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The Amistad Project

[1:36:15] I want to encourage you to not dismiss this very long video without at least listening to the first 10 minutes. The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society has been investigating election fraud for quite some time and has filed multiple lawsuits regarding the 2020 results.

One thing he mentioned briefly has stuck in my craw. At the same time they were telling us “no more than 10 people at Thanksgiving” because of COVID, they were using COVID as a reason for CONSOLIDATING ballot counting from lots of small centers to one ginormous center! And then, at those huge center, they blocked Republican observers, shut down counting, and snuck in phony ballots. ARGH!

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Bits & Bytes

2016: Now, the exact same people are bitching at Republicans for demanding that only legal votes be counted. They REALLY don’t care about the Constitution or the protections accorded us under the law. They’re just a bunch of THUGS who want to be in charge of everything and everyone.

2020: Biden may concede in exchange for a pardon? – I have no idea if this is reliable information, but it’s coming from the same guy that had a whole lot of insider information about what the Chinese had from Hunter’s laptop. And it sounds plausible. Click on the link to read and see the video.

ARIZONA: Voter Integrity Hearing – Cyber warfare expert testifies that our election tabulation computers were not only connected to the internet, but were vulnerable to voter changes by everyone from Dominion employees to hackers to foreign governments. CLICK https://gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/060/288/923/original/e60caf8e101ce907.mp4 [3:55] to hear the part of the Arizona hearing that explains the tweet. Expert’s summary: “Your vote is not as secure as your Venmo account.”

Witness estimated that over 300,000 ineligible voters (including convicted felons and illegal aliens) voted in Arizona this year.

CLICK https://fb.watch/25bwt5Fi-Q/ [1:19] to hear Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai presents his data at the Arizona hearing showing the only way for Biden to have caught up with Donald Trump was if Democrat votes came in at 130% for Biden and -30% for Trump.

WHILE the hearing was going on, Arizona officials rushed to certify the results of the state’s election on Monday, confirming Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state and clearing the way for Mark Kelly to take his seat in the U.S. Senate this week. Clearly, they don’t give a crap what the VOTERS wanted!

Rudy Giuliani issued a clarion call to state lawmakers: “I’m gonna ask you to fight…Your political career is worth losing if you can save the right to vote in America.” He continued, “At times in our history certain men and women have stepped forward and lost their political career to give us the rights that we have.”

AFTER the hearing, Arizona Rep. Finchem called on his colleagues to withhold Arizona’s Electoral College votes for Joe Biden saying, “We will not release them. … I’m calling our colleagues in both the House and the Senate to … exercise our plenary authority under the U.S. Constitution. … A simple majority can call the House and Senate back, and in a day pass a resolution, and cause those electors to basically be held. And it is binding. I’ll see you all in court.”

CAMMACK: Motivated by corruption – This in-coming GOP congresswoman’s backstory is sure to raise your blood pressure. She and her family were one of many victims of government and banker greed, all backed by an Obama initiative that was supposedly about helping people.

CENSUS 2020: On Monday, the Supreme Court heard arguments from the Trump administration in favor of excluding illegals from the census. The census is used to determine each state’s representation in the House; since illegals tend to congregate in blue states with sanctuary policies, ignoring citizenship in the census count gives Democrats an unfair number of additional seats. If SCOTUS agrees with Trump, the Democrats’ slim majority in the House will take a hit.

DOWN BALLOT: In 2008, the super popular Barack H. Obama not only won the Oval Office with a huge number of votes, but also swept the down ballot races so thoroughly that for two years, the Democrats had large majorities in the Senate and the House. This is a common phenomenon with very popular presidential candidates. So how come it is that Biden allegedly won more votes than anybody in the history of the nation while Republicans held their majority in the Senate AND flipped Democrat seats in the House???

FOX NEWS: They did it to themselves – A comparison of viewership of the top shows between August 2020 and this week shows Trump loyalists are making Fox pay for betraying us. Fox has lost about 50% of its audience.

And it’s not just show-by-show. It looks to me like folks may have switched their cable subscriptions from Fox News to Newsmax or OAN. Even Sean Hannity’s viewership plummeted from 6.838 million to 2.839 million, while Laura Ingraham’s dropped from 4.82 million to 2.114 million.

While it is true that CNN and MSNBC ratings have increased, it is not true that Fox viewers switched to either of them in any meaningful way. (And why would they?!) For example, the most watched hour in August 2020 was 9pm, which drew a combined 10.794 million viewers. This month, that hour was down by more than 2 million (8.556 million). CNN and MSNBC are basically treading water. Fox is drowning.

For some context, Rush Limbaugh alone attracts at least 20 million listeners each day. And if you add up all of the conservative talk radio shows, their audience exceeds the cable news networks by at least a factor of five.

GEORGIA: A former FBI special agent spent scoured over 580,000 registered voter records and found over 57,000 cast ballots in a county DIFFERENT than where they reside and 17,000 ballots with OUT OF STATE mail requests that were not military.

HERDING WILD HORSES: I have been thinking lately that all the delays we’ve been frustrated about (e.g., Durham report) have been designed to fake out the opposition. The image I keep thinking of is cowboys driving a huge herd of horses into a box canyon. They surround the herd at a distance, close enough to discourage the horses from moving in any direction but the one the cowboys desire, but not close enough to spook any to bolt through the gaps. Only when the herd is past the point of no return do the cowboys close up the only exit.

OREGON: Add this to the Liberals Are Idiots file – The Portland General Defense Fund raised over half a million dollars this summer and used $100K to bail out left-wing rioters.

After each person’s legal proceedings had concluded, the city returned that bail money to the person who’d been arrested. And, surprise surprise NOT, those people – who we may recall were originally arrested for things like looting stores, smashing up windows, and throwing Molotov cocktails at police cars – have been pocketing the money.

The bail fund is asking them to give it back, pretty please. ::snork::

STATISTICS: The vote pattern analysis article linked below is a long and detailed analysis of statistical anomalies in the 2020 vote that strongly suggest (CtH translation: SCREAM LOUDLY) that Democrats tried to steal the election for Biden.

If you’re like me (not that sharp about statistics) and want the dummies version, CLICK https://bongino.com/ep-1403-stunning-election-anomalies-you-must-hear to listen to Dan Bongino’s Monday show where he explains it in simple terms.

UNCONFIRMED: From a reader – “It’s officially denied but prominent, credible conservatives like General McInerney and and Sidney Powell (both supported by General Flynn) allege that there was indeed a raid in Germany, by military forces, of a CIA facility which was having voting results transmitted to it as part of the election fraud. In the process, 5 US soldiers were killed and one CIA contractor. This is something that will either come out or it won’t; I don’t know for sure which it will be although I lean towards the idead that if it’s the truth, it won’t be able to be kept a secret. The murder of American military forces by CIA personnel engaged in election fraud would be something that many people, across the political spectrum, would find intolerable. I think it would make what’s going on now seem like a baby playing patty-cake. The internet is a rumor-y place, so you can’t put all your hopeful eggs in this basket, but it’s something worth watching for over the next few weeks.”

WHITE HOUSE: [:59] – Melania Trump introduced this year’s wonderful decorations.

GRAMMY NOTES: Today, Buzz was asked to write a letter from the Gingerbread Man, asking people not to eat him. As could be expected from a confection, he’s a whole lot “sweeter” than grumpy Mr. Turkey was! LOL

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