USPS whistleblower did NOT recant

Erie, Pennsylvania, USPS whistleblower, Richard Hopkins, signed an affidavit attesting to his having been told to back date late ballots so they would be counted.

On Tuesday, Democrats released a document in which Hopkins recanted his story. But he says he was coerced into signing it … and he has a tape of the interview to back up his story.

The tape of the two hour interview is posted @

CLICK [2:18] to hear a partial video of James O’Keefe interviewing him.

OR go to the PV link where the full [7:02] version (and transcript) is embedded.

Hopkins is a Marine combat veteran who says he came forward, because he believes that the integrity of the election and of our democracy depends on people speaking up when they see wrongdoing.

The USPS has fired him for doing the right thing.

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  1. red

    Be happy he’s still alive. Dems in PA don’t play around.

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