Tucker Carlson’s interview with Tony Bobulinski

I found the full, genuine video of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Tony Bobulinski about how Joe Biden not only knew about Hunter’s sleazy deals, but was directing them.

It is embedded @ https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7x3oy7 [49.16]. MUST VIEW!!

plausible deniability n. The organization of a clandestine operation in such a way that knowledge of its existence may be denied by those in authority.

Bobulinski suggests downloading Senator Johnson’s report – “Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns” by the U.S. Senate Committee Report on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs – and reading Pages 65-87, which is Section XI: Hunter Biden and his family’s financial transactions with Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh, and Chinese nationals raise criminal concerns and extortion threats.

The report can be downloaded here:

Bobulinski briefly mentions that when he was in the service, he had a Q clearance level. This is the same Q alleged to be the clearance level of the person or persons responsible for the so-called QAnon revelations. That’s not related to the Tucker Carlson interview. I just thought it was interesting.

Some background …

[6:44] Maria Bartiromo talks with Steve Bannon talks about the exploding Biden scandal. Bannon mentions that Tucker Carlson was going to be interviewing whistleblower Tony Bobulinski.

[2:07] EdukateUrself also talks about the Carlson-Bobulinski interview.

I tried to find that Carlson-Bobulinski interview on YouTube, which embeds the best here at WordPress, only to discover that YouTube is actively suppressing it! I found twelve times that the FULL show had been uploaded. ALL of them are gone now.

There is one video still up at YouTube that only appears to be the full interview. It’s not. After a minute, it goes to forty-two minutes of “click on the link below.” That link goes to a different site that features numerous, nasty ads and, again, after a minute, Tucker goes away for more nasty ads.

Way to go, YouTube. SQUASH the genuine article, but leave the “links to porno” version UP! A$$holes.

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