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Sex Work is NOT Work

AOC recently posted a dumb “let’s normalize prostitution, human trafficking, and child abuse” tweet proclaiming that “sex work is work.” (It’s almost like Democrats get their marching orders from Satan himself.)

A tweeter named “Political Sock” sent out this thread.

When I was young and stupid, I believed prostitution should be legalized. I’m libertarian at heart. “People can do what they want,” I reasoned. In the last 10 years, I’ve worked with a nonprofit that serves trafficked women.

There is almost always a pimp controlling the woman (or girl). There is almost always a history of childhood sexual abuse. Sometimes, the girls are just flat out kidnapped. Sometimes, they’re groomed into it.

The handful of women who are not coerced into the industry do not justify the vast majority who are. It’s insane that someone like AOC could claim to oppose sexual assault and still say “sex work is work.”

Let me bring this home for guys (straight guys). Imagine if someone forced you to masturbate another man to the point where he ejaculated. Then you would be required to clean him off, caress him & encourage him to come see you again soon. Does that sound like just “work”?

Do you think a 17 year old girl would feel any differently if she was made to pleasure a 48 year old maintenance worker? And I haven’t even mentioned sexual penetration. All of this is invasive & dehumanizing. “Sex work” is not “work” in any humane sense.

It leaves life long emotional scars. Through the nonprofit, I’ve spoken with “high dollar” call girls who were flown around the country to have sex with the wealthy & powerful, in nice hotels or private residences. They were still being trafficked. They still wanted out.

AOC is advocating for rape, misery, life long severe trauma and child abuse. She doesn’t realize it, but that is what she’s doing.

ADDENDUM for those arguing that these bad things only occur because sex work is criminalized. Wrong. Trafficking still rampages in countries with legalized prostitution. Usually, the girls are imported from impoverished countries.

IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Worthy Co & Thistle Farms employ women who’ve escaped from trafficking. They make great products. You can be a hero just by…shopping. (Links below.)

Traffick911 rescue kids. Donate!

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Biden’s Atlanta Rally

On Dec 15th, 2020, “President-elect” Joe Biden … the most popular and charismatic Democrat ever, who got more votes than anybody in world history, and TIME’s 2020 Man of the Year!!!!! … held a parking lot rally for Georgia Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock in Atlanta.

Millions of screaming Biden fans lined up for hours and hours … days even … to see their hero. CLICK https://twitter.com/theatlantavoice/status/1338953897990352897 [:05] to hear the crowd go WILD when Joe finally arrives!

There wasn’t room for all the buses and cars that brought the faithful to catch a glimpse of Savior Joe.

Joe’s fans are ALL about uniting and healing our nation behind their wise, vibrant, and charismatic leader.

OF COURSE, those sour grapes, meanie-pants TRUMPERS had to show up! Aren’t we all looking forward to the day when PREZ Joe applies his “No more malarkey” to these losers and sends them to a re-education camp?!

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Bits & Bytes

KEEP PRAYING: Please watch this!! [5:57] – Let us all pray he is right, because if Biden takes office, the great American experiment is over. N.b., This was recorded in October, yet he talks about how important it is that we not just up to November 3rd, but straight through until Inauguration Day.

CHRISTMAS: Beautiful Christmas message [3:53] – Dear Lord, Please let us have this couple in the White House for four more years! Amen.

COVID-19: The FDA on Tuesday approved the first over-the-counter COVID-19 test involving a nasal swab and near-instant results.

FACT CHECKERS: CLICK https://rumble.com/vbv0nz-facebooks-independent-fact-checkers-tied-to-hillary-clinton-communist-china.html [4:29] to hear OANN’s exposé of the supposedly “independent” fact checkers’ links to the ChiComs and radical left-wing billionaire George Soros.

FLEEING BLUE STATES: Hundreds of thousands of residents are fleeing the biggest cities in the country during the CoVID-19 pandemic; choosing smaller towns like Austin, Phoenix, and Nashville as folks seek lower taxes and more affordable real estate in 2020.

HANUKKAH: Watch this 2013 video about the Jewish Festival of Lights! [7:16] – Progressives hate God, which means they hate His people, both Christian and Jew. They’ve been trying to eradicate Christmas for years. Now they’re going after Hanukkah.

CLICK https://twitter.com/josh_hammer/status/1337440703887015937 [1:20] if you can stand listening to Kamala Harris for more than ten seconds at a stretch.

According to David Gerstman at Legal Insurrection, tikkun olam is a Jewish concept that has been appropriated by the Left in America as a synonym for their particular brand of social justice. But it’s not social justice in any historic Jewish sense of the word nor is it at all related to the Hanukkah miracle, which took place at least 200 years before tikkun olam was invented.

LEFTIST MEGA-FAIL: San Francisco is planning to rename Abraham Lincoln High School, because … wait for it … the president who freed the slaves supposedly did not demonstrate that “black lives mattered to him.”

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: CLICK https://rumble.com/vbwwyb-press-sec-ends-eric-swalwells-whole-career.html [3:19] to listen to Kayleigh McEnany hammer the Slime Stream Media over its non-coverage of a former presidential candidate’s ties to ChiCom spies.

NEW YORK: Dozens of NYPD’s Finest have chosen to escape the increasingly anti-cop environment in the Big (rotten) Apple and taking their millions of dollars worth of training and experience with them.

NewsMax reports that millions of people have moved out of New York City, while millions of others with lower incomes have taken their place. For example, in Tribeca, a wealthy neighborhood in downtown Manhattan, residents who left this year earned an average income of about $140,000 while the typical person who moved in earned an average $82,000. All told, a net 70,000 people left the metropolitan region this year, resulting in roughly $34 billion in lost income.

In other Rotten Apple news, the New York City teachers’ union has adopted the Black Lives Matter’s 13 guiding principles, including the disruption of the nuclear family and the influence of parents in the lives of public school children. Nazi Germany did this too.

TIME: Two people who did literally NOTHING to make the nation or the world a better place this year.

TREASON: CLICK https://rumble.com/vbwn7h-house-intel-democrats-ignored-chinese-spy-ring-threat-to-promote-russia-hoa.html [4:02] to hear Sean Hannity and Devin Nunes talk about how the TDSing Democrats who ignored a well-connected Chinese spy ring that operated in San Francisco.

GRAMMY NOTES: I made this for my Marines. Marine Princess has started homeschooling her pre-K sons. She likes all things rustic and natural. I thought it would be a fun tool for her to use in teaching the boys and a fun toy for them. The balls are super lightweight so safe for the lamps and windows! Dearest and I tried playing floor basketball. It’s really hard to get a ball in the bowl! If it hits the bowl, it bounces out. But getting it to bounce in is a whole other story.

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