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2020: In the face of the Left’s command to us to “unite and move on”, Steve Hilton reminds us of how they behaved after Trump won in 2016.

2020: Roman Balmakov’s report on Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, and Wisconsin is well worth watching [12:50]. In fact, if you only have time for one thing, make it this video.

When I posted this to Facebook, I got a “Independent Fact Checkers say this is false” notice and a link to an article citing the exact same people as unimpeachable sources who are being SUED for flipping Georgia from the real winner to Biden. It also says that the Republicans who testified about what was happening in the video are just Big Fat Liars! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. So who shall we trust … Epoch Times or Facebook’s uber partisan Face Checkers? Let me think …. Here’s the fact check article if you’re interested.

ABRAMS/WARNOCK: Remember Stacey, the mini-Hillary who never accepted that she just plain LOST the election? She is under investigation in Georgia for seeking to “aggressively” register “ineligible, out-of-state, or deceased voters” before the state’s Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections.

The investigations are into America Votes, Vote Forward and The New Georgia Project groups, one of which was founded by Abrams and was previously chaired by Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock. Warnock, of course, is the Democratic candidate in the upcoming runoff, which will have a decisive effect on party majority in the U.S. Senate.

Pastor Warnock is known for, among other things, preaching that America must “repent for its worship of whiteness” over the success of President Trump’s candidacy and that unrestricted abortion is a human right that is “consistent” with biblical values.

ARIZONA: On Wednesday, Sidney Powell filed a lawsuit on behalf of Arizona’s 11 Republican electors. The complaint alleges that at least 400,000 illegal ballots were counted in Arizona’s general election. It also alleges that Dominion software created security risks and statistical anomalies in the election results. Biden is supposedly 10,000 votes ahead of Trump.

CLICK https://rumble.com/vbke7d-ariz.-lawmakers-outraged-after-viewing-trump-campaign-legal-teams-evidence.html [3:04] to watch the One America News report on the Arizona hearing which was not a publicly sanctioned event. Unable to get the PTBs to pay attention, private citizens did it themselves.

CALIFORNIA: CLICK https://twitter.com/i/status/1334519768334950401 [1:41] to see the amazing display one store in Los Angeles has in its front windows! Not even Hollywood celebs are spared. We the People are fighting back. 🙂

COVID-19: [16:03] – The total number of deaths due to COVID-19 is heavily padded with deaths that were going to happen anyway. One cause is that Medicare pays a 20% add on for the treatment of Covid-19 victims.

IOW, there’s a huge financial incentive for hospitals to report a patient or a death as COVID-19, even if the patient was in hospice dying of cancer or had a heart attack or was poisoned or hit by a bus. In fact, 89% of the people who died from COVID-19 had a Do Not Resuscitate order.

DEFUND THE POLICE: The move to cut police funding started in Minneapolis. And the crime statistics show how stupid the idea is. Carjackings and murders are five times what they were one year ago.

DEMOCRAT HYPOCRITES: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/whitehousebrief/videos/229998551991389 [3:45] to see Kayleigh McEnany out Democrat hypocrisy. The fact that these schmucks don’t follow their own rules is proof positive that the rules are idiotic. “Democrats seek control. … Rules for thee, not for me.”

FEDERAL APPEALS COURT: Sidney Powell’s Georgia case, Pearson v. Kemp, has been granted an expedited appeal. Plaintiffs were to file their initial brief by midnight on Dec. 2, defendants their response by midnight on Dec. 4, and plaintiffs their response to the response by midnight on Dec. 6.

Powell is representing about a dozen voters who argue there was a fraudulent scheme to manipulate the vote count to make sure Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden won Georgia. She is seeking to have outside experts examine Dominion machines.

Georgia election officials are attempting to prevent that from happening, which begs the question … what have they got to hide?

GEORGIA: Sean Hannity interviews Rudy Giuliani [6:04]. The video is embedded at the Fox News link below. Giuliani says there are now 5,000 signed affidavits of eye witness testimony testifying to voter fraud. They also discuss the surveillance video showing suitcases full of ballots being secretly counted in the dead of night after observers were all sent home.

OAN reported that the Dec 3rd Georgia hearing included evidence that the following ineligible people voted … 2,056 who were felons, 66,248 who were under 18, 2,423 who weren’t registered, 1,043 who used a PO Box, 4,926 who voted past the required due date, 10,315 who had died before the election, 395 who voted in two states, 15,700 who had moved out of state, and 40,279 who had changed county of resident, but didn’t re-register to vote.

HEWLETT PACKARD: HP is just the latest California business to flee the Land of Nuts and Berries. Texas Gov. Abbot is delighted that the company is moving to Houston.

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise joins more than 50 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the Lone Star State, including 22 in the Houston area alone. That is because Texas offers the best business climate in the nation. Our low taxes, high quality of life, top-notch workforce, and tier one universities create an environment where innovative companies like HPE can flourish. We look forward to a successful partnership with HPE, as together we build a more prosperous future for Texas.”

MISSING THE POINT: I’ve mostly ignored everything Biden and his transition team have been doing, but this one needs to be thoroughly mocked. His pick to head up the Treasury Department is former Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen. She pledged to use the Treasury Department to address racial inequality, gender disparity, and the climate “crisis.”

The Secretary of the Treasury “is responsible for formulating and recommending domestic and international financial, economic, and tax policy, participating in the formulation of broad fiscal policies that have general significance for the economy, and managing the public debt.”

NEVADA: An audit of 1,440 Nevada mail-ballots found 3% were fraudulent. Representatives of the Trump legal team called each of the 1,440 people; 2% of those phoned said they never received a ballot in the mail; 1% said they hadn’t voted at all.

A witness presented the evidence on behalf of the Trump campaign that vote tallies were recorded on to unencrypted USB drives, that voting machines were not password protected, and that vote totals were altered in the dead of night.

NEW YORK: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been on the news lately, saying that the key to reopening schools is testing and more testing. The courts have ordered that religious institutions must not be treated differently from public institutions. Mayor Schmuck doesn’t care. He says state funding for on-site coronavirus testing will not be extended to students in private schools.

PROJECT VERITAS: One of the undercover recordings exposing CNN’s non-journalistic pandering for the Left exposes how the CNN squashed the Hunter Biden laptop story that was broken by the New York Post.

In one of the leaked recordings, CNN political director David Chalian assures CEO Zucker, “Obviously, we’re not going with the New York Post story.” Instead, David Vigilante suggests that they attack the thing from a media angle – i.e., what are these people doing reporting on this?

CLICK https://twitter.com/JamesOKeefeIII/status/1334262295002812417 [1:51] to hear the clip.

RED CROSS: The first COVID-19 infection infection in the U.S. was reported on January 19, 2020 in a traveler returning from China. But an examination of blood donated during routine Red Cross drives between Dec. 13, 2019 and Jan. 17, 2020 showed signs that the virus may have been here sooner.

TEXAS: County Judge Glen Whitley (R) pushed through extending a mask mandate through next year. He earlier demanded that Gov. Abbott fine people for not wearing masks.

Before Thanksgiving, Whitley warned people to only eat at home with immediate family and to wear masks during Thanksgiving. The photo shows his home on Thanksgiving. Those vehicles were not there Sunday evening.

TRANS: A pilot study compared mothers of boys with gender identity disorder (GID) with mothers of normal boys to determine whether differences in psychopathology and child-rearing attitudes and practices could be identified.

The results showed that 53% of the mothers of boys with GID had Borderline Personality Disorder or symptoms of depression. Only 6% of the mothers of normal boys had either of these problems.

UNEMPLOYMENT: Weekly jobless claims are at their lowest since the pandemic. They’re also below expectations.

VIDEO BOMB: This is worth watching! An irate restaurant owner inserted himself into a live news broadcast in Michigan and expressed his outrage over the way the government is screwing over citizens in the name of public health.

Matt Walsh spoke for all of us when he tweeted, “You can either be on this guy’s side or on the side of the tyrants who rule us. I know which side I choose.”

WAPO: The ever-more-ridiculous Washington Post is asking every Republican member of Congress three questions. 1. Who won the 2020 presidential election? 2. Do you support or oppose Donald Trump’s continuing efforts to claim victory? 3. If Joe Biden wins a majority of the electoral college, will you accept him as the legitimately elected president?

Hmmmmm … I don’t recall them asking these questions about Hillary Clinton or Al Gore. Plus, I’d like them to ask the Democratic members of Congress the same questions, except with #3 saying If Donald Trump wins a majority of the electoral college, will you accept him as the legitimately elected president? They never will, but I’d like it.

WIKIPEDIA SUCKS: A Wikipedia editor has decided that Newsmax can no longer be used as a source for factual claims in any Wikipedia article.

WISCONSIN: On Tuesday, Trump’s campaign filed a lawsuit in the state Supreme Court, alleging there is clear evidence of illegal action involving at least 221,000 ballots that altered the outcome of the presidential election. On Thursday, the court refused to hear the case, saying the case must first wind its way through lower courts.

Also on Tuesday, Sidney Powell filed a lawsuit alleging “massive election fraud” and seeking to block certification of election results “pending a full investigation and court hearing.” Powell is also asking the court to order an independent audit of the election “to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the election.”

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama’s church ladies group is doing a saintly peg doll exchange for Christmas. Mama chose Blessed Fulton Sheen. She really went above and beyond with this project. She shopped for ages to find just the right shade of fabric, ribbon and paint. I love the shimmery paint she chose for his zucchetto. Very “heavenly.” And his pectoral cross is a real chain and metal cross! 🙂

UNEXPECTED STAR: [19:35] – This is long, but really good. I love Stuart’s nana. She’s like me … cries like a baby when she’s happy!


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