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Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. Have mercy on the U.S.

2020: CLICK [:24] to hear the basement-dwelling, silver-tongued phenom who’s supposed to have mopped the floor with DJT.

2020: Sidney Powell at a Nov. 19 press conference – “American patriots are fed up with the corruption from the local level to the highest level of our government.

“We are not going to be intimidated. We are not going to back down. We are going to clean this mess up now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom.”

Powell alleged a transnational conspiracy involving the “influence of communist money” from countries including Cuba, Venezuela, and “likely China” to overturn the presidential race via election software. The longtime lawyer, who represented Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, then called on the Department of Justice to launch a criminal investigation.

2020: Rudy’s Common Sense from Nov 28, 2020 [27.29] – Dominion machines send our votes to Smartmatic computers in Europe, where they are extremely vulnerable to hacking and manipulation.

Smartmatic was founded about 15 years ago by two Venezuelans with close ties to dictator Hugo Chavez. It’s purpose was to fix elections. The ability to alter vote counts is not a bug; it’s a feature. Dominion and another company, Sequoia, are just fronts for Smartmatic.

CALIFORNICATION: A San Diego Superior Court judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order enjoining Governor Newsom and San Diego County from enforcing their COVID-19 restrictions against Pacers Showgirls, because their entertainment is “constitutionally protected speech.”

Meanwhile, California courts have refused to provide the same constitutional protection to houses of worship. Funny how they can find “stripping” among the rights protected under the First Amendment, but not “worship.” Kinda like how they found “abortion” but couldn’t find “life.”

COVID: Exactly! It’s just an excuse to continue with their “Great Reset”, which is code for “destroy the United States.” And Joe Biden just reiterated another one of their policies toward this end, which is to admit immigrants who can’t support themselves, then give them food, housing, education, and health care. They want to crush the American taxpayers and drive us so far into debt that our economy crashes.

Here’s a piece of good news. The FDA has authorized the first at-home coronavirus test kit. Made by Lucira Health, it is administered by a self-collected nasal swab, which is then put into a sample vial. Users will be able to see their results on a screen in 30 minutes or less. This should bring those “case” numbers down a lot!

D.C.: [5:27] – After the city decided to PAINT “Black Lives Matter” on a city street in ginormous yellow letters, members of Students for Life of America were arrested for “defacing property” because they wrote “Black Preborn Lives Matter” in CHALK on a city sidewalk. The students have sued Mayor Bowser.

FIGHTING NAZIS: [3:13] – “Fighting Nazis Then Vs Now” by FreedomToons.

MASKS DON’T WORK: CLICK [2:18] to see proof in chart form. Democrats are using case numbers (not hospitalizations or deaths) to justify more draconian jackbooting, but case number do not matter. The case numbers are based on positive test results, not on hospitalizations or deaths. We have at least half a dozen effective treatments now, so the only statistic that should matter is if hospitals in a specific area are getting more cases than they can handle. Period. NYC is even closing public schools again, despite clear evidence that kids don’t spread this virus.

MICHIGAN: [18:13] – Steven Crowder presents election data pulled from Wayne County’s website to explain why more than 150,000 votes cast by anonymous voters are deeply suspicious.

He shows page after page of the largely Democrat, inner city Detroit voter precincts where turn-out was under 20%. Then he goes to the largely Republican precincts surrounding Detroit, but still inside Wayne County, where not only was turn-out in the 70th and 80th percentiles, but also larger numbers per precinct.

Then, he looks at the Absentee Ballots, which add up to more than 173,000 votes, all of them being listed as being from precincts that have ZERO registered voters. About 97% of these votes went to Biden. This “zero registered voter” thing was not done anywhere else in Michigan and it is not how it was done during the primaries.

Biden’s fake lead in Michigan is around 146,000.

NEVADA: CLICK [4:12] to hear Lou Dobbs interview one of Trump’s lawyers about their lawsuit in Nevada.

NEW YORK: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ripped sheriffs in the state who’ve recently declared they won’t be enforcing Cuomo’s COVID-19 restrictions over Thanksgiving — particularly the one that bans gatherings of more than 10 people.

“I don’t believe as a law enforcement officer you have a right to pick and choose what laws you will enforce,” said the man who signed an executive order on September 15, 2017 forbidding law enforcement officers from honoring federal immigration detainers!

PROMISES KEPT: While you were focused on The Kraken, the Senate continued confirming Trump federal judges. Long ago Mitch McConnell vowed to leave no federal judicial vacancy unfilled by the end of Trump’s first term. Federal judges are lifelong appointments, and filling the district and circuit courts leaves a legacy that lasts well beyond any presidency.

SOCIAL MEDIA: CLICK [9:02] to hear Sen. Ted Cruz grill Twitter CEO about political bias.

In other news, Candace Owens is suing Facebook fact-checkers for targeting her and causing her page to be demonetized. “It is time to fact-check the fact-checkers. I’m going to put these suckers through discovery and figure out what the relationship is that they have with Facebook.”

WALK AWAY: Today’s excerpt – “I had a random person approach me today, forcefully try to rip my American flag mask off of me, and rant that I am a “racist son of a bi*ch, *ucking Trump loving m*fer blah blah blah… Piece of s*it republican @s*hole blah blah blah… American flag wearing moron blah blah.”

When he wound down, I said, “Thank you. I have been looking for someone to ask about why my political party is racist, bigoted, rude, and changed to something evil over the years.”

He ranted again, saying how Trump is a spineless jellyfish and Republicans are as*holes and money hungry, judgmental, homophobic, etc etc and Democrats are for the people.

I said, “Thank you for taking the time to help me out. You really opened my eyes to the truth.”

He said, “You’re welcome, Brother!”

I then said, “I’m not your brother. I’m a Patriot, I love my country and when you approached me like a angry demon wolf and tried to rip my American flag mask off my face, I thought about my relatives that served and died for this country to give me the right to sit here and explain to you that it’s clear as day now that, as a REGISTERED Democrat, I need to distance myself from the raving, lunatic, mentally deranged, psycho babbling bullsh*t of this party here and now.”

He was stunned and said, “Wait. You’re a Democrat?”

I smiled and said, “Not anymore.”

PRANKED: [10:35] I think the funniest part is watching her reactions while watching the video! LOLOL


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