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2020: On Sunday, Sidney Powell said that Trump’s legal team is receiving a deluge of evidence concerning voter fraud and irregularities, enough to launch a widespread criminal investigation. Among this is evidence that the Dominion elections software switched millions of Trump votes to Biden. “We’re getting ready to overturn election results in multiple states. I don’t make comments without having the evidence to back it up.”

White House PR Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said, “Right now, we’re at the district court level. And we will see how they rule in Pennsylvania and on our upcoming lawsuits here in Michigan and elsewhere. And I think it’s really anyone’s guess where this goes. I think at this point, it probably will make its way up to the Supreme Court.”

BELLWETHERS: Originally, “bellwether” referred to a castrated male sheep (or goat) who wore a bell on its neck and lead the flock. From there, it segued into meaning “a leader or leading indicator of future trends.”

Over the past nearly 40 years, 19 counties in the nation have always voted for the winner, be it Republican or Democrat. They’ve been dubbed “bellwether counties” and until this year, no president since at least Ronald Reagan has missed even one.

In 2020, all but one of the bellwethers picked President Donald Trump by a margin of some 16 points on average. Only one, Clallam County in Washington, went for former Vice President Joe Biden and only by about a 3 point margin.

BLM/ANTIFA: The DC Metropolitan Police Department has arrested four people who “were involved in a collaborative effort to incite violence during first amendment assemblies.”

“One of the suspects struck the victim rendering him unconscious. Other suspects assaulted the victim and took his property,” police said.

CRITIAL THEORY: “Perhaps the most important philosophy undergirding much of the modern secular Social Justice movements is what is called Critical Theory.” – Raef Chenery

The article linked here explains what Critical Theory is and why it is incompatible with a Biblical world view.

HYPOCRITES: They still say that Republicans stole elections from Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and Stacey Abrams. But Joe Biden? “There’s no such thing as voter fraud!”

MARCHING TOWARD THE END TIMES: CLICK https://twitter.com/ezralevant/status/1328020783596269568 [:29] to hear Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau explain how they are using the coronavirus to speed up their agenda.

MICHIGAN: Democratic Governor Gretchen “Jackboot” Whitmer has declared a 3-week lockdown for the state on Sunday. The announcement comes as COVID-19 cases continue to surge in the state and around the country. I got one word for you Gretchen. Sweden.

TDS: Feminist author Jessica Valenti’s Trump-deranged victory dance – “If I hear anyone talking about being gracious winners or whatever, I’m gonna flip. These people are criminals who put babies in cages & killed over 230k Americans. Fuck them forever. …

“If you give anyone in this administration a job, fuck you. If you put them on a panel, fuck you. If you in any way give them the benefit of the doubt or a platform to power, fuck you. …

“Civility is not what holds us all together, morality is – and they have none.”

TRANS: Last Thursday, Target responded to pressure from activists to remove “Irreversible Damage” by Abigail Shrier from its shelves.

The book is about the sudden wave of children, particularly adolescent girls, who had never experienced any discomfort in their biological sex suddenly coming out as trans. The book describes how YouTube stars and “gender-affirming” educators and therapists push permanently damaging and medically unnecessary puberty blockers and surgeries on impressionable young girls.

The brief ban led to a spike in sales for the book on other platforms. On Friday, Target put the book back.

GRAMMY NOTES: We just watched D’Souza’s latest, “Trump Card.”

There’s a brainwashing/torture scene from 1984 that bookmarks the film in which the torturer convinces Winston that 2+2=5.

When the torturer stops, satisfied that Winston has broken, he asks if Winston has any questions. “Yes. What is 2+2?”

“Whatever the state says it is.”

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