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BACK THE BLUE: CLICK [3:15] to see what happens when BLM protesters are presented with facts and data that conflict with their prejudice. To save you some time, here’s a quote. “Don’t you care about facts?” “F*** off.”

HUNTER’S LAPTOP: A site called Gnews has obtained at least some of the porn files Rudy Giuliani told us were on the computer. I’ve never been to the site before, but they appear to focus a lot on China. Some of the stories appear to be in Chinese.

So far, we’ve been told that the repair guy has (or had) a copy of the hard drive and that he turned the laptop itself over to the FBI which has opened a money laundering case. Repair guy also gave a copy to Giuliani, who has shared at least some of the material with the New York Post.

Giuliani has said he will not be releasing the pornographic materials, probably because he turned another copy of the hard drive over to the Delaware police, who decided it belonged with the FBI, because of the child pornography contained on it. Or maybe because the Biden Crime Family owns Delaware …

Long point being … I am guessing the leak did not come from a U.S. source, but from a Gnews contact in China. (They say the ChiComs have been blackmailing Hunter.)

I blocked the view on the image above; Gnews left it as is. I wish I could unsee it.

MICHIGAN: Detroit – Undercover video of election trainers explaining exactly how to go about stealing the election for the Democrats. Full disclosure: My blood pressure and I couldn’t get through this.


What a FILTHY slur from the oldest pro-abortion organization in the country, source of the absolutely debunked LIE that “25,000 women die every year from back alley abortions.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson belonged to NARAL back in the early days. After he woke up and switched sides told us he helped cook up the fake number. (The real one was about 125.)

POLLING: At this time in 2016, the polls were giving Hillary a 90%+ chance of winning. It’s almost like the pollsters and the Leftstream Media didn’t learn a darn thing, because they’re harping on how Biden is going to walk away with the Oval Office.

Since the Trafalgar Group was the rare outlier that actually got it right in 2016, because Robert Cahaly, CEO of the Atlanta-based polling firm, identified and solved what appear to be the biggest problems. One is the social-desirability bias (aka, Bradley effect) which is people tending to want to please the pollster. Another is that conservatives are less likely to participate, while people who hate Trump are more likely to participate. They also discount national polls, because the presidency is won state by state.

The National Review link provides a lot of detail about Trafalgar’s methods and predictions for 2020, if you’re interested. On October 18, when the article was published, Cahaly’s best guess was an Electoral College victory for Trump “in the high 270s, low 280s.” This may have shifted significantly in Trump’s favor given his performance in last Thursday’s debate.

TAMPAX: Some SJW moron at this company decided to disrespect customers in favor of making a handful of biologically-intact female-to-male trannies feel good about themselves.

Tampax Tweet = Fact: Not all women have periods. Also a fact: Not all people with periods are women. Let’s celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed!

They got slammed by disgruntled customers; see above. Also, men who said things like, “I cut myself shaving. I am a person bleeds.”

“Sigh…so tired of companies disrespecting their main target audience & gaslighting the public for virtue signaling points.”

“Funny how the faces are literally erased. Because that is their goal : Erasing WOMEN, who are FEMALES.”

“Did Tampax just re-label women as ‘people who bleed’? My God that’s grim.”

VOX: During the final 2020 Presidential Debate, Trump said about windmill-generated power: “It’s extremely expensive. Kills all the birds.”

Vox “fact” checked this by pointing out that CATS “are the true enemies of the birds.” They even included a GRAPH to PROVE that Orange Man Bad is stooopid.

But Vox is the stoopid one. It is well known that, after habitat loss from agriculture, wind turbines are the greatest human threat large, high conservation value birds.

I’m pretty sure that Fluffy and Mittens aren’t murdering any golden eagles, bald eagles, burrowing owls, red-tailed hawks, Swainson’s hawks, American kestrels, white-tailed kites, peregrine falcons, or prairie falcons … to name just some of the species wind turbines are slaughtering.

Scientists also say that wind turbines are the second biggest human threat to bats in general and the single greatest human threat to migratory bats in particular. This is bad, because bats eat a bazillion insects that would otherwise eat our food crops and spread various nasty diseases.

But yeah, Vox, you go ahead being stoopid and sucky. And I’ll go ahead never clicking on your pathetic site.

WALK AWAY: Today’s excerpt – “It seemed impossible that a REPUBLICAN would go to bat for blue collar workers. That’s the Democrats’ job … right? But as I looked back at the past decade, I realized that sometime after Occupy Wallstreet the DNC had abandoned their focus on unions and the average worker for talk about privilege and racial resentment, leaving the position of “politics for the people” as unclaimed real estate. Bernie spoke about American jobs and manufacturing, and look at what the DNC did to him. The American worker had no representative … except for Trump. And here he was, doing what I’d hoped Bernie could do: set a match to the 5,600 pages of bureaucratic nightmare that was the TPP, once and for all.”

GRAMMY NOTES: The Garden wishes Mascot Bunny a Very Happy Birthday and thanks her for NINE years of service bringing sweetness and love to all PoliNators.

[Psst … she and her mama are getting rainbow butterfly winter sets crocheted by Grammy. Mama’s first go around at a 39th birthday is in two weeks.]

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