The Sacramental Side of Voting

I joined the FB Walk Away group a few months ago. I just saw yet another in a long line of posts by someone who had never cared enough to vote before this year. I’m glad they’re finally wised up, but maybe that kind of apathy is why things got so bad in this country!

I am so thankful to my family for teaching me that voting is a sacred honor. I was privileged to travel behind the Iron Curtain twice before I turned 18. Ever after our trip to Budapest in 1965, my mother went to Mass on July 4, said it was her new Holy Day of Obligation.

In 1967, my eldest brother was nearly killed by a sniper in Vietnam, so I have long known the blood price paid for my right to vote.

Also, I miss the old voting machines … going into the booth and pushing that heavy handle over to close the curtains with a loud THUNK. Clicking down the levers, then pushing and THUNKing again to register my vote and open the curtains.

The process felt sacramental … shades of my Catholic experiences in the confessional booth.

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  1. Maureen Senzamici

    This is beautiful Aunt Chrissy. I never knew Mither made July 4 her Holy Day of Obligation, but this is beautiful. I will try to do this one too.

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