized” accounts. They also took down a few Antifa accounts. I feel so much safer! /sarc

TEXAS: FAUXTUS’ decision to include illegal aliens in the 2020 census count will likely result in Texas gaining seats in the U.S. House. Texas, which is overwhelmingly Republican, has an estimated 2 million illegal residents.

UNIONS: When are they going to figure out that today’s Democratic Party is NOT on their side? The United Association of Union Plumbers and Pipefitters endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Now that he has shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline, they are angry. What did they think Biden was going to do?

VATICAN: CLICK (please do) [16:24] to hear John-Henry’s Inauguration Day show in which we hear that Pope Francis is 110% in favor of FAUXTUS’ administration … so shut up about that whole abortion thing. Gag me.

Westen also plays a segment from Tucker Carlson about how serious Democrats are about demonizing Trump voters as al-Qaeda cult victims who need to be deprogrammed. The repetition by jerknalists of the phrase “911-type Commission” reveals this as a coordinated effort originating with whoever it is who actually runs the Democratic Party and the White House.

There is also a message of hope by Fr. Altman beginning at 12:00.

WASHINGTON POST: WaPo’s fact checker squad kept a running list of Trump’s allegedly “false and misleading statements.” They claimed he racked up a total of 30,573 over his four years in office. That works out to about 50 times per day. Here are some examples to give you a taste of how utterly absurd this number is …

We also built the greatest economy in the history of the world.” (493 lies). “We also got tax cuts, the largest tax cut and reform in the history of our country, by far.” (296 lies) … They demonstrate these were “lies” by applying different economic metrics than Trump did.

We just got seventy five million votes. And that’s a record in the history of in the history of sitting presidents.” (19 lies) … They “prove” this is a lie by repeating that the “final count” for Trump was only 74 million. We’ve all seen how the Democrat cheaters used their Dominion machines to artificially reduce his count, while boosting Biden’s into the beggar’s belief stratosphere.

One of the things we’re very, very proud of is the selection of almost three hundred federal judges and three great Supreme Court justices. That’s a very big number. That’s a record-setting number.” (84 lies) … They “prove” this is a lie by ignoring his choice of the word “selection” (as in the number he nominated) as opposed to “appointed” or “confirmed.” They also amazingly cite the higher total numbers appointed by Clinton, Reagan and Bush … over TWO terms each.

Only after sneering about those numbers do they admit that Carter has the one term record at 261 vs. 226 confirmed for Trump, but Carter didn’t appoint a single Supreme. So yeah … Trump’s judicial record is historic. Derp.

WaPo’s says there will be no “False & Misleading Claims” count for FAUXTUS. Gee, what a surprise. Not.

GRAMMY NOTES: My not-quite-4-year-old grandson colored this rocket! After I got over my shock at his amazing skill, I remembered that both of his parents are artists. LOLOL

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Bits & Bytes

ASSUMPTIONS: Seen on FB – “If you’re going to assume I’m a racist because I supported Trump, then I’m going to assume that touching children arouses you because you supported Biden.”

BIDEN VOTER REGRET: It only took one day for some Biden voters to realize what a horror show they helped inflict on America.

On Day One, FAUXTUS invaded Syria, killed 70,000+ jobs, ignored his own mask mandate, ended U.S. energy independence, left the National Guard to freeze in a parking garage, admitted he doesn’t have a plan to fight COVID, let biological men take over biological women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports; ended deportations and called for amnesty for millions of illegals.

Twitter erupted with BVR … “Wtf is happening?” “Like ruin the economy on purpose”“What the f*ck”“Where the f*ck is Trump when you need him!?”

BORDER: On Thursday, the Army Corps of Engineers has been forced to halt construction on the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. FAUXTUS said it “is a waste of money that diverts attention from genuine threats to homeland security.

Translation: The border wall is a highly efficient and cost effective deterrent to illegal immigrants, drug dealers, human traffickers, and terrorists, therefore it must be stopped lest America NOT be destroyed post haste.

DEMENTIA: CLICK (really) [:13] – In the video, we can see/hear the newly coronated FAUXTUS say, “Salute the Marines” as he was passing through the door. Best guess … he had someone talking to him through an earpiece, telling him what to say, and is so far gone, he didn’t realize that was something he was supposed to actually do.

FACT CHECK: Re: Fact Check … Yes, it is true that the WHO did not say the words “PCR tests grossly inflate positive test numbers.” But that is what their information notice means.

HISTORY LESSON: “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Soon after Hitler took office, communist terrorists fire-bombed the Reichstag (Germany’s equivalent of our Congress). Hitler requested and got emergency powers to enable him to wage war on terrorism and win it.

The Reichstag gave Hitler what he wanted, which plunged Germany into years of darkness. There are some who say that Hitler himself instigated the Reichstag attack in order to provide the pretext for seeking emergency powers.

INSURRECTIONIST: Kevin D. Seefried and his son Hunter were both arrested in Delaware and charged with one count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and one count of depredation of government property.

They have been identified as being in the group in the video above who broke windows in order to enter the Capitol Building so they could climb in. They have also been identified as having been in a group of people that “verbally confronted” U.S. Capitol Police for about 15 minutes. Footage from USCP showed Hunter Seefried taking a selfie or a video of himself during the confrontation.

Every article I could find about this said they were among the “Trump supporters” who invaded the Capitol Building on Jan. 6. But their voter registrations are readily available on the internet (links below).

Kevin Siefried, who was photographed carrying the Conferate flag, is a registered Democrat. I tried searching “kevin seifried delaware” at Facebook and got “We’re temporarily hiding some results for this search query.” Let me guess why …

Hunter Siefried isn’t registered and apparently has never voted. His Facebook page shows no sign that he is interested in anything besides girls and music.

MLK: CLICK (please!) [3:13] to hear Phil Robertson speak truth and wisdom.

VOTER FRAUD: The irony lives large in this one.

SAINT OF THE DAY: January 26 is the feast day of two of St. Paul’s companions and disciples.

According to post-New Testament tradition, Timothy became a bishop to the community in Ephesus, where he was stoned to death for opposing a pagan festival.

Titus went to Crete, where he also served as bishop, though he died of old age in 96 AD. Titus is the patron saint of the United States Army Chaplain Corps.


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CNN Lies

Fox News and others ripped CNN for publishing an anonymously sourced “scoop” that the Biden administration will have to “build everything from scratch” because Trump supposedly had no distribution plan, “just further affirmation of complete incompetence.”

Funny how, before Trump left office, tens of millions of Americans had received one of the COVID vaccines that were developed in record time as a result of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer asked, “Why is CNN granting anonymity to whoever gave them these quotes? The Trump Admin is gone. No one will lose their job. The info is not classified. If the media wants more credibility, make these sources go on the record.”

The Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams tweeted. “This is a lie. CNN is allowing itself to be used as a PR shop to spin events in Biden’s favor.”

National Affairs founding editor Yuval Levin write that this “spin just won’t cut it. … They are very far from starting from scratch, and they, along with state officials and countless others around the country, have a lot to work with toward doing better. Let’s recognize the silly early-days kabuki for what it is, and get serious about that work.

Politico editor Sam Stein tweeted that he had personally listened in on Trump administration calls about the distribution effort. He opined that “Biden folks are spinning here or trying to lower the bar strategically.”

The Washington Post‘s Dan Diamond agreed that the piece was an apparent “gambit to lower expectations,” noting that Trump had set up a system that distributed 36 million doses to the states.

Naturally, in the middle of telling CNN not to be so stupid, the Left Streamers just had to include at least one slam at Trump each about how “incompetent” his vaccine plan was.

Riiiight … cuz Operation Warp Speed got not one, but two (and a third on the way) vaccines invented and approved in less than a year AND gotten tens of millions of doses manufactured AND distributed within weeks of their approval.


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Bits & Bytes

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama took the photo I used in the graphic above. Dear little Bootz fell asleep holding his comfort cross. 🙂 ❤

ABORTION: Eight pro-abortion activists pushed into a Respect Life Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral in Columbus, Ohio. After they paraded through the sanctuary chanting, “Two, four, six, eight, this church teaches hate.

ANTIFA: While Trump was in office, Twitter and Facebook allowed their platforms to be used by Antifa to plan riots all across the country. Now that the Left’s narrative is that Trump supporters are ticking bombs, these platforms has finally been forced to remove their accounts. I’m guessing it was only out of embarrassment, not because they give a crap what Leftists do to destroy the country.

CENSORSHIP: They probably thought they were safe from the purge. But the Left always ends up eating its own.

CRITICAL RACE THEORY: CLICK (seriously) [5:59] to hear Christopher F. Rufo, Director for the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth and Poverty, talk with Glen Beck about how he’s gearing up for a David vs. Goliath fight against the Marxist takeover of education. “When you scratch a Critical Race Theorist you find a totalitarian … and in fact they’re not even subtle about it.”

DAN BONGINO: On Thursday, Dan’s daughter, Isabel, appeared on his podcast to talk about the fund drive she’s running through her school to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (Dan has lymphoma.) On Friday, he said the response from listeners was absolutely staggering. He didn’t have a final number, but said it would be in the six figures. ❤

GLENN GREENWALD: Dan Bongino says Glenn Greenwald is one of the few actual journalists still reporting. He’s a Leftie, so it was easy for him to hate on Trump for the past 5 years. Now he’s got to watch his profession succumb to halo polishing FAUXTUS. He recently tweeted this lament …

Media group think, at least in my lifetime, has never, ever been higher — with the possible exception of the days after 9/11. That was true after the George Floyd killing. It’s way more true now. You have to work – hard – to find any dissent or heterodox views on [Biden’s SecDef choice].

Also there seems to be very little interest in whether the killing of an unarmed protester at the Capitol by an armed law enforcement agent — shooting her point-blank in the neck despite her attacking nobody — was justified. Seems a long way away from ACAB.

Again, just six months ago, it was considered so taboo, so incident, to propose the deployment of the military on US streets to quell protests & riots that 2 NYT editors were *fired* just for airing (not endorsing) that view. Now, militarize away.

The media incuriosity over why Washington continues to be utterly militarized, why none of the supposedly planned January 20 day violent protests at state capitols happened, and whether this threat is being exaggerated to justify the Draconian security proposals, is stunning.

In the prevailing climate, the rational choice is to avoid social scorn and ostracization no matter how baseless the grievances one must appease. Unleash this monster and one day it will come for you. And you’ll have no principle to credibly invoke in protest when it does.”

GLOBAL ELITE: CLICK (really) [3:02] to hear OAN report on how leading Democrats claim to care for the little guy when in reality they couldn’t care less.

IMPEACHMENT: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is planning to send the House’s articles of impeachment to the Senate on Monday.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, says the trial in the Senate will begin on Feb. 9.

Pelosi has admitted that she is pursuing the unconstitutional impeachment of a retired president is that she’s afraid he’ll run again in 2024.

Dan Bongino was on the POTUS Secret Service detail for Bush 43 and Obama. He keeps in touch with his buddies who are still inside the system. They told him the whole “massive threat of insurrection by Trump supporters” was a load of bull.

Yeah, we knew that.

NATIONAL GUARD: So … the troops only got cots AFTER pictures of them sleeping on hard floors went viral.

And now that their banishment to a parking garage has gone viral, they’ve been moved into comfortable accommodations.

Democrats don’t care about people. They only care about PR.

NPR: NPR is a non-profit media organization based in Washington, D.C. that was established by an act of Congress. It produces and distributes news and cultural programming which is broadcast via member stations, most of which are owned by government entities.

Roughly a quarter of its revenue comes from federal, state, or local taxpayers. The rest comes from programming fees, grants from foundations or business entities, listener contributions and sponsorships.

Since so much of its funding comes from taxpayers, you might think it would make an effort to present fair and balanced news. You would be wrong.

SECDEF: Lefties who sneered at Trump’s appointment of Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development cuz Trump’s a racist so any black who works for him is a porch you know what.

These same Lefties are now in raptures over Biden’s appointment of the the first black Secretary of Defense. If he had been appointed by Trump, they’d be screaming about how he joined the board of Raytheon Technologies, a military contractor, in April 2016 and now holds about half a million dollars worth of Raytheon stock.

I don’t know anything about this guy, but one tweeter posted, “One of his many failed missions was arming and training local militias but ended funding terrorist groups and only was able to train less than a dozen men and it cost $millions of dollars.”

But because FAUXTUS appointed him, he’s the BEST and MOST HISTORIC military leader EVER!!!!

GRAMMY NOTES: I saw this on my FB feed and LOVED the idea. It would be perfect to glue the family tree to the back where it would never be lost.


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Bits & Bytes

ABORTION: Forty-eight years ago, a handful of men on the Supreme Court invented a “right” that isn’t in the U.S. Constitution, instantly demoting all unborn Americans from “people” to “property.”

The body count now stands at 62 million innocent souls shredded, poisoned, burned, and ripped limb from limb in the name of “choice.”

To celebrate this evil anniversary, FAUXTUS reiterated his administration’s commitment to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law and to appoint pro-abortion judges.

There’s a special, extra-awful place reserved in Hell for “devout” Catholic pro-aborts like him and Pelosi.

BORDER: Besides stopping construction on Trump’s Big Beautiful Wall, FAUXTUS ended Trump’s “remain in Mexico” asylum policy.

CLIMATE: FAUXTUS took another step in the Left’s march toward destroying America. He’s put us back into the economically disastrous Paris Climate Accord, ensuring our economy and our citizens will suffer in the name of solving a non-problem.

COVID-19: I knew it. I said that the minute FAUXTUS took office, COVID cases were going to plummet. They’ve been artificially inflating the numbers the whole time so they could trash our economy, drive small businesses into bankruptcy, and blame it all on Trump.

FAUCI: CLICK (or not) [5:20] to see this Globalist, Trump-Traitor, and general all around a**hole use his first presser to throw Trump’s entire COVID-19 effort under the bus.

CLICK (or not) [3:13] to hear FAUXTUS mumble, stumble, and blather about how GREAT it will be now that The Science will come first! Translation: “I’m giving Fauci free rein to destroy our economy in support of the Globalist Agenda without interference.

During one of his podcasts this week, Dan Bongino snarked about how Slow Joe, who slandered Trump’s effort (which was headed by Fauci) for allegedly having no vaccine distribution plan, has appointed Fauci to head up his vaccine distribution plan.

FAUXTUS LIES: What a shock (not). On 1/21, he said if we wore masks for next 100 days it would save 50,000 lives, which is non-scientific garbage. Mask wearing has gone hand in hand with greatly increased spread in many states and countries.

IMPEACHMENT: Republicans are negotiating the terms of Trump’s second impeachment trial. According to legal scholar, William Jacobson, “There’s nothing to negotiate. The trial would be unconstitutional and illegitimate, regardless of when it starts or how long it takes. It doesn’t matter what you think of Trump, the Capitol Hill riot, or the election.”

Another well-known legal scholar, Alan Dershowitz, said it was illegal for Pelosi to even bring it up in the House in the final days of President Trump’s first term. “It’s illegal and unconstitutional to impeach a President if you can’t bring him to trial and give him the opportunity to defend himself. Here Trump will be out of office before the matter can be heard in the Senate! That’s utterly outrageous!

JOBS: FAUXTUS may have set a single-day record for the number of jobs killed by an American president when he revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and halted the construction of the border wall. One estimate puts the direct and indirect jobs lost from these two orders alone at 70,000. The following day, he suspended oil and gas permits on federal land, adding who knows how many to the total.

LEGACY: CLICK (yes, really do) [2:57] for a OANN look at what Trump’s Administration accomplished that will last and how corrupt the current attempt to put a stake in its heart is totally corrupt.

MASKS: That “science of masks” thing needs quotation marks around it. Studies are showing they make no difference outside of medical settings.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Leftists spewed endlessly about how “Trump supporters” supposedly pose a yuge threat to our democracy. It’s all lies. CLICK (yes, please do) [5:13] to hear OAN report on the violent protests that Democrats organized and participated in on January 20, 2017.

NATIONAL GUARD: Tens of thousands of National Guard troops were deployed to the U.S. Capitol to protect Wednesday’s inauguration from “Trump supporters.” As one might expect, they were treated like crap. E.g., In between 12-hour shifts, they were resting in the Capitol building. They only got cots AFTER photos of them sleeping on the marble floors went viral.

Then on Thursday came another insult. Five thousand troops were abruptly told to relocate to a nearby parking garage where they were exposed to auto exhaust fumes and forty degree temperatures. Their new digs had no internet reception, one electrical outlet, and two bathroom stalls.

One Guardsmen reported, “Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed.”

Disgusted by the shabby treatment, the governors of Texas, Florida, and New Hampshire have ordered their Guardsmen to come home.

VFAUTUS: The jubilation on the Left about the “first female AND first black VP” is so absurd. This woman was such a pathetic candidate, she dropped out before the first primary. Her appointment to the VP spot and eventual rise to FAUXTUS is entirely predicated on her gender, skin tone, and total lack of moral fiber.

SAINT OF THE DAY: January 24 is the Feast of St. Francis de Sales, patron of Catholic writers, the Catholic press, the deaf, journalists, and adult education. He is one of the Doctors of the Roman Catholic Church. Born to a noble family in the 16th-century, St. Francis de Sales served as priest and bishop in Calvinist areas of France during the Reformation, when celebrating Holy Mass was punishable by death.

He taught something unusual for his time – i.e., that holiness did not require someone taking holy orders or withdrawing from the world. His book, Introduction to the Devout Life, teaches lay people how to become saints in their everyday lives. It was first published in 1609 and is still in print. (It’s only 99¢ at Amazon in the Kindle edition.)

For Francis, the love of God is like romantic love. He said, “The thoughts of those moved by natural human love are almost completely fastened on the beloved, their hearts are filled with passion for it, and their mouths full of its praises. When it is gone, they express their feelings in letters, and can’t pass by a tree without carving the name of their beloved in its bark. Thus, to those who love God can never stop thinking about him, longing for him, aspiring to him, and speaking about him. If they could, they would engrave the name of Jesus on the hearts of all humankind.”

The key to love of God is prayer. “By turning your eyes on God in meditation, your whole soul will be filled with God. Begin all your prayers in the presence of God.”

GRAMMY NOTES: [6:50] – Thank you, red, for this message, which I am copying here, cuz I don’t want anyone else who is feeling down to miss it! – “Why be depressed? Do like Rabbi Dylan, the cantor from the Tamaqua synagogue (Messianic) does. He said, Jews love to be depressed but God wants us to see Him in joy, working to make things right. Reb allows himself the ‘joy’ of depression for 45 minutes, then tells it to beat it. He sings psalms, 23 is a favorite, and praises God for His peace, love, and joy, and feels great. Look toward what God is doing, exposing the left for what they are, nazis, and working towards destroying them. Let not your heart be troubled. God is on control. Walk in His beauty!

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Be Faithful

I realized today that I’m showing signs of depression. I’m fighting it, knowing from experience that it’s easier to stay out than to get out of that particular hole. But it ain’t easy and I suspect many of us are in the same place. I get From His Heart emails and especially appreciated today’s message (below).

“Here is a big problem that we as believers (and pastors) have: we want to be liked by the world. Most of us don’t like conflict. We want everyone to love us and get along. We want to preach the goodness and blessings of God and just be sweet, nice, and non-confrontational. The flaw in that approach is obvious: it is not Christ-like, and it does not fulfill our mandate to be salt and light. Remember, light exposes and salt burns in a wound.

“If we are going to be faithful to the One who bought us with His blood and put us into service as His ambassadors, we must preach the word and speak the truth in love. We must call sinners to true repentance and genuine faith in Christ. Anything less is doing a disservice to God and man.

“Surely, we are to be kind and loving in our presentation of the truth. God’s servants are not to be arrogant, obnoxious, or pugnacious. We are to tell the world that the flood of judgment is coming soon, but God has graciously given us an ark of safety in the Lord Jesus Christ. All who will turn from sin and believe on Him will be saved.

“This is the message the world desperately needs to hear and heed. Yet, this is the message many in the world will hate and fight to silence. Our job is not to be popular; it is to be faithful.”


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