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ACB: Democratic lawmakers hammered Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett for saying “sexual preference.” According to them, in today’s enlightened society, the term is offensive and out-dated. Which I’m so sure explains why Joe Biden used it in May.

CALIFORNIA: The Lakers won the NBA finals and then there was a riot. ::smh::

CATHOLIC VOTERS: “It’s time for Catholics to stand up and say ‘Enough is enough.” [26:50] – I only ever heard a single homily on political topics (abortion). And I have never heard applause from a Catholic congregation at the close of any homily ever. This election has changed that … bigly.

If then my people, upon whom my name has been pronounced, humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven and pardon their sins and heal their land.” – 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NABRE)

CLINTON FOUNDATION: This is a big deal – Two financial forensic investigators filed a complaint with the IRS alleging the Clinton Foundation violated tax laws governing tax-exempt charities. Their suit alleges that the Clinton Foundation “began acting as an agent of foreign governments early in its life and throughout its existence.

As such, the foundation should’ve registered under FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act). Ultimately, the Foundation and its auditors conceded in formal submissions that it did operate as a (foreign) agent, therefore the foundation is not entitled to its 501c3 tax-exempt privileges as outlined in IRS 170 (c)2.

A federal judge has just ruled that the IRS “abused its discretion” in trying to blow off the charges. He is allowing the case to proceed.

COURT PACKING: Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Chris Coons said on Sunday that the Senate moving to confirm President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett “constitutes court-packing.”

Sorry, Chris, but NO.

The term “court packing” has always referred to any attempt by a political party to ADD seats to the traditional 9 on the Supreme Court, so as to sway the partisan balance.

The only party to seriously attempt it was the Democratic Party under President Franklin D Roosevelt. In 1937, FDR backed the Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937, which has frequently been called the “court-packing plan.”

If passed, the bill would have allowed a Democratic president to add up to six new justices to the U.S. Supreme Court in order to obtain favorable rulings regarding his New Deal legislation which the existing Supreme Court had ruled unconstitutional.

Fortunately, it failed … in large part because of his fellow Democrats who thought it was a terrible idea.

OREGON: Portland – The “indigenous” arm of Antifa “celebrated” their Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage with yet more violence. What a surprise. Not.

They pulled down statues of Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, while shouting, “F— all you colonizers!…Everyone of you that’s against Black Lives Matter can f— the f— off.”

Inexplicably, they smashed up the Oregon Historical Society building and damaged displays that Native leaders from Portland said accurately depicted Native American history.

They also stole, damaged, and dumped a Bicentennial Commemorative Quilt that was made by 15 local Black women to celebrate their history.

They also attacked the Portland State University police office while rioters cheered.

QUORUM: Senators need a quorum (minimum number of senators) to call a vote. For the full Senate, a quorum is 51 senators. For the Judiciary Committee, a quorum is nine members including two in the minority Democratic party. Senator Schumer says his party members will not supply a quorum for any vote to confirm ACB to the Supreme Court.

SPYGATE: Just the News has obtained and published yet another document showing the FBI knew in 2016 that there was no there there in the Trump-Russia collusion case.

SWEDEN: Pro-lockdown voices are super annoyed that Sweden, which didn’t lock down, has done so well. They trot out three main arguments.

First, they say, “You can’t compare us to Sweden. It has a low population density.

Not really. Eighty-five percent of the population occupies 2% of their surface area. Most of them live in towns and cities — 85% of the population occupies 2% of its surface area.

Second, they argue that “Sweden hasn’t succeeded; it has had more deaths per capita than neighboring countries.

It is true that Sweden has had more coronavirus fatalities than other Nordic states. But the lockdown was supposedly meant only to buy time while medical facilities ramped up to cope with the sick. As the other Nordic states come out of lockdown, their infection rates rising. Meanwhile, Sweden’s is very low, because they aimed for a fast and dirty route to herd immunity.

Third, the claim that “Sweden has taken an economic hit as well — the worst of both worlds.”

Nonsense. Sweden got off more lightly than most. Sweden’s 2020 GDP is expected to see a 3.3% contraction. Compare this to the U.S. (4.3%), U.K. (5.8%), and Eurozone (8.3%).

TEXAS: Carrollton – Democratic mayoral candidate Zul Mohamed has been arrested and charged with 84 counts of mail application ballot fraud and 25 counts of unlawful possession of an official mail in ballot.

At the time of arrest, Mohamed was busy stuffing envelopes with more forged ballot applications. If convicted on all counts, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Religious freedom – A District Court judge has ruled that Washington, D.C.’s pandemic reopening restrictions do “substantially burden the church’s exercise of religion” and that “the District has failed to offer evidence at this stage showing that it has a compelling interest in preventing the church from meeting outdoors with appropriate precautions, or that this prohibition is the least-restrictive means to achieve its interest.”

D.C. has had only nine COVID-19 deaths in the month of October and regularly has a positive test rate of under 2%. Yet the Democrat anti-God thugs running the city capped outdoor religious gatherings to 100 people, but permitted larger gatherings for other purposes. For example, the city denied a church a permit to use the R.F.K. Stadium’s parking lot for worship while giving a pop-up drive-in movie theater a permit to use the same location.

WIKIPEDIA: I was looking for some dates for Joe Biden. I know Wikipedia is left-biased, but they’re usually okay with basic facts. So I put “Joe Biden” in my search engine and got the usual Wikipedia thing in the upper right corner. I accidentally clicked on the link right below his name, which took me to his campaign page, with a big “give me money” banner. That startled me, so I tried “Donald Trump.” No link.

CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=869065986831897 [6:59] to see a heart-warming story about the rescue and rehabilitation of three abused horses.

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According to Real Clear Politics’ compiled polls, Biden is 10 points ahead of Trump. But Zogby (which isn’t tracked by RCP) says that Biden is only 2 points ahead of Trump.

And John McLaughlin, of McLaughlin & Associates, posits that the RCP polls are being skewed on purpose by the anti-Trump Left in hopes they will discourage Trump voters enough to keep them home on election day.

To that I say … don’t you ever, Ever, EVER not vote! People suffered and died to earn and keep our right to vote. IMO, not voting is tantamount to spitting on their graves.

The situation is nowhere near as dire as the Leftist Losers would like us to believe. I mean … if they’re so confident, why do they keep stealing Trump signs?!

A Sept. 14-28 Gallup poll of more than 1,000 Americans asked “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

YES 56% vs. 32% NO.

The last time an incumbent lost re-election, fewer than 40% had said YES to that question. Trump’s number is 9 points higher than Dubya’s was, 11 points higher than Obama’s was, and 12 points higher than Reagan’s was.

On Monday, Biden was asked about the “Are you better off” poll. First, he said that the people who think they’re better off have bad memories. THEN, he said that whatever people believe, “they should go out and vote. People should vote. Period.”

Hey, works for me!

Also, the polls that just give overall numbers ignore the very important fact that presidents are not elected by popular vote. They are elected by electoral vote.

You may recall that Hillary won the popular vote by 2.9 million. But the excess all happened in heavily Democrat states. On the electoral vote … the one that mattered … Trump clobbered her.

History is also on Trump’s side. David Chapman at PollWatch did some interesting historical analyses, all of which show the likelihood of Biden losing and Trump winning.

For example, no one who served 15 or more years in the Senate has ever become president. Joe Biden has served 36 years.

Biden also fails the 14 year rule. No one has won the White House more than 14 years after his first gubernatorial or Senate victory. Biden was first elected to the Senate in 1973 … 47 years ago.

No incumbent who has received at least 75% of the primary vote has lost re-election. Donald Trump received 94% of the primary vote, which is the 4th highest all-time. Higher than Eisenhower, Nixon, Clinton, and Obama, all of whom won re-election.

Eleven times in the past, Americans have faced a pandemic during an election year. In all eleven, the incumbent party won. Three times in the past, Americans have faced a pandemic, a recession, and civil unrest during an election year. In all three, the incumbent party won.

On Monday, Trump had more supporters at Biden’s rally than Biden did! Trumpers stand in line for hours, sometimes even camping out overnight, to get into one of his rallies. Biden can’t get people to click a button to hear him speak.

Enthusiasm matters. Since 1988, every candidate who has held the edge in voter enthusiasm has won the election. Pew gives Trump a 20 point advantage in strength of support.

Dearest and I live in a blue county in a blue state. For years, the election signage in our little development has been 1 GOP (us) to 4 Dem. But right now, there are 4 GOP signs (one of which is 4 times the size of the printed placards and made out of wood) vs. the usual 4 Dems (one of which is hand-written).

Since 2004, the candidate that led in google searches has won the election. Trump leads Biden in google searches by a ratio of 3 to 1.

And finally, polls that ask “Who do you plan to vote for?”, show Biden ahead. But all of them that also ask, “Who do you think will win?”, show Trump ahead. Historically, voter expectation poll results have been more accurate at predicting election outcomes than voter intention polls.

So my fellow TRUMPERS … VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! And do it IN PERSON! Or, if (like me) you can’t to the polls, have your absentee ballot hand-delivered to the election office by someone you trust.

We CANNOT turn this country over to the LEFT!

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