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Donald Trump is doing two to three rallies a day, every day, and looking more vibrant and alive with each passing appearance before tens of thousands of people.

Trump rally attendees who were NOT Republican has ranged from 14% to 56%.

Trump rally attendees who did not vote in 2016 has ranged from 20% to 33%.

Dan Bongino reports on two Biden rallies and a Trump rally. First Biden rally … a drive by outside the rally is packed with Trump signs. ONE Biden sign was seen. Second Biden rally … coronavirus hypocrites chat up close, then separate into their social distanced circles. Total attendees = maybe 40. Trump rally … “there are more people lined up for the bathrooms than were in the circles at the Biden rally.” IT’S TIME TO WIN!

Black voter support is sky-rocketing!

CLICK https://gab.com/rixstep/posts/105113394093229105 [1:59] to hear the latest signs of Joe’s mental deterioration. If he weren’t such a corruptocrap, I’d feel bad for him.

Also, “No more billionaire dark money in our elections” except for George Soros’. Cuz the ONLY thing they care about is their own power.

I saw the following on FB – Probably one of the stupidest political arguments right now is “200,000 have died from Corona because of Trump” coupled with “We (Biden/Harris) have a plan to deal with Corona.” We get it at the debates and in the commercials.

First, if you have this miracle plan, why the hell have you not implemented it? Senator Harris, you get to present and pass laws. Mr. Biden, your party has control of the House of Representatives where all the money gets spent. Why have you not passed and funded this miracle plan months ago? Why do we have to wait? If what you claim is true and you did nothing, then those 200K deaths are on you.

Second, when all the political BS is peeled back, there is not one single Mayor or Governor that can honestly say that they did not get what they needed and more, to keep the medical system from being overwhelmed. Mobile field hospitals went unused. Naval hospital ships went unused. Charity mobile hospitals went unused. The private sector and Americans stepped up and met the PPE needs. The partnership between the White House and the private sector cranked out ventilators and not only met the needs, but replenished the emergency stockpiles. Not one, but multiple variations of vaccines have been discovered and are in final trials in the fastest time in history.

So, take your secret plan and shove it. I am too old to buy into snake oil scams and too experienced to not look at the real evidence/record.

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