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Doctor Jill

Joe Biden’s wife has announced that she wants to be called “Doctor Biden”, something that Steven Hayward opined is typical of “the insatiable neediness of many public figures.”

It is also inappropriate. For one thing, Jill Biden’s degree (EdD) is a Doctor of Education, not a Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD, Education).

A Doctor of Education is professional degree designed for practitioners pursuing educational leadership roles. A PhD in education, on the other hand, is designed to prepare graduates for research and teaching roles.” – Northeastern University

I am familiar with this distinction, because I was once enrolled in a Master’s of Professional Studies graduate program at Cornell. And MPS is similar to an EdD in that it is a less rigorous program than a Master’s of Arts (MA) or Master’s of Science (MS).

My MPS program was part of the Communication Arts department. It was designed specifically for older students, people who were practitioners in a wide range of fields who wanted to change the focus of their job toward some aspect of communications.

For example, one of my peers was an employee at the Brooklyn Botanical Museum. Her employer wanted her to get the MPS in Comm Arts so she would be qualified to return to the museum and take over that aspect of their program. She told us that she would do things like design school field trips.

Another graduate of my program was a priest from Australia who had been sent to Cornell by his diocese with the intention that he would run their distance-based religious education program for Catholics living in the outback.

Both of these people used their theses to research and design what they planned to do when they returned to their jobs. I had worked in a film and video library that served a collection of school districts in the Southern Tier; I wanted to move up into teaching teachers how to better utilize educational media. (My disease kicked in before I finished the degree, which makes me an Ivy League drop out.)

I met Dearest while we were both at Cornell. He had already qualified for a BA in Fine Arts, but wanted to complete the extra year required to get a Bachelor’s of Architecture (BArch). When I compared the rigor, course work, and requirements of our two programs, I concluded that they were approximately equivalent.

But getting back to Doctor Jill. While it’s true that she has an earned doctorate, it is also true that people with academic doctorates generally do not use their titles outside of the work place.

Even physicians don’t always go by doctor. For example, Senator Rand Paul is not commonly referred to as Doctor Paul, though he is still a practicing physician. Ditto Secretary of Housing Ben Carson who enjoyed a long career as a world-renowned surgeon.

Something similar holds true elsewhere. For example, lawyers earn a Juris Doctorate when they graduate from law school. Like the EdD, the JD is a professional degree, not a research or teaching degree. Do you know any lawyers who demand to be called “doctor”?

Similarly, within the military, officers with academic doctorates are referred to by their rank. Military medical officers may choose to be called “doctor” because it reflects their relationship to other military personnel, rather than the subordinate vs. superior relationship that rank does.

Thomas Lifson points out another reason why Jill Biden would have done well to keep her mouth shut about her degree which is that her thesis paper – entitled “Student Retention at the Community College Level: Meeting Students’ Needs” is nothing to write home about.

The following are quotations in italics from the document (pdf link below) with comments by me and/or other people minus attribution to make it easier to read.

Three quarters of the class will be Caucasian; one quarter of the class will be African American … the remaining seats will be filled with students of Asian descent or non-resident aliens.

I’m sorry, but what remaining seats? Are there students sitting in the hall who aren’t counted as part of the class?

Although there is strength in diversity as a classroom component, the lack of homogeneity in academic ability makes it difficult to teach to a single standard. … As a result, due to the diversity of the student population, student retention is a major problem faced by the community college. [p. 2]

Uhhhh … so diversity is good but it leads to students flunking out … or something?

Admission to the College is open to all Delaware residents who have a high school education or its equivalent or to anyone who is eighteen years of age or older and able to benefit from instruction. [p. 12]

That’s a big “or.

The unique nature of the classroom allows for a complexity of problems as well. [p. 13]

And she wants to be called “doctor”?

By 1963, public and private two year headcount enrollment stood at 850,361. By 1980, enrollment had grown to 4,526,287… approximately a 230 percent increase in student attendance. [p. 20]

Uhhh … a 230% increase over the 1963 number is less than 2 million, not four and a half million. I totally see how Democrats have concluded there is “no evidence of election fraud” in districts where the number of votes cast is higher than the number of registered voters.

Many minority students lack basic skills such as identifying the main idea and supporting statements. [p. 43]

I’m thinking it’s not just minority students, but also certain individuals with EdD degrees and presumably their thesis advisers who let this crap pass muster.

Of the 159 students surveyed, 55 receive financial aid; 41 pay their own tuition bills; 45 students’ parents pay; 3 spouses pay; 9 receive scholarships; and 9 others receive funds through the GI Bill, vocational rehabilitation programs, or grants. Thus, only one-quarter of the students are able to finance their education themselves [p. 47]

More of that creative Democrat math.

Many faculty offer good, workable suggestions that the administration may want to consider in future planning: a reading specialist, an eight week study week. [p. 63]

Two more points against Jill’s desire for largely unearned prestige … one, the shallow reason behind her decision to go back to school at all and two, it results in ignorant people like Whoopi Goldberg assuming she is a physician.

Among Goldberg’s many cringe-worthy moments on The View was this “whooper”: “I’m hoping Dr. Jill becomes the Surgeon General. … She would never do it but, yeah, she’s a hell of a doctor. She’s an amazing doctor.”

CLICK https://twitter.com/i/status/1339389972151975937 [7:17] to hear Tucker Carlson snark at length. He doesn’t make any points I didn’t cover (cuz, you know, I got some of my material from him! LOL), but he does play some clips of snotty Democrats being all outraged.

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Bits & Bytes

2020: On Wednesday, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee had its first hearing on election irregularities.

CLICK https://www.facebook.com/whitehousebrief/videos/144446003854291 [4:50] to hear Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) sound off about Democrats’ bullsh** accusations of “Russian disinformation.”

Witness Ken Starr also testifies that the majority of the court cases that have been rejected were done so for procedural reasons (esp. standing), not because the judges looked at the evidence and found no reason to look into election fraud.

2020: CLICK https://rumble.com/vbwxjf-biden-did-you-know-a-parody.html [3:05] to hear “Biden Did You Know?”

BARR: Watch this one [7:04] – “Good riddance,” says Sebastian Gorka. Barr may have had an honorable career up until now, but by ignoring Russia-gate, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the massive 2020 election fraud, he deserves nothing more than the Flying Finger of Fate award.

“The Justice Department, in terms of enforcing the rule of law, has been an absolute, unmitigated failure because there is no evidence that any of those probes did a serious or substantial investigation of their purported targets.” – Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch

BORDER: And so it begins again … More than 67,000 people were caught illegally crossing the southwest border of the United States in both October and November, a more than 65% increase from the previous year.

CORRUPTOC-RATS: In 2019, Elaine Chou’s husband single-handedly screwed over every honest American voter by blocking election integrity legislation that would have “burdened” the cheaters like Dominion. Funny (but not ha ha) how they all have ties to the ChiComs.

CORNELL UNIVERSITY: [6:05] – Young America’s Foundation has posted a recording of a student government meeting regarding a vote to disarm campus police. The student senators agreed to call on “black and brown” students before white students, because “I want them to like have their voices be amplified before white people start talking.” The back-and-forth between a campus police representative and the bigoted students is enlightening. Basically, a white cop who actually does the job doesn’t have any right to speak. “Keep your mike muted.” Full disclosure: I only got through 4 minutes of this obnoxious recording, then my neck and teeth started to really hurt.

DAN RATHER AWARD: A hundred years ago, the Marxists of the Frankfurt School decided that the best way to destroy a prosperous, free nation was to corrupt its education, entertainment, and news outlets. Then, they moved to America and did it. And that is how we have come to the point where a disgraced journalist and serial liar gets a journalism award named after him.

FALL OF ROME: Historian Edward Watts writes about the last century of the Roman Republic, roughly 130 B.C. to 27 B.C. in his 2018 book Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell Into Tyranny. Watts chronicles the ways the republic, with a population once devoted to national service and personal honor, was torn to shreds by growing wealth inequality, partisan gridlock, political violence and pandering politicians.

GEORGIA: More than 1,700 Georgians have been identified as having voted twice in the 2020 elections. The majority of them are Democrats. So far, they have not been prosecuted, raising concerns about continued fraud as Georgia prepares to vote again in twin U.S. Senate runoff elections next month.

When voter fraud is not investigated or prosecuted, the whole idea of “free and fair” elections goes out the window. Let’s all just go spit on the graves at Arlington, m’kay?

HEALTH: A 2018 study published in The Lancet offers some much needed guidance regarding long-term health and low-carb diets. Such diets have gained substantial popularity because of their ability to induce short-term weight loss. However, their impact on long-term health appears to be problematic.

The study analyzed diet and mortality for more than 15,000 people over a 25 year period. It suggests that moderation in carb intake (50-55%) is better than going high or low over the long-term.

The source of foods chosen by low-carb enthusiasts also affected mortality. Those favoring animal fats and proteins showed higher mortality rates than those favoring plant-derived fats and proteins.

The researchers also did a meta-analysis of 423,000 people from 20 countries. Their findings showed the same thing – i.e., that low-carb, meat-based diets showed higher “all-cause mortality.”

HUNTER: “This stinks like a day old diaper in a Red Lobster dumpster.” – Greg Gutfeld [10:10] – For three years, Joe Biden shared an office with a Chinese Communist who represented “the Exxon Mobile of China.” Reporters are not interested. I recommend stopping at 6:00 … before you know who starts blowing Democrat smoke.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: On Sunday, Lindsey Boylan tweeted out sexual harassment claims against her former employer, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. CBS, NBC, and ABC had ::crickets:: to say about it. You absolutely KNOW that if it had been any allegation against a pro-Trump Republican made by anybody, regardless of their possible motivation, the Slimers would’ve been ALL OVER IT.

CLICK https://newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/curtis-houck/2020/12/16/tucker-guest-call-out-insane-double-standard-cuomo-harassment [1:33] to hear Tucker Carlson report on the hypocrisy.

NEVADA: At the Senate hearing, Jesse Binnall, a Nevada lawyer for the Trump campaign, testified that more than 42,000 people voted more than once, at least 1,500 people voted despite being dead, about 4,000 people voted who are not U.S. citizens, more than 19,000 people (other than students or military members) voted despite not living in the state, about 8,000 people voted from nonexistent addresses, and more than 15,000 people voted who had listed their home addresses as vacant lots or commercial buildings such as USPS offices.

OFFICER TATUM: [8:02] – Joe Biden talks really rudely to a group of black leaders on a video conference call. Don’t hold your breath waiting to see this reported on by the Slime Stream Media.

PENNSYLVANIA: At the Senate hearing, Republican state Rep. Frank Ryan testified, “The mail-in ballot system for the general election of 2020 in Pennsylvania was so fraught with inconsistencies and irregularities that the reliability of the mail-in votes in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania is impossible to rely upon.”

Just one example he cited was that only 432,873 ballots had been issued to voters in Philadelphia County, yet somehow they managed to post 508,112 ballots. That’s more than 75,000 votes that shouldn’t have been there. Later, the ballots-counted number was reduced, which begs the question: Who had the power and authority to add and subtract votes and why were they doing it?

Ryan said, “Even if this was simply a data entry error, the lack of internal controls over such reporting necessitates a review of the numbers, the process, and system access.”

REBELLION: [2:58] – A county sheriff in California is standing up to state Governor Newsom’s “ridiculous” and “disastrous” lockdown restrictions, saying that he will not be enforcing them, and labeling Newsom a “bully.”

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: A lawsuit filed by the Catholic Archdiocese has pushed D.C.’s Mayor Bowser to cancel her discriminatory 50-person cap on attendance at religious events and replace it with a 25% capacity limit, up to a maximum of 250, in line with limits imposed on secular gatherings.


RHODE ISLAND: If Biden takes office, we can expect a whole lot more “rules for thee, but not for me” from our corrupt, elitist politicians.

SCOTUS: [5:01] – The Supremes tossed out two lower court rulings that had sided with Colorado and New Jersey placing COVID restrictions on church worship that were harsher than those placed on secular businesses.

UNITE AND HEAL: The City of Detroit wants Sidney Powell and her team to face sanctions for “frivolously undermining ‘People’s faith in the democratic process and their trust in our government.’”

WISCONSIN: At the Senate hearing, James Troupis, a lawyer for the Trump team in Wisconsin, testified to several problems that could have changed the presidential election outcome.

In Madison, Wisconsin, 17,271 ballots were received through improper and illegal means, unsupervised, in violation of statute. They were commingled with legitimate ballots.

An additional 28,395 people who requested mail-in ballots because they were “permanently confined” have been identified as being poll workers, an elector for Biden in the Electoral College, people who went to protests, people who gone on vacations, and people who had gone to weddings. They were all allowed to vote without producing identification.

Another 170,000 other mail-in ballots were submitted without any application having been made.

GRAMMY NOTES: I just read this gooey mom’s FB post on the theme of “All I want for Christmas is you” … I thought, “And then there’s me who, after years and years of making pennies scream, is all giggly about having adult kids who can buy me excellent gifts because they have real jobs!” LOL

One year, I was ragging on them about how, as much as I cherished their old, carefully saved, Popsicle stick gifts, I was really enjoying getting expensive stuff I always wanted, but couldn’t afford.

One of my snarky daughters (HOW did they get that way?!) made me a Popsicle CD player. It was my favorite present! I laughed so hard, I didn’t even hear her tell me to look at the note that said, “There’s a real one in the closet.” ROFL


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