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First Amendment Case

CLICK https://fb.watch/1uTuA_3hlQ/ [4:52] to hear Chike’s story and why the Alliance Defending Freedom is taking his case to the Supreme Court.

Alliance Defending Freedom and its more than 3,700 Allied Attorneys to defend religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, freedom of speech, and marriage and family in America and around the world.

Donate @ https://www.adflegal.org/donate

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Bits & Bytes

ABORTION: Both movements are/were driven by unwavering commitment to the principle that ALL human beings are made in the image of God and are equally precious and deserving of equal protection under the law.

CHILD SACRIFICE: CLICK https://fb.watch/1txaAmFNhf/ [2:32] to see a powerful video about the history of child sacrifice.

DISNEY ANIMATRONICS: [1:00] – This skinless robot’s human-like gaze is so creepy!

DON LEMON: Liberal Diversity = “I can’t listen to you, because your ideas are stupid and your values are absurd. You must listen to me, because I’m right about everything. Until you admit you’re wrong and I’m right, I cannot be associated with you.”

I’m kinda wondering what he thinks “state tv” is. I only get to hear my stupid ideas and absurd values promoted on what amounts to the off-off-Broadway versions of print, broadcast, cable, and internet news sites.

FRANCE: Lyon – On Oct 31, a Greek Orthodox priest was shot twice in the abdomen while closing the doors of The Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Lyon, France. According to several other reports, the suspect is “on the run” and allegedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” after shooting the priest.

HUNTER: [26:41] – Hunter Biden’s business associates viewed him as a pipeline to the Obama-Biden administration.

MEXICO: Worth watching [4:21] – The history of the socialist revolution in Mexico can happen here.

PENNSYLVANIA: Philadelphia – Rioters burned a Vietnamese Baptist Church because Black Lives Matter. Or something.

Pastor Philip Pham said, “I have no idea why they attacked our church. They burned it from the roof. They threw flammable chemicals on the roof and [flames] burned through the roof” and down through the rest of the building. He said the facility is a “total loss.”

POLAND: 98:220 – Last week, the constitutional tribunal banned so-called eugenic abortions (the killing of unborn babies with disabilities). Ever since, pro-abortion protesters in Poland have been violently attacking priests, churches, and monuments

The pro-abortion, anti-Catholic rallies are explicitly militant in nature, featuring obscene chants and signs declaring, “This is war.” The symbol of the pro-abortion protests is a lightning flash, something some of their critics have described as satanic, because Jesus said, “I saw Satan falling from heaven like lightning.”

SEAL TEAM 6: The elite Special Forces unit rescued 27-year-old American Philip Walton, who was kidnapped in Niger earlier this week.

Niger, like much of West Africa’s Sahel region, faces a deepening security crisis as groups with links to al-Qaeda and ISIS carry out attacks on the army and civilians.

TWITTER: Twitter’s war on the New York Post has ended with a score of Twitter 0, Post 1. Twitter blocked the Posts’s account from Oct 14-30, demanding the paper remove six tweets about Hunter Biden. The newspaper giant refused and slammed Twitter day after day in print.

Twitter backed down, claiming they had changed their policy about “hacked” materials. Except the materials were NOT hacked. Neither Hunter Biden or anyone else has ever claimed it was.

Hacking refers to gaining unauthorized access to technology. But the laptop and the materials on it became the legal property of the computer repairman when Hunter failed to pick it up and pay for the repair. Hunter signed a document agreeing to that and ignored the repairman’s attempts to contact him.

The repairman shared the material on the laptop with Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who gave the Post access to it. So, not hacked.

UK: The politician responsible for the UK police force in the West Midlands area says, “If we think there’s large groups of people gathering where they shouldn’t be, then police will have to intervene. If, again, there’s flagrant breaking of the rules, then the police would have to enforce.”

Jamieson then referred to the Christmas period, saying “it’s not the police’s job to stop people enjoying their Christmas. However, we are there to enforce the rules that the government makes, and if the government makes those rules then the government has to explain that to the public.”

IOW, it absolutely is the police’s job to stop people enjoying their Christmas.

WHISTLEBLOWER: [19:53] – Bradley Birkenfeld details as well what he believes was a special interest cover-up at the hands of the Obama administration and key U.S. officials.

GRAMMY NOTES: We live on a dead end street in a small development. A neighbor didn’t want to take her kids house to house, because of the coronavirus. But she didn’t want them to miss out on Halloween either. So she made up flyers for every house, inviting us all to celebrate at the ends of our driveways from 5:00 to 5:30.

It was so fun! We got to meet a bunch of new neighbors and enjoy the little ones and make them feel special taking their pictures. One lady said, “I wasn’t going to decorate, but when I got the flyer, I decided to put out everything I had!” LOL I hope it becomes an annual tradition. I really do.

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ABORTION: “If you have a problem with what I’m saying, you don’t have a problem with me. You have a problem with the teachings of the Catholic Church.” [2:23]

CNN: Donald Trump Walks Out On 1990 CNN Interview For Being FAKE NEWS [1:55].

COVID: Biden keeps yammering about how Trump didn’t do a thing to stop COVID and we should elect him, cuz he’s got a plan (which we don’t get to see unless we elect him). Yeah, right. The graphic shows some of what Trump did just for Pennsylvania.

FLORIDA: [3:45] – His word salads have become word purees. Clearly, he is very, very tired. Meanwhile, President Trump is making FIVE campaign stops PER DAY.

IOWA: In September, the Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll, conducted by the highly-respected Selzer & Co. of Des Moines, had Trump and Biden tied at 47%.

The poll they just did between October 26-29 showed seven percent shifting to Trump! Results: 48%-41% (MOE 3.4).

And Ted Cruz said Hunter’s laptop wouldn’t shift a single vote. Ha! Shows how much too long he’s been inside the beltway! People out here in flyover country care about stuff like honesty and morality.

KLAVAN: “The Left has become what they accuse everyone else of being. They are tyrants. They are racists. They want to dismantle the systems that protect our liberty. Their cities are awash in homelessness, poverty, crime, and mass violence—and yet they believe so completely that they deserve power, they cannot imagine a scenario in which their defeat is legal and legitimate. Everyone who opposes them is hateful. Every political loss they suffer is a flaw in the system. What’s more—they behave like trash. … Their journalists lie and cover up. Their activists are violent. Their women sit in cars and film themselves screaming like banshees. Their men renounce their manhood.” – Andrew Klavan

OREGON: Portland – This woman is favored to become the city’s new mayor.

SATIRE: NASA recently announced its discovery of definitive evidence that there is water on the moon. President Donald Trump wasted no time, following up with an announcement of his own. “Water in space means only one thing,” he told the press. “We need to create a Space Navy.” -Babylon Bee

USA Today fact checked the article as FALSE. They note it has shared more than 4,000 times! Way, way, way down at the bottom, they admit the piece originated on a satire site.

TEXAS: More than a dozen vehicles sporting Trump flags escorted the Biden/Harris bus out of New Braunfels, Texas, on Oct 30 [:49] – Texas makes it harder to vote by mail than most other states. Absentee ballots are limited to those 65 and older, the military, and true absentees.

To make voting in person a bit less onerous during a pandemic, though, the state added an extra week of early voting this year, reducing congestion at the polls. And Texans have fully availed themselves.

As of October 30th, the number of Texans who have already voted (9,009,850) exceeds the total turnout from the 2016 presidential race (8,969,226 in 2016). There’s no way to predict what this means, since Texans don’t register by party.

USEFUL IDIOTS: Trump administration adviser and economist Peter Navarro on Friday stated that NBA athletes and Hollywood celebrities are “useful idiots” of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), suggesting the Democrats are unwittingly playing into the hands of the Chinese regime.

NBA players “really turn an unconscionable blind eye to the abuses in Xinjiang Province,” rights abuses in Hong Kong, and “concentration camps” as well as the “abuses of the Falun Gong with the organ harvesting” of living people. He’s referring to the traditional Chinese meditation practice that has been subject to CCP persecution since 1999.

“These NBA players, not only do they ignore that, but then they have the temerity to get on their soapbox and sound self-righteous about what they see as a repressive America,” he said, referring to the Black Lives Matter protests.

VETERANS: The “Honoring American Veterans in Extreme Need (HAVEN) Act of 2019” exempts from the calculation of monthly income certain benefits paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense, including benefits received under the Social Security Act, payments to victims of war crimes or terrorism, and disability compensation.

VOTER FRAUD: A group of would-be fraudsters attempted to vote a second time. They thought that shaving their heads would disguise them, but a person at the polling place recognized them as having voted there previously and confronted them.

The group ran out and got away in two vehicles, but the person followed them, recorded the license plates and called 911. Bronx PD is investigating. Under NYS law, anyone who votes more than once in an election — or even attempts to do so — is guilty of a felony.

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