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Media Malpractice: Stealing the Presidency

From “Newsbusters Special Report: The Stealing of the Presidency, 2020” by Rich Noyes –

The left-wing news media didn’t just poison the information environment with their incessantly negative coverage of President Trump going into the 2020 election. They also refused to give airtime to important arguments of the Republican campaign — both pro-Trump and anti-Biden — which meant millions of voters cast their ballots knowing only what the media permitted them to know about the candidates.

To measure the true effect of the media’s censorship on the election, the Media Research Center asked The Polling Company to survey 1,750 Biden voters in seven swing states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), six of which (all but North Carolina) were called for Biden (survey details below). We tested these voters’ knowledge of eight news stories — all important topics that our ongoing analysis had shown the liberal news media had failed to cover properly. We found that a huge majority (82%) of Biden voters were unaware of at least one of these key items, with five percent saying they were unaware of all eight of the issues we tested.

This lack of information proved crucial: One of every six Biden voters we surveyed (17%) said they would have abandoned the Democratic candidate had they known the facts about one or more of these news stories. A shift of this magnitude would have changed the outcome in all six of the swing states won by Joe Biden, and Donald Trump would have comfortably won a second term as president.


Burying Biden’s Bad News: The media’s censorship of Biden’s scandals had the strongest impact on this year’s election. According to our survey, more than one-third of Biden voters (35.4%) were unaware of the serious allegations brought against the Democratic nominee by Tara Reade, a former staffer who said Biden sexually assaulted her in the 1990s.

If they had known about Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations, 8.9% told us they would have changed their vote — either switching to Trump or a 3rd party candidate, not voting for any presidential candidate, or not voting at all. By itself, this would have flipped all six of the swing states won by Biden (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), giving the President a win with 311 electoral college votes.

Even more Biden voters (45.1%) said they were unaware of the financial scandal enveloping Biden and his son, Hunter (a story infamously censored by Twitter and Facebook, as well as ignored by the liberal media). According to our poll, full awareness of the Hunter Biden scandal would have led 9.4% of Biden voters to abandon the Democratic candidate, flipping all six of the swing states he won to Trump, giving the President 311 electoral votes.

The ticket’s left-wing ideology was another issue barely mentioned by the national press. A GovTrack analysis found Biden’s running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris, had the most left-wing record of any Senator in 2019 (even more than self-described socialist Bernie Sanders). Our poll found that 25.3% of Biden voters said they didn’t know about Senator Harris’s left-wing ideology. If voters had the complete story, it would have led 4.1% of Biden voters to change their vote, flipping Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to Trump. The result would have been a Trump victory, with 295 electoral college votes.

Hiding Trump’s Successes: The liberal media also prevented many Biden voters from learning about record-breaking positive economic news in the months leading up to the election. The five pre-election jobs reports from June 5 to October 2 showed a record 11,161,000 jobs were created in the extraordinary snapback from the pandemic recession. Yet a large number of Biden voters (39.4%) said they didn’t know about this achievement. If they had, 5.4% said they would have changed their vote; this would have swung Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to Trump, who would have won with 295 electoral votes.

On October 29, the government reported a huge jump in economic growth — 33.1% on an annual basis, double the previous record. Yet nearly half of Biden voters (49.0%) said they had no idea about this record-breaking achievement. Armed with that information, 5.6% said they would have changed their vote, swinging Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and a total of 295 electoral votes to Trump.

We saw the same effect when it came to foreign policy. The President and his team made history by brokering peace agreements with Israel and several of her Arab neighbors — one reason Trump received three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. Yet 43.5% of Biden voters had no idea about these historic agreements. The information would have led five percent of overall Biden voters to change their vote, putting Trump in front in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, for a total of 295 electoral votes.

Energy independence was another Trump success. The President took action to start long-stalled pipeline projects and expand drilling offshore and in the Arctic, and it paid off with America becoming a net exporter of oil for the first time in September 2019. More than half (50.5%) of Biden voters said they did not know about this important accomplishment, either. If the information was known by all, 5.8% of Biden’s voters say they would have changed how they voted. This would have changed the outcome in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, putting Trump in front with 295 electoral college votes.

One important issue that did get a lot of coverage in 2020: the coronavirus pandemic. But what made the news every night was criticism of the President and his administration. Lost in the blistering barrage of bad news were successes such as Operation Warp Speed, which even before the election was well on track to deliver 300,000,000 doses of a safe vaccine as soon as next year.

Our poll found 36.1% of Biden voters said they did not know about the administration’s key role in promoting vaccine research through Operation Warp Speed. If they had, 5.3% told us they would have abandoned Biden, flipping Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, giving the President 295 electoral votes.

Putting It All Together: Looking at all eight of these issues together, our poll found that a total of 17% of Biden’s voters told us they would have changed their vote if they had been aware of one or more of these important stories. This would have moved every one of the swing states into Trump’s column, some by a huge margin. The President would have trounced Biden in the electoral college, 311 to 227.

In Pennsylvania, 15% of Biden voters said they would have defected. Using the reported vote totals as of noon on November 19, this would have reduced his total by 518,204 votes, flipping the state to Trump. In Michigan, the percentage who would have left Biden was 14%, deducting 392,966 from his tally and flipping that state, too.

In Georgia, 15% of Biden’s voters say they would have defected based on full information, taking 370,838 votes out of his column, and putting Trump comfortably ahead. In Arizona, 21% say they would have changed their vote, deducting 351,150 from Biden’s column and putting Trump in front there, too.

In Wisconsin, Biden would have lost 13% of his voters, taking away 211,987 from his column. In Nevada, the percentage of those who would have left Biden was 18%, or 126,627 voters. Such a shift would have put both of those states in Trump’s column, too.

[In the final state we polled, North Carolina, 21% of Biden’s voters say they would have changed their minds, deducting 563,703 votes from his total and significantly bolstering Trump’s margin of victory in that state.]

It’s important to note that not all of these voters would have switched to President Trump, of course (although about 6% of Biden’s voters say that’s exactly what they would have done). Just by choosing to abandon Biden, these voters would have handed all six of these states, and a second term, to the President — if the news media had properly informed them about the two candidates.

The most basic principle of our electoral system is that our leaders are chosen by the people themselves. But if the people are given systematically one-sided information, with crucial facts omitted, then the real power to choose has been stolen from them.

This unique study of the media and voters suggests that’s exactly what happened in 2020.

For this report, The Polling Company conducted a national survey of 1,750 individuals living in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin who reported voting for Joe Biden in the 2020 election. The survey was conducted entirely online, between November 9-18, 2020. The poll has an accuracy of +/- 2.34% at a 95% confidence interval.


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Bits & Bytes

2020: Trump did NOT concede. The GSA administrator agreed to allow Joe Biden to have some money for his transition team.

2020: With only two weeks left until the safe-harbor deadline on Dec. 8, Trump’s campaign and a handful of Republican groups are litigating more than a dozen active post-election cases in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada. Some of the cases already moving up the judicial pyramid.

It’s funny how we’re all supposedly such horrible racists, but I swear to you, NONE of us hated Barack Obama the way these people hate Donald Trump.

BONGINO: CLICK https://bongino.com/ep-1400-exposing-the-democrats-plan-to-destroy-us to hear Dan’s plan for taking back the nation.

CALIFORNIA: [1:47] – Gov. Jackboot Newsom has ordered 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. Curfew in 41 counties. In Huntington Beach, unhappy Golden Staters began a protest at exactly at 10 pm.

GEORGIA: Third recount coming up – “President Trump and his campaign continue to insist on an honest recount in Georgia, which has to include signature matching and other vital safeguards. Without signature matching, this recount would be a sham and again allow for illegal votes to be counted,” the statement continued. “If there is no signature matching, this would be as phony as the initial vote count and recount. Let’s stop giving the People false results. There must be a time when we stop counting illegal ballots. Hopefully it is coming soon.” – Trump campaign

HOUSING BOOM: “This is a really odd time to be having a ‘housing boom.’ We are in the middle of the worst public health crisis in 100 years, endless civil unrest has been ravaging many of our largest cities, and we are experiencing the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s. But even though more than 70 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment benefits this year, home sales are absolutely rocking.” – Michael Snyder

MEDIA POLL: They took the poll at their office, with a box by the water cooler. Almost half the staff voted twice.

ROADRUNNER: REX@quodverum.com tooted, “There is so much panic out there right now. ‘Why hasn’t Trump declassified? Have they got something on him?’ ‘This Venezuela / Dominion angle is misinformation!’ ‘The Trump legal effort is disorganized! They’re going to lose!’ CALM DOWN. Trump is letting the process play out. If that leads to victory, great. If not, Trump will move onto his next plan. If that doesn’t work, he will have another one. Chillax.”

I responded, “I was thinking about this today and how people have been complaining for ages that Barr is supposedly useless, Durham is taking too long, Democrats never pay any penalty. But if Trump has been playing a long game, expecting massive voter fraud and having the goods to take down the swamp critters for real, it seems to me that he wouldn’t want to alert them. I mean, if you’re trying to get a whole herd of wild horses to run into a box canyon, you don’t jump out and spook them before they’re well past the point of no return. Right?”

VOTE TOTALS: REX@quodverum.com says the numbers above (provided by AP) are statistically impossible. If I understand his argument correctly, the total of the vote counts is reportedly 156,379,611.

However, 51.1% of that number = 79,887,851.9995 while 47.2% of that number = 73,814,487.9993.

Since we each get ONE vote, there is no reason whatsoever for a vote total to be anything other than a round number.

Well … not unless the “built in feature, not a bug” Dominion software was programmed to assign each Biden vote 1 plus a fraction, while assigning each Trump vote 1 minus a fraction.

BTW, in 2014, Andrew Gelman wrote at WaPo that the Syrian election totals were obviously fraudulent … FOR THE EXACT SAME REASON.

WAR: “We are in a war. It is a conflict that began nearly fifty years ago when the street revolutionaries of the Sixties joined the Democrat Party. Their immediate goal was to help the Communist enemy win the war in Vietnam, but they stayed to expand their influence in the Democrat Party and create the radical force that confronts us today. The war that today’s Democrats are engaged in reflects the values and methods of those radicals. It is a war against us – against individual freedom, against America’s constitutional order, and against the capitalist engine of our prosperity.” – David Horowitz

GRAMMY NOTES: Thank you for prayers. Dearest did great with his venogram and is back to work. 🙂 Earlier today, I had to go to the DMV to get a non-driver photo ID. I’ve been home-bound/disabled and not safe behind the wheel for decades, so when my last driver’s license expired, I let it. Until recently, it didn’t matter that I had no photo ID, but somebody changed a rule. Now, one of the very rare things I actually have to leave the house to do (blood work) requires photo ID, so I HAD to go.

Way back in the olden days when I got my original driver’s license and then when I got married and changed my last name, nobody cared that my birth certificate says “Mary Christine.” My parents named me that in the hospital, but when they brought me home, my older sibs said yuck and voted for Christine Ann. So I was baptized Christine Ann and I have always been Chrissy or Christine Ann, except for the first day of school each year and the occasional visit to some official personage in college. ALL of my various accounts and cards say “Christine.”

But, for some reason, New York State has decided the first name on the original birth certificate is the one that matters. Lance (who was very nice!) had to consult his boss who decided the easiest thing to do was create my non-driver ID as Christine Ann, then do a name change! So it cost me $5 extra to NOT have my name the way I prefer. ::sigh:: And I have to contact the Board of Elections to have my registration changed, since the NYS computers have recorded a name change. ::sigh::

This Mary Something was common among Catholics when I was a kid. On the first day of junior high (multiple elementary schools blended so we didn’t all know one another), the teacher was reading our legal names and asking what we preferred to be called. Mary (Chrissy). Mary (Eileen). Mary (Peggy). Mary … everyone paused to hear what SHE liked to called and, sadly, that MARY was very shy and hated having everyone look at her while she said, very quietly, “Mary?”

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