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ChiComs, WHO, and Vaccinations

The ChiCom regime has decided that 50 million Chinese citizens MUST be vaccinated with the untested, unapproved, Chinese COVID-19 vaccination.

Remember how the World Health Organization (WHO) totally lied to us about COVID-19 because the Chinese kinda sorta owns them? Well, they’re up to it again.

Before sometime in the distant past … like last week … the WHO’s accurate definition of herd immunity was this: “Herd immunity is the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection. This means that even people who haven’t been infected, or in whom an infection hasn’t triggered an immune response, they are protected because people around them who are immune can act as buffers between them and an infected person.

Now, WHO defines “herd immunity” to mean the “vast majority of a population are vaccinated.”

Stanford epidemiologist Dr. Jay Bhattacharya says the new definition “provides a nice description of how vaccines can protect people against infections” but “is not actually a definition of herd immunity.“

Yardley Yeadon (see graphic) also took issue with this other statement by the hyperpoliticized, China-owned World Health Organization:

The vast majority of people in most countries remain susceptible to this virus. Seroprevalence surveys suggest that in most countries, less than 10% of the population have been infected with COVID-19.

Yeadon called the statement presumes 100% initial susceptibility to the COVID-19 virus, calling it “naively wrong” and “ridiculous because while SARS-CoV-2 is indeed novel, coronaviruses are not.”

He pointed out that there are at least “four, endemic, common-cold inducing coronaviruses … [which] circulate freely in UK and elsewhere.” Those who have been infected by “one or more of these endemic, common-cold producing coronaviruses in the past, have a long-lived and robust [T-cell] immunity, not only to those viruses, but to closely related viruses. SARS-CoV-2 is one such closely-related virus.

To not expect such cross-over is … to demonstrate the lack of the requisite understanding” for being effective in mitigating harms due to an epidemic. He also called the 10% number “a gross and amateur underestimate.

Drawing from the scientific data, Dr. Yeadon stated that previous exposure to common-cold coronaviruses meant that “a significant proportion (30%) of the population went into 2020 armed with T-cells capable of defending them against SARS-CoV-2, even though they had never seen the virus.”

In addition to these 30%, Yeadon criticized the WHO’s conclusion that “less than 10%” of the population has been infected. The number is based on seroprevalence surveys which are inaccurate, because “not every person, infected by a respiratory virus, goes on to produce antibodies” which is what these surveys measure.

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Bits & Bytes

2020: White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said President Donald Trump met with several members of Congress on alleged voter fraud, adding that they are “preparing to fight back against mounting evidence of voter fraud. Stay tuned.” He did not elaborate on who was at the meeting. Trump has not conceded the race and has said that fraud and irregularities cost him the election.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) says, “The only thing that will get the congressmen and senators to do what is right for our country on this issue of voter fraud and election theft is active participation by American citizens who want honest and accurate elections. Now, can American citizens actively participate? Very simply, they have to call their congressmen and their senators and demand that they support this effort to protect our election system from fraud and illegal conduct.”

I wrote to Rep. Tom Reed, but I’m not going to bother with Senators Schumer and Gillibrand.

ABORTION: I just saw a FB post that asked, “Has anyone ever asked you why you’re pro-life? What did you tell them?” It reminded me of the time I was standing in a foyer waiting for Dearest to fetch the car.

I holding a pro-life magazine and a fellow came up to me, gestured to the magazine, and asked, “Why are you against abortion?”

The thing is … he wasn’t combative or hostile. In fact, I thought he looked kind of anxious, like he really wanted someone to give him a good reason to believe in something his gut was telling him was true.

I knew I had mere moments to talk to this fellow, so I said a very quick prayer for God to give me the exact right words. What came out of my mouth was this. “Bottom line?” He nodded.

“I don’t think it’s civilized to kill people to solve your problems.”

I’m sure that came from God, because I had never even had that thought before. But as soon as I said it, this man’s face went from anxious and worried to relaxed and relieved. It was absolutely amazing. And I have always been so grateful that God let me be that person for him.

BIRX: She lectured us about traveling for Thanksgiving, going so far as to claim that anyone who did travel for the holiday should just expect to catch the virus. Then, she went to one of her vacation homes in Delaware and shared a meal with three generations of her family from different households.

She was inexplicably unprepared for the blow back and whined, “You know, they’ve tried to be supportive, but to drag my family into this, when my daughter hasn’t left that house in 10 months, my parents have been isolated for 10 months, they’ve [be]come deeply depressed, as I’m sure many elderly have as they’ve not been able to see sons, their granddaughters. My parents haven’t seen their surviving son for over a year. These are all very difficult things.”

Oh. My. Word. Did she seriously just tell us how hard it is to be isolated and not see family for months and months and months? Like only her family has suffered, so we should all understand why she ignored her own preachy rules?

If she’d just said, “I was a hypocrite and I’m sorry,” I might’ve been prepared to say, “I forgive you, but don’t do it again.” Now, I’m more on board with “Don’t let the door hit you on the backside.”

CRUMBS: House Speaker Pelosi spent months stalling the pandemic relief bill lest President Trump get any credit for it. Now, she’s calling $600 stimulus payments “significant.” Back in 2018, she called the $1,000 worker bonuses that resulted from Republican tax cuts “pathetic” “insignificant” “crumbs.”

DARKEST DAYS: Democrats can’t bear to give up the pandemic, which has given them an unprecedented amount of power over their constituencies. Rather than celebrate all the progress we’ve made in testing for, treating, and hopefully preventing the disease, they’re busy busy busy tooting their little doomsday horns about a mutation.

ETHICAL VACCINES: I’m disappointed in Newsmax and LifeSiteNews for posting this deceptively worded headline. Thankfully, Catholic Vote came through, putting “where no alternative exists” in the lede.

The real story is that Catholics who feel a moral responsibility to get a vaccination, but do NOT have access to an “ethically irreproachable” vaccine have been given permission to receive a vaccine that was developed and/or tested on a fetal cell line that originated in the 20th century from one of two aborted babies.

This is similar to the instruction we receive about voting in political races where none of the candidates are 100% pro-life. In these situations, we must choose the more “ethically irreproachable” candidate.

The Lozier Institute has tracked the ethical development of all the COVID-19 vaccines and reports on t hem at the link below.

EUROPE: They’ve embraced Satan’s agenda – The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) dismissed the legal challenge of a Christian Pentecostal family in Norway whose children were seized by government officials in 2015 on charges of “Christian radicalization and indoctrination.”

The ECHR dismissed the case “on the basis that the family had not availed themselves of possible domestic remedies for damages” within Norway’s own legal system. But the family sought legal help outside of Norway because the Norwegian system was the cause of the family’s original separation.

It took the Bodnarius seven months of legal battles to be reunited with their children. Fearing that they would again face discriminatory action from the Norwegian government, they moved back to their native Romania, while continuing their legal battle against an increasingly anti-Christian Europe.

FGM: [5:30] – Female genital mutilation is the cutting or removal of these body parts of women for nonmedical purposes. The practice has no health benefits but levies physical and psychological effects. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 510,000 women and girls in the country have had female genital mutilation or are at risk of it.

On Wednesday, the Senate passed the “Stop FGM Act” (aka, “Strengthening the Opposition to Female Genital Mutilation Act of 2020”) that will give federal law enforcement greater tools to prosecute those who perpetrate the act. HR 1600 is now headed to President Donald Trump’s desk. “It shall not be a defense to a prosecution under this section that female genital mutilation is required as a matter of religion, custom, tradition, ritual, or standard practice,” the text of the bill says.

MASKS: A study of coronavirus cases in counties with mask-mandates vs. those without them found no statistically significant difference. In fact, counties with mask-mandates did slightly worse than those that refused to jackboot the citizenry. A comparison of coronavirus cases in states had even worse results.

It makes no sense to me that people who have recovered from the virus or who have received a vaccination are still required to wear masks. Presumably, those two classes I cited are now immune from the disease. Masks are supposed to protect other people from viruses being shed by an infected person who is pre-symptomatic.

NEW YORK: Governor Andrew “Killer” Cuomo’s ridiculous lockdown orders have angered New York City’s restaurateurs to the point that they are organizing to ban him from all NYC establishments for life.

“He can dine at Gracie Mansion if he wants hospitality in Manhattan. He ain’t getting it here!”

PORKULUS: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/whitehousebrief/videos/214455783551263 [12:33] to hear Senator Rand rant about the “deficits don’t matter” porkulus “covid” relief bill … that includes 5,593 pages of passing out “free money” not just to Americans, but to foreign countries.

On Tuesday night, President Trump called for Congress to take the bill back. “It really is a disgrace,” Trump said in a video posted to Twitter. “It’s called the COVID relief bill, but it has almost nothing to do with COVID.”

CLICK https://rumble.com/vc3zhn-president-trump-slams-disgrace-relief-bill-demands-2000-checks.html [4:08] to see Trump’s speech on Rumble. His parting line is awesome!

SAN FRANCISCO: A record number of people (621) died of drug overdoses in San Francisco so far this year. That’s nearly 2 per DAY … and it does not include the 3,000 drug overdose victims who were saved by Narcan.

Meanwhile, this city, which has had some of the worst shut down regulations in the country, has seen a total of 173 deaths from COVID-19.

SLOW JOE: When Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Biden if he still thinks the allegations against Hunter Biden are Russian disinformation, Biden laughed and said, “Yes, yes, yes. God love you, man. You’re a one horse pony.”

Guy Benson pointed out that his “yes, yes, yes” was a baseless answer to a fully legitimate question. There is zero evidence that the allegations against Hunter Biden are Russian disinformation. Plus, he butchered the expression “one trick pony.”

TIME TO HEAL: Democrats lost seats. What makes them think they’ll drag Trump anywhere?

GRAMMY NOTES: Our Mascots miss the Alaska snow. Where Papa Buzz is stationed now, they get very little of the fun white stuff. So when they did get a bit, they made the most of it. I’m impressed they found enough snow to build a whole snowman! LOL

It was such a special day that Mama Buzz made an ornament for their tree to commemorate it. The nose on the ornament is a battery-powered tea light. The features and buttons etc. on the real snowman are painted wood. They’re from a snowman kit somebody got them years ago.

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