More about Thursday’s Prez Debate

“Trump is an artist. He needs boundaries. Threatening to mute his microphone helped him and hurt Biden. It hurt Biden because interrupting (something he did a half dozen times in the first debate before Trump ever interrupted him) is the only debate tactic Biden has. Go back and watch his 2012 vice presidential debate with Paul Ryan. Trump doesn’t  need to interrupt to win a debate. He’s a gifted debater. The threat to mute the microphones took away Biden’s only go-to move and  forced Trump to win on substance and facts.” – John Nolte

“Last night, Trump was forced to defend his record, to explain it… And because he has a very good record as president, he was able to. Because Joe Biden has a terrible record, he was forced to lie… To tell 11 bald-faced whoppers, and here they are… All of Biden’s quotes below come directly from last night’s debate.” – John Nolte

LIE # ONE: No one lost their insurance under ObamaCare.

LIE # TWO: America was cozy with Hitler.

LIE # THREE: I never opposed fracking.

LIE # FOUR: I didn’t oppose Trump’s China travel ban.

LIE # FIVE: Illegal aliens show up for asylum hearings after being caught and released.

LIE # SIX: Raising the minimum wage does not hurt anyone.

LIE # SEVEN: No one brought up Biden’s troubling Ukraine conflicts of interest during impeachment.

LIE # EIGHT: Trump never told Putin to stop meddling in American elections.

LIE # NINE: Hunter’s emails are part of a Russia plan.

LIE # TEN: Trump refused to take responsibility for the coronavirus.

LIE # ELEVEN: Trump has alienated all our allies.

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