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Democrats love to claim they “follow the SCIENCE” … but the recent rash of insane and unconstitutional mask mandates proves they do not. N.b., the emphases below are mine.

From The Spectator

Overall, there is a troubling lack of robust evidence on face masks and COVID-19. There have only been three community trials during the current pandemic comparing the use of masks with various alternatives — one in Guinea-Bissau, one in India and this latest trial in Denmark.

The low number of studies into the effect different interventions have on the spread of COVID-19 — a subject of global importance — suggests there is a total lack of interest from governments in pursuing evidence-based medicine. And this starkly contrasts with the huge sums they have spent on ‘boutique relations’ consultants advising the government.

The only trials which have shown masks to be effective at stopping airborne diseases have been ‘observational studies’ — which observe the people who ordinarily use masks, rather than attempting to create a randomized control group. These trials include six studies carried out in the Far East during the SARS CoV-1 outbreak of 2003, which showed that masks can work, especially when they are used by healthcare workers and patients alongside hand-washing.

The most recent study – ‘Danmask-19 trial’ – was conducted in the spring with over 3,000 6024 (sorry!) randomized participants, about half of whom were given disposable surgical face masks, which they were told to change after eight hours of use. After one month, the 4862 people who had completed the study were tested for coronavirus. There was no statistically significant difference between those who wore masks properly, those who were more sloppy about wearing the masks, and those who did not wear masks at all. About two percent of each group got infected with COVID-19.

Nine other trials looking at the efficacy of masks and flu (two looking at healthcare workers and seven at community transmission) have found that masks make little or no difference to whether you get influenza or not.


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Bits & Bytes

2020: Lin Wood tweeted, “Many are growing weary of uncertainty & are impatient for truth to be revealed. Please remain strong & maintain your faith. Believe in truth. Plan is in part to limit & control information & to wear us down. We have not yet fully engaged enemy. We will soon. Truth will prevail.”

ARIZONA: [5:28] – Lou Dobbs interviews an elections security expert who says the vote dumps that were mostly Biden were impossible. The Dominion machines simply do not have the capability to count that many ballots in the amount of time they happened.

CISA: President Trump has fired the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency that declared the 2020 presidential election the “most secure in American history.”

D.C.: Remember the BLM activist who sucker-punched a pro-Trumper at the MAGA march? He’s been arrested. It seems he’s not just a violent thug. He’s also a registered child sex offender. Lovely people those Lefties hang with …

FEC: [12:32] – Dr. Turley talks about what Nigel Farage did in UK to get the conservative party to embrace BREXIT.

CLICK https://twitter.com/SchembriTalks/status/1326439776002564096 [:45] to hear the Chairman of the FEC declare this is an illegitimate election. “I do believe that there is voter fraud taking place in these places. Otherwise they would allow the observers to go in.”

FLORIDA: As Democrat governors stomp on the necks of their citizens in the name of “saving” them from a rarely lethal disease, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has vowed his state will never lockdown again.

GEORGIA: The audit has uncovered a THIRD county that under counted votes, netting another 176 for Trump over Biden.

MICHIGAN: Wayne County – Gulag-type target lists. Law firms threatened and forced to quit. County officials doxed, intimidated, and threatened unless they change their votes. This unity thing is going well.

NEVADA: On Nov. 17, Trump electoral candidates filed a lawsuit alleging irregularities, improprieties, and fraud in the state’s 2020 presidential election.

The plaintiffs allege that the election machines used throughout the state are unreliable, that observers were denied access to the ballot duplication process, that vote-buying occurred through some Native American outreach programs, and that 15,000 people who voted in Nevada also voted in another state.

NEW YORK: Buffalo – An 18-year-old Buffalo man has been charged with insurance fraud, offering a false instrument for filing in the second degree, falsifying business records, and falsely reporting an incident. The insurance fraud charge is a felony. He is believed to have spray painted his own car with swastikas, pro-Klu Klux Klan and Donald Trump messages.

PENNSYLVANIA: Despite the fact that “the science” shows that masks are only effective in medical settings, the jackbooted Democrats running the Pennsylvania Board of Health have upped the ante.

Now they say that masks are required indoors anytime that you’re with people outside of your household, even if you’re socially distant. This includes your own home. (Good luck enforcing that last bit, since you can’t go inside anyone’s home without either an invitation or a warrant.)

The Pennsylvania Board of Health is known for NOT having investigated Kermit Gosnell’s House of Horrors despite multiple complaints over 17 years.

CLICK https://rumble.com/vb6a4t-tucker-demolishes-the-lefts-wish-list-for-new-lockdowns.html [9:52] to hear Tucker Carlson talk about the increasingly onerous lockdowns/mask mandates that lack any scientific basis. He makes an excellent point that the people who have been screaming “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries” have nothing at all to say about the government’s invasion into our personal freedoms. He also talks at length about what Archbishop Vigano wrote that got him lambasted by the Left and the hypocrisy of the same Democrat leadership that is imposing this crap on us.

RAAACISM: [3:15] – If Barack Obama and his deeply divisive, hate-filled followers were right about America, this black prison guard would have died while the white inmates cheered.

SOCIAL MEDIA: [2:35] – On Tuesday, the CEOs of Twitter and Facebook testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Last month, it was the Commerce Committee.) The Daily Signal has a run down on the main points discussed.

THANKSGIVING: There was a local cop in the barber shop with us this morning. I mentioned that Fulton County’s sheriff had tweeted out that he would not be enforcing Gov. Cuomo’s ten-person limit on Turkey Day. The cop said, “We can’t enter your home without a warrant anyway, so all you have to do is say we can’t come in.” I told him I’d make him a plate if he came to our house. 🙂

And, after holding my tongue for a long time, I finally couldn’t deal with it anymore and asked, “Did you get the blueberry jam?”

A while back, when cops were getting slammed daily in the Left Stream Press, I suddenly got the idea to have the flower shop send our local PD an anonymous gift basket. The lady at the shop loved the idea and helped me brainstorm and write the note. She made up a little bouquet of blue and white flowers and put in two jars of blueberry jam and a bottle of hand lotion in a blue bottle. She said, “I’m not going to charge for the delivery. They’re just a block away and I think this is such a nice gesture.”

I left it anonymous, because I didn’t want it to be about us. But this morning, I just couldn’t hold my tongue. And I’m glad I didn’t, because when I asked if they got it, he grinned bigly and said, “We talked about that for a month!” That’s just what I wanted … to make them feel good knowing folks in our village have their backs.

WISCONSIN: Milwaukee – A disability service coordinator who works with developmentally disabled adults who live in various assisted living facilities and group homes in and around Milwaukee reports that every one of her clients has told her that they were either pressured to vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden or had a vote cast for Biden before they ever had a chance to see their ballot.

Wisconsin law specifically prohibits nursing home and assisted living facility staff members from assisting residents in filling out their ballots. Special voting deputies are supposed to do it in pairs, one from each party. This requirement was ignored this year, because of the coronavirus. And because Trump.

WREATHS: Yes!!!!


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