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2020: Trump economy – The economic output of the United States fell by 31.4% in the second quarter when we were all on lockdown. The Department of Commerce announced Oct. 29 that the third quarter grew by a record-breaking 33.1%. And that’s with some Democrat states still on lock down!

2020: SATIRE [4:07] – Allie Stuckey explains why YOU should vote Democrat.

BIDEN: Even without the corruption, this candidate is a disaster. CLICK https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1321118066277666819 [:27] to hear him blather until he’s led away by one of his keepers. “Here’s the deal … one of the things that is that is important … is that um …… keep in mind … although they’re gonna vote on … uh uh … Barrett I think today … you gotta keep in mind that that … [unintelligible].”

CHOOSING LIFE: “I have had four viable pregnancies. I know the pain and devastation of miscarriage as well, the fear of being far from home and rushing to an emergency room. But for those four viable pregnancies, abortion was pushed on me for each one. I gave in and did abort my first, but I fought for the lives of the other three, and all of them are thriving today.” – Catherine Glenn Foster

COUP: If they can’t win fairly, then they’ll cheat. If they can’t win by cheating, then they’ll riot.

COVID-19: Researchers in Spain looked at the vitamin D levels of 216 coronavirus patients who had been admitted to hospital between March 10 and March 31. Eighty-two percent were deficient in this important nutrient.

I am very interested in seeing a similar study that looks at zinc levels. I haven’t come across one (yet), but it seems a logical thing to examine given that the most effective treatments include supplemental zinc, which is known to inhibit the ability of viruses to gain a foothold inside the cells.

FACEBOOK: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, LIED in his testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee. He claimed that Facebook does not censor or ban users based on their political beliefs. But the FACT that they have and do has been documented many, many times.

The latest to be deep-sixed was American AF, a veteran-owned company that specializes in patriotic apparel. The page, which had accumulated more than 1.6 million followers over five years on Facebook, was banned without warning on Oct. 16. Facebook said the decision is permanent. The company is considering suing.

They have set up a new shop @ https://www.facebook.com/americanafshop. Their main website is @ https://aafamerican.com/.

FEMINAZIS: After Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court, the Girls Scouts of America congratulated her on Facebook and Twitter for being the fifth woman ever to sit on the high court since its inception in 1789.

Leftist backlash ensued and the group deleted is congrats. This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, given that the GSA aligns itself with liberal causes and companies, such as Planned Parenthood.

GAB: Forget Twitter! Switch to gab.com where they actually do NOT censor you!

HUNTER: Among the many disturbing revelations leaking out of Hunter Biden laptop concerns Hunter’s inappropriate (and possibly criminal) behavior with a certain minor and his family’s response to it.

First, some background. Hunter Biden’s first wife (Kathleen) tossed him out of the house because he wouldn’t stop using drugs. He headed out to a detox center, but got sidetracked and ended up spending a week binging on crack in a Los Angeles homeless encampment instead. Eventually, he spent a whole week at a detox center, then checked into a resort spa, then hooked up with his dead brother’s widow, Hallie Biden. They were a couple for about two years.

While he was with Hallie, Hunter fathered a child (born August 2018) with an Arkansas stripper. He denied having had sex with her, but the DNA said he did. Maybe he was so stoned on coke, he didn’t remember. Either way, she sued for child support. He claimed he was unemployed and in debt, but he was living in a $12,000-per-month Hollywood Hills rental home. The judge demanded he produce his financials. He fought it, then shortly before he was to be held in contempt, he agreed to pay the woman’s legal fees and monthly child support.

Emails on Hunter’s laptop include text messages between Hunter and his father, Joe, in which Hunter complains that Hallie had accused him of banning him from visits, because he had created “a very unsafe environment for the kids.” Specifically, he had Facetimed with a 14-year-old girl (widely believed to have been Hallie’s daughter) while walking around naked and smoking crack.

Rudy Giuliani said there were “numerous pictures of underage girls” on Hunter’s laptop.

MSDNC: After making this absurd statement, Joe apparently remembered people like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, so revised his TDSing to “nobody in the White House.”

Yeah … no.

First of all, it’s beyond ridiculous to blame President Trump for ANY American COVID-19 death, never mind all of them. And secondly, 655,000 Americans died in President Abraham Lincoln’s Civil War and more than 200,000 Japanese (mostly civilians) died as a direct result of President Harry Truman’s decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Also, see “5 More COVID Charts Democrats — And The Press — Don’t Want You To See” at Issues & Insights (link below) for a reality check on the actual status of the virus in the U.S. under President Trump.

OUTED: An anonymous “higher-level employee inside the White House” published an article and a book about why he is allegedly part of the Resistance inside the Trump administration. Except he’s not.

His name is Miles Taylor. He once worked somewhere way down the pecking order at the Department of Homeland Security under former Secretary John Kelly. Dan Bongino joked that the White House bomb dog had more access to the “higher-level employee inside the White House” than this joker did.

Washington Examiner reports that, when he left DHS, his May 1, 2019, exit email had nothing but good things to say about his workers and the administration’s efforts.

He now works as a CNN contributor where, in August, he was asked if he was the author of the anonymous article/book. He said nope, no way.

Sooooooooo … I count at least three lies in there. Why should we believe anything he said?

PENNSYLVANIA: Philadelphia – After a police-involved shooting, rioting and looting broke out in the City of Brotherly Love. Police were ordered to disperse, not arrest, looters. The mayhem didn’t stop, so the mayor ordered a curfew, which the rioters and looters ignored.

The stand down order had to come from the top, which means either Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney and/or Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, who used to be Chief of Police in that haven of law and order … Portland, Oregon.

Outlaw is a major proponent of the “empty the jails” movement in the country. When the pandemic hit, she quickly used that as an excuse to speed up her efforts to put as many convicts back out on the streets as possible.

At least 30 cops have been injured so far.

POLLS: I’ve written before about how inaccurate the “who are you going to vote for?” polls are and how the much more accurate “who are your friends and family going to vote for?” polls show Trump in the lead. John Kudia writes at American Thinker that even the first kind are shifting in Trump’s direction. Click for details.

TERRORISM: Please pray for the people of Nice, France. – On Thursday morning, three people were murdered at the Basilica of Notre Dame. One was beheaded; two were stabbed. The perpetrator shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he committed these atrocities in a house of God. Police shot the perpetrator and took him into custody. He repeated the phrase even after arrest.

TWITTER: From the New York Post – On Wednesday, the Senate launched a hearing to investigate “Big Tech’s bad behavior.”

Center-stage: Twitter’s strong-arm tactics to censor The Post ever since we began reporting on Hunter Biden’s emails. First, it froze our account and banned our stories; then, amid a public backlash, it agreed to unfreeze us — but only if we deleted our original tweets.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sounded like every mob enforcer and shakedown artist in history: Nice paper you got there, New York Post. Shame, should something happen to it. He knows full well media outlets depend on social media, and Google search algorithms, to help readers access our reporting.

Sen. Ted Cruz wasn’t fooled: “Mr. Dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report, and what the American people are allowed to hear?” he thundered. “Why do you persist in behaving as a Democratic super PAC, silencing views to the contrary of your political beliefs?”

WALK AWAY: Today’s excerpt – Our 95 year old lifelong Democrat voting mother has, against all odds, voted for Donald J. Trump!!!

When we asked her why, she responded, “I have lived a long life. I have seen it all and heard it all. I lived through Hitler, Mussolini, and Socialism. I can tell that Trump is for the American people and Biden is not a good man. Furthermore, I love my freedom. This may be the last time I vote, and if it is, I’m going out with Trump!”

We are blown away! We never thought we would see the day she flipped!

GRAMMY NOTES: Dearest participated in a small pro-Trump rally in our village. The husband of a couple we have known since before they were married (oldest kid is a college graduate) walked up to him and said, ”Fuck Trump”, right to his face.

Democrats keep saying it’s Trump and the people who support him (like us) who are the instigators of all the hate and division in this country. That’s a load of crap, as this man’s appalling behavior testifies. I am so disgusted.

SAM: [2:30] – Sam shares a little inspiration about what kids can be when they grow up.


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