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TODAY is Blessed Miguel Pro’s feast day. [2:52]

2020: From REX@social.quodverum.com – “The same people who falsely told you that Trump & Putin conspired to steal the 2016 election, are now falsely telling you that the 2020 election was ‘clean’ and a Biden landslide. The same people who truthfully told you that the Democrats tried to rig the 2016 election with the Trump/Russia hoax, are now telling you that the Dems rigged the 2020 election and stole it from you. Who do you believe? It’s as simple a question as that.”

BACK THE BLUE: I have now seen police in three states publicly announce they will not be enforcing their governors’ insane restrictions on Thanksgiving gatherings. If you’re not in one of these lucky jurisdictions, prepare a piece of pie and leave it by the door. If a cop arrives, give him the pie and tell him Happy Thanksgiving. Then close the door. They cannot come in without either receiving your permission or else producing a warrant.

CNN: CLICK https://rumble.com/vbd2mr-cnn-broadcast-drowned-out-by-cnn-sucks-chants.html [:28] to hear a CNN broadcast drowned out by a group chanting “CNN SUCKS.”

CALIFORNIA: CLICK https://twitter.com/DC_Draino/status/1330536760061923330 [:19] to see PATRIOTS telling Newsom to piss off.

COLLEGE: Indications are that applications for next year are 8% to 10% lower than in the past.

GEORGIA: On Saturday, Trump lawyer Jordan Sekulow told Newsmax TV, “We have got lawsuits likely to be filed in Georgia on either Monday or Tuesday; I can’t get into the details. I can’t tell you right now, but what’s coming in Georgia will be shocking, when we file this in federal court Monday or Tuesday It’s nothing that we have talked before. It’s not what you heard in the press conference [Thursday] either. This is something completely separate…

“I will tell you, the Lt. Gov. [Geoff Duncan] in Georgia, the Secretary of State in Georgia [Brad Raffensperger] in Georgia, they’re in for quite a shock on Monday and Tuesday about … how poorly they ran the elections in one of their major counties.”

HOLLYWOOD: [15:53] – Larry Elder tells personal stories from the hate-filled, intolerant Land of Liberal Entertainment.

INDIANA: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/aklavan/videos/988022055018832 [4:24] to hear the newest congresswoman-elect, a vehemently anti-socialist, Republican immigrant from Ukraine. “I grew up in socialism. I saw what happens when it runs out of money. It’s not pretty.”

KENTUCKY: The Kentucky attorney general has joined with a Christian school to sue Gov. Andy Beshear to block his order that bans in-person instruction at religious schools.

MICHIGAN: [1:10:22] – A mathematician and two software engineers analyzed voting data in four counties and concluded that recounts merely verify fraudulent numbers. Only a total system audit has any chance of pinpointing fraud. They also say the problem is not voter fraud, but election fraud and that the severity of it amounts to a national crisis.


NEW YORK: Three weeks ago, Sen. Chuck Schumer and thousands of revelers hit the streets of NYC to celebrate Joe Biden’s faux election victory. This week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is threatening the “full consequences of legal action” against a Jewish synagogue for violating his oppressive and unnecessary COVID rules.

OBAMA: REX@social.quodverum.com says, “Everyone noticing how Obama is suddenly replacing Biden as the figurehead of the Democratic Party of Crime? My take? He’s worried. They all are. Their scheme isn’t working at all. The fool also doesn’t realize that he is playing directly into Trump’s hands. He’s been lured out. Remember, Obama is Trump’s #1 target.”

CLICK https://rumble.com/vbc6er-obamas-new-book-is-the-third-one-hes-written-about-himself-and-its-a-700-pa.html [3:25] to hear Dinesh D’Souza recommend Obama’s THIRD autobiography as an excellent source for TP. “God loves mediocre people. That’s why he made so many. Obama is one of them.”

PENNSYLVANIA: A Republican poll-watcher describes the post-election fraud she witnessed. It’s infuriating.

POWELL: About the “Is Sidney Powell a Trump lawyer or not?” kerfuffle [4:18] – Sidney Powell has never said she was part of Trump’s legal team. That was a Fake News talking point. The two teams support one another’s efforts, but are working separately.

From Mark “The Great One” Levin … “Isn’t it precious watching the Sunday hosts demand “evidence” from Sidney Powell yet they promoted the Russian collusion lie for years without any evidence? Did they demand evidence from Schiff or their own colleagues they hired from the FBI and intel agencies? Of course not.”

On Monday, Powell announced she will be filing suit soon against Dominion and Smartmatic for electronically switching of millions of votes from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden, in what she describes as “massive fraud.”

STUDENT LOANS: Democrats can go suck an egg on this one. Everybody in our immediate and extended families who attended college paid for it with help from family, student loans, scholarships, jobs, and/or military service. Mama Buzz was in 6th grade when we made the final payment on Dearest’s Ivy League architecture degree.

My brother teaches American History and Economics at the high school level. One of his homework assignments is to calculate how much a single college class costs. (Not the course, but just a single class during the semester.) A student came back to see him over her first freshman break and told him (jokingly) that he was a horrible person. “Because of that assignment, I haven’t been able to sleep through a single 8 am class!”

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