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2020: [7:25] – Trump team lawyer Sidney Powell says the campaign will be able to present their claims in court in the “next two weeks.”

“We have more evidence now than half the prison population is imprisoned on … There’s significant evidence of foreign interference from the worst communist countries on the Earth with our election.”

CALIFORNIA: Must Watch! CLICK [5:00] to hear California’s Tom McClintock slam Gov. Newsom’s jackboot covid regulations. “Fools abound in public office and a fool in power can quickly become a petty tyrant.”

CIRCUIT COURTS: Conservative justices have jurisdiction over almost all states key to Trump’s efforts to expose election fraud and earn the victory voters gave him.

CHEATERS: Right. And, I mean, why bother with tests? Just ask the person! Everybody’s honest, right? … Actually, where I live, we have to produce photo ID to have blood drawn, but not to vote!

COVID-19: CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said on Thursday that K-12 schools should remain open because data shows that schools are among the ‘safest places’ that kids can be from the pandemic, and attempts to close schools are nothing more than an “emotional response. … K-12 schools can operate with face-to-face learning and they can do it safely and they can do it responsibly.”

FIFTEEN SMALL THINGS: John Hawkins has a good list for practical things we can all do to help make America better.

GEORGIA: Georgia pastor Raphael Warnock, a pro-abortion Democrat running for the U.S. Senate, promised Tuesday to “always fight” to keep the killing of unborn babies in abortions legal in America.

Warnock, the senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, is challenging Sen. Kelly Loeffler, apro-life Republican, in a high-stakes runoff race in Georgia. Neither Loeffler nor Warnock received more than 50 percent of votes Nov. 3, pushing the race into a runoff election in January.

If elected, Warnock would help Democrat leaders force taxpayers to fund elective abortions, pack the Supreme Court with pro-abortion activist judges and force states to allow viable unborn babies to be killed in late-term abortions.

MAIL-IN BALLOTS: Historically, mail-in ballots are rejected at around the rate of 1%. For first-time absentee voters, the rate can go as high as 3%, the higher number reflecting the unfamiliarity first-time voters have with the mail-in process.

Given the extraordinarily high number of first time mail-in ballots being cast this year, many experts and commentators predicted huge numbers of rejected ballots. Instead, the numbers were lower … a LOT lower. In fact, in the battleground states under dispute, the percentage of rejected ballots was as much as thirty times lower.

NEW YORK: Gov. Andrew “Jackboots and Nipple Rings” Cuomo is PISSED that a COVID-19 vaccine will become available very, very soon.

Since a vaccine will eliminate his excuses for keeping New York shut down, he’s doing all he can to slow down the roll out in New York State. What a schmuck.

PENNSYLVANIA: A Pennsylvania judge has thrown out 2,349 absentee ballots in Allegheny County as invalid because voters didn’t date their declaration. That brings Biden’s alleged lead down to 76,303.

Other PA judges have rejected the Trump campaign’s challenges to absentee ballots with declaration deficiencies such as missing dates, addresses, or printed names. Those cases are pending appeal.

In other news, Steven Miller, a professor of mathematics at Williams College, has signed a sworn affidavit stating that his investigation found evidence of potential voter fraud in nearly 100,000 ballots.

If Trump’s landslide win is confirmed, two rules will go into effect on January 1 that should have a dramatic effect on the cost of drugs for those of us on Medicare.

One of the rules implements what is known as a “most favored nation” approach that limits what Medicare pays for medications to the lowest price paid by other economically advanced countries.

The other rule would require drug makers to push rebates and discounts directly to patients rather than letting insurers and middlemen pharmacy benefit managers pocket them.

YOUTUBE: YouTube deplatformed a LifeSite video titled, “Canadian doctor destroys ‘utterly unfounded public hysteria’ over COVID-19,” saying it violated their “Community Guidelines” by presenting “medical misinformation.”

For posting material that doesn’t advance the Democrat agenda, YouTube slapped a one week time out on the LifeSite channel with the warning in the graphic above.

A transcript and link to the video on Rumble is at the link below. He stresses what I’ve been thinking, which is that testing should stop for everyone except for people who are sick enough to go to the hospital. “It’s not Ebola. It’s not SARS. It’s politics. The risk of death for those under 65 is one in 300,000.”

GRAMMY NOTES: Please pray for Dearest. He’s having a venogram done today. I think that’s the right word … they’re shooting dye into his veins to see if they’re in good enough shape for TAVR.

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