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2020: President Donald Trump says he won’t declare victory in the 2020 election if it appears he’s ahead late on Nov. 3, although he signaled that he and his lawyers will be prepared to file legal challenges if there are signs of fraud.

2020: If Trump is a racist, he’s really bad at it.

2020: Texas state director for the Joe Biden campaign Rebecca Acuña told attendees at a Biden rally, “When future generations they ask us, and they’re gonna ask us, what it was like to elect the first woman of color as vice president of the United States, and we will say, ‘Yes, I was there. I stood up, and I was counted.’ Without further delay, I am so honored to introduce the next president of the United States of American.”

ABORTION: [1:08] – “Catholic Joe Biden … for his entire political career has been a hypocrite. … Trump is not a Catholic, but politically he is more Catholic than Biden.”

CLICK https://twitter.com/OwenBrennan/status/1322952074540183552 [1:00] to see a potent campaign ad for life.

ARIZONA: Pima County had a 90 mile long Trump caravan!

CALIFORNIA: Wow! These people literally put their livelihoods and security at risk to show up at this thing.

COVID-19: The Committee for a Responsible Budget calculates that Biden’s coronavirus plan costs nearly five times what Trump’s plan does.

DAN BONGINO: He says that this past week-end he received his fifth phone call from a close Trump family member … not to ask for campaign donations or invite him to a rally. In fact, the calls weren’t about anything to do with the election, which is TOMORROW. They were all personal calls, asking him how he’s doing. (He was diagnosed recently with lymphoma.)

FLORIDA: Broward County – Somebody from Columbia, South Carolina, mailed more than 50 new Democrat voter registrations to the Broward Election Office. Nineteen were in the same handwriting. Most of the individuals named in the applications were deceased. Staff turned them over to the Broward State Attorney’s Office which is investigating.

HUMAN RIGHTS: CLICK https://fb.watch/1txi_1Fiqj/ [1:20] to learn how human rights magically occur after a fetus who has no value pops out of the birth canal, fully human and with rights and value.

HUNTER: Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop is a national security nightmare. In addition to all the evidence of drug and sex addition and massive corruption, it contained phone numbers for the Clintons, Secret Service officers and most of the Obama cabinet all secured by the “super secure” (NOT EVEN CLOSE) password “Hunter02.”

MINNESOTA: Democratic Attorney General Keith Ellison warned that Trump has a real shot at winning the state, which has been rocked by riots, protests, and unrest since the spring.

MISSISSIPPI: On Monday, Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a federal lawsuit against the Simpson County School District for prohibiting third-grader Lydia Booth from wearing a face mask with the message “Jesus Loves Me” on it.

The ADF maintains that school officials cannot suspend the First Amendment or arbitrarily pick and choose the messages that students can or can’t express. Other students within the school district have freely worn masks with the logos of local sports teams or even the words ‘Black Lives Matter.’

Lydia’s mother communicated repeatedly with school officials before choosing to go to court. She pointed out to them that the school handbook had no policy limiting her daughter’s religious expression, and that it, in fact, protects her speech under adopted policies that are consistent with the Mississippi Student Religious Freedom Act and the First Amendment.

The school district’s ban on religious messages on face masks were not invented until after Lydia wore her mask to school in October. They have promised to subject Lydia to escalating discipline, up to and including suspension, if she violates their ban.

MISSOURI: Oak Grove – A joint human trafficking operation conducted by the Oak Grove Police Department, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office Human Trafficking Task Force and Missouri State Highway Patrol rescued 10 women and three children on Oct. 23. The investigation also resulted in the arrest of five men.

OREGON: Portland – On Saturday night and Sunday morning, the apparently endless rioting continued. A group of about 150 people began a “march” that devolved into smashing store windows.

PENNSYLVANIA: They’re saying that the keystone state could literally be the keystone to the 2020 presidential election. And Democrats are worried for a number of reasons that their supposed lead isn’t going to hold.

There are signs that the Democrat base isn’t going to turn out and that there could be a Trump voter surge in rural areas. Also the rioting in Blue Philadelphia happened during early voting, which may have inhibited voters as well as made Biden look weak on crime and hostile to police (which he is).

Finally, oil and gas is very important to the economy of Pennsylvania. Trump has brought back a lot of jobs for Pennsylvania energy, while has promised to continue with Obama’s anti-fossil fuel agenda.

TDS: On Friday, Sam Harris reiterated during his podcast that he prefers Osama bin Laden to Trump, finding him “far more understandable to me and far less reprehensible, personally, psychologically.” Last February, he said much the same thing. “I find Trump more despicable than I found Osama bin Laden… With Osama bin Laden, it’s just obvious to me that he could have been a mensch in some sense, right? He’s making serious sacrifices for ideas that he deeply believes in. He’s committed to a cause greater than himself.”

Yesterday, late night television host Stephen Colbert declared, “You’d have to be a f***ing idiot to vote for Trump.”

And today, psychologist Dr. Bandy Lee, who is a contributor on CNN and MSNBC, published a tweet storm today claiming that President Donald Trump was worse than Adolf Hitler in a whole slew of ways. Her tweets prompted a lot of push back, so she “blocked a lot of Trump supporters” so as to “allow for thoughtful discussion here.” Despite having never examined the president personally, Dr. Lee has long claimed that he is mentally ill.

TEXAS: Houston – On Saturday, the Biden campaign canceled several events in Texas because cars and trucks flaunting Trump flags, signs, and stickers kept following the Biden campaign bus from stop to stop. They said these entirely peaceful (if amusingly annoying) Trumpers were putting the campaign staff, surrogates, supporters, and others “in harm’s way.”

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama Buzz wrote that one thing she did with the kids for Halloween was talk “about how Satan tried to twist All Hallow’s Eve but we get to say NO! and claim it for God and we get to stick it to Satan by infusing Halloween with JOY and LOVE for our neighbors :D.”

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