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Hunter’s Laptop

We now know for certain that the laptop that computer repair guy, John Paul Mac Isaac, turned over to the FBI did belong to Hunter Biden.

We know this because Hunter Biden’s attorney called the computer repair shop a few days ago and asked for Hunter’s computer back. Then he followed up with a letter.

Too bad for the Biden Crime Family that, under Delaware law, the laptop and its contents became the property of the repair business 90 days after it was abandoned there.

And it’s not like the repair guy ever tried to cheat Biden. He tried for four months to contact Hunter Biden about paying his bill and retrieving his property. Biden never answered nor paid for the repair work.

Nor did Mr. Mac Isaac ever attempt to profit from the explosive material on the hard drive. He never approached any media outlet or tabloid. Rather, as soon as he realized the laptop contained material relevant to the security of our nation, he contacted the FBI and cooperated fully.

But, when he realized the FBI was sitting on material which would have contributed to President Trump’s impeachment defense, Mr. Mac Isaac gave a copy of the hard driver to the president’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who shared it with the New York Post which broke the first piece of the story on October 14th.

Twitter promptly locked the Post out of its own Twitter account and blocked tweeters from sharing a link to the story on the Post’s web site. Twitter got considerable blow back and unblocked the story, but is still locking the Post out of its Twitter account with demands it delete tweets of its own reporting of the story that Twitter claims is no longer being blocked.

The New York Times published a story critical of the Post for having published the story about Hunter’s email. But who are they kidding? The doddering Gray Lady published Trump’s tax returns! At least the Post said exactly how they came into possession of the laptop’s contents, which is more than the Slime did about Trump’s tax returns.

One interesting point about the Fish Wrap of Record’s complaint is that it did not in any way dispute the authenticity of the emails. In fact, no one has … not Hunter Biden, not Joe Biden, not the Biden campaign. They’re just mad the truth is being reported.

Meanwhile, outlets like Fox News have started to confirm their authenticity … which means that Joe Biden – the man who claims to be the only one who can “Save the Soul of the Nation” from Orange Man Bad – really has been selling out his country for decades.

Yesterday, Biden again refused to answer any questions about the scandal https://twitter.com/TrumpWarRoom/status/1317946492003508224 [:04].

This morning, Rudy Giuliani said more emails and information will be coming out. “There’s more money. There’s some pretty … disgusting things this family was involved with. Really disgusting.”

He did not elaborate, but word is that many of the 25,000 photos on the hard drive document Hunter’s depraved, sex-and-drug-soaked lifestyle that would have opened a President Biden up to major blackmailing by whoever had it.

Also this morning, Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller said the president plans to challenge Biden about the revelations at the debate on Thursday.

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Bits & Bytes

2020: Catholic Vote ad for Trump [1:07] – According to Catholic Vote, Al Gore was the only presidential candidate to win the Catholic vote, but lose the election. And as those of us who are old enough to recall “hanging chads”, that was a very close election.

2020: Biden – Still lying. It boggles the mind that Delaware voters kept sending him back to the Senate after his first failed performance on the presidential campaign trail.

Clearly Lying Joe hasn’t changed a whit. He just falsely claimed that the boilermakers union endorsed him for the November election. The union hasn’t endorsed any presidential candidate for 2020.

BEN SHAPIRO: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=408456736835970 [6:53] to hear Ben actually be funny. He’s usually so intense and serious, it’s actually fun to watch this even if you’ve seen the ridiculous clips he features from the ACB hearings.

BLEXIT: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1621761648026534 [17:17] to hear some wonderfully thoughtful testimonies from folks who came to a BLEXIT march for Trump.

CALIFORNIA: San Francisco – The super woke PTBs in Nancy’s district have decided that at least 44 of its schools need a name change due to perceived “connections to slavery, genocide, or oppression.”

The list of unacceptable names includes Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Garfield, Monroe, McKinley, Franklin Roosevelt, Paul Revere, Alamo, Francis Scott Key, Balboa, El Dorado, Sanchez, Lowell, Mission, Presidio, Webster, and Jose Ortega.

Even a school named after Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) may be renamed, apparently due to the fact that Feinstein replaced a vandalized Confederate flag that was one of several historic flags on display outside city hall when she was mayor in 1986.

The proposed changes would affect more than a third of the schools in the district, all of which continue to be closed. As one parent noted, “We’re not actually helping disadvantaged children by changing the name of the school they can’t attend.”

DEMOCRATS: Thaddeus G. McCotter explains at American Greatness that the Dem’s Biden/Harris ticket is part of a cynical gaslight campaign.

LAMESTREAM MEDIA: I was amused this week to hear the same tone of angry outrage from both Pelosi and Biden when asked a prickly question by one of the journalists they usually only get fluffy Nerf balls from.

Trump is used to the abuse and knows how to deal with it. They haven’t got a clue.

NEVADA: Henderson – A Nevada man has been sentenced to six months in federal prison to be followed by one year of supervised release for opening mail while he was employed as a contract mail carrier by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). He says he was looking for cash.

NEW YORK: Manhattan is boarded up [3:08] – I googled “Manhattan boarded up” and the only major news outlet I got a hit for was Fox News.

Another video @ https://www.facebook.com/100006538472140/videos/2879971435564111/ [2:20].

NEW YORK: Ithaca – More images of the anti-Trumpers and the damage they did at the rally.

It makes me sad how cute those young people in the lower photo obviously think they are.

PRAGER U: Red States vs. Blue States [5:46] – This is well worth your time.

Twitter has used the bogus excuse that the material the New York Post has published was “hacked.” It wasn’t.

Someone believed to be Hunter Biden dropped off a laptop at a computer repair shop to have its hard drive content recovered. That customer never paid and never returned for the device or its contents. As per the repair agreement, ownership of the laptop transferred to the repair person.

Disturbed by the laptop’s content and fearing for his safety, the new owner turned the hard drive over to the FBI in December 2019. When the FBI failed to follow up on the disturbing contents, the repair guy gave his copy of the hard drive to former federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani. 

Giuliani, in turn, released the material to the New York Post.

TRIGGERED: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1017274452124627 [11:36] to hear Michael Knowles’ most triggering speeches. (TIP: This is funny!)

TWITTER: Yoel Roth is head of Site Integrity. He is in charge of developing and enforcing the rules at Twitter. Here are some samples of his personal tweets.

How does a personality-free bag of farts like Mitch McConnell actually win elections?

I’ve never donated to a presidential campaign before, but I just gave $100 to Hillary for America. We can’t fuck around anymore.”

Twitter has justified squashing the Hunter Biden emails with some allegedly high-minded baloney. The Federalist (link below) exposes their hypocrisy by listing eleven different stories of the same ilk that Twitter did not throttle.

One guess what the difference is.

WASHINGTON: Seattle – Bags of stolen mail were were found by the roadsides and in ditches. All of the ballots among the mail were unopened.

GRAMMY NOTES: I have permission to add a new Mascot to our roster. Her garden name is Blossom and she resides across the way from the Buzzers. The two families merged their germs for the pandemic, because the kids were going nuts and they’ve all become great friends. This is the family that came up this summer and camped in our back yard.

They were being home schooled before the coronavirus, which has been a blessing for Mama Buzz. Blossom’s mom has been a huge support to her adjusting to having the kids schooling from home. They also have been swapping kids for one class per day. Mama Buzz does Arts & Crafts. Blossom’s Mom does Science (I think).

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