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Bits & Bytes

ARIZONA: On Dec. 15, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Eddie Farnsworth, both Republicans, issued subpoenas to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors seeking ballot tabulation equipment and voting records from county election officials.

In response, the board voted against complying and filed a lawsuit to determine whether it is obligated to produce the materials sought … which begs the question, “What do they have to hide?”

On Dec. 21, Fann and Farnsworth filed a lawsuit asking the Maricopa County Superior Court to enforce the subpoenas.

The senators plan to order a full forensic audit of tabulation devices and other voting equipment in Maricopa County and use the results to determine whether to certify or reject the presidential electors for Joe Biden.

COVID-19: A study involving COVID-19 patients at a hospital in Spain discovered 80% of them were deficient in Vitamin D. There are many studies that show how beneficial vitamin D is for the immune system. Now they need to do zinc.

DEFENSE BILL: President Trump has vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) – Besides NOT depriving social media companies of their Section 230 protection, “the Act fails to include critical national security measures, includes provisions that fail to respect our veterans and our military’s history, and contradicts efforts by my Administration to put America first in our national security and foreign policy actions. It is a ‘gift’ to China and Russia.”

ELECTION FRAUD: CLICK https://tv.gab.com/channel/realdonaldtrump/view/poll-worker-in-georgia-caught-on-5fe29ac9332380aa24e7897a [1:44] to see OAN report.

While it’s absolutely maddening that this woman hasn’t been interrogated, arrested, or charged, it’s also understandable. The Epoch Times article linked below tells how viciously the Leftist Bullies went after one guy who tried to stand up and do the right thing.

There are millions more of us than there are of them! Pray and ask God to show you what you personally can do to stand WITH these people.

GEORGIA: CLICK https://twitter.com/DailyCaller/status/1341559984409227266 [2:18] to see Tucker Carlson reveal police body cam footage showing Raphael Warnock and his ex-wife in a dispute. Warnock is the pro-abortion pastor running for U.S. Senate. He is reportedly a dangerous Marxist who actually celebrated Fidel Castro and welcomed him to his church.

IRAN: If this happened under a President Biden, he would send them pallets of cash.

KAYLEIGH McENANY: CLICK https://twitter.com/MaryMargOlohan/status/1341426508339032066 [:52] to hear Trump’s press secretary explain why she wears a cross at all her briefings.

LOSER: Funny how when it happened on Obama’s watch, Biden blamed Trump.

PARENTAL RIGHTS: Last month, the District of Columbia passed B23-017, a bill that allows children to be vaccinated without the knowledge or consent of their parents. Undermining the family is all part of Satan’s plan.

PORKULUS: President Trump wants larger direct payments to Americans and the removal of “wasteful and unnecessary” foreign aid items.

“Congress found plenty of money for foreign countries, lobbyists and special interests while sending the bare minimum to the American people who need it,” Trump said in the video recorded at the White House. “It wasn’t their fault. It was China’s fault. Not their fault.”

EMAIL President Trump (link below) and tell him to VETO PORKULUS!

These six senators voted again the bill: Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Rick Scott of Florida, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Mike Lee of Utah, Ted Cruz of Texas.

WAIT, WUT? … Voters have proven to be a lot smarter than all the Democrats, Jerknalists, and Left Wing Haters. They told us for years and with great confidence that Donald J. Trump hates immigrants. (Never mind that he’s married to one!)

Given that immigrants have allegedly been reliably blue, one might think this is another sign of just how fraudulent Biden’s “win” is.

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