Stop the Steal Rally

LOTS of patriots showed up at the Stop the Steal rally in Washington, D.C. today!

CLICK [2:02].


I really needed this today.

UPDATE: I’m going to add on videos from the event as I find them.

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One response to “Stop the Steal Rally

  1. Pistol Pete

    These rallies are all well and good but they will make not a lick of difference. The democrat are willing to burn the country to the ground to rule over the ashes. SCOTUS seems uninterested in intervention and we will be helpless as they finish killing off any notion of prosperity or security for the nation. They were caught off guard in 2016 because they assumed they had sufficiently rigged the election for Hillary. When Trump won they set about on a non-stop campaign of assaults to hurt him.They were determined back then never to let him win again and the virus scam provided them the opportunity to push for mail in voting and ballot harvesting. Even with that, they had to rig the voting machines and dump millions of copies of ballots with a single vote for Biden. They need to steal both senate seats to completely control government, which they surely will by the same tried and true fraud they just committed. There are waves of illegals staging at the border to jump aboard the taxpayer funded gravy train and as long as the democrats can keep enough honest citizens working to feed the Communist machine we will never see another election that will be anything but farce. I’m just so frustrated from years of watching liberals get away with their criminality I just fear for my grandchildren who will never know the joys of liberty that we enjoyed.