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2020: CINO Joe violates Catholic teaching – 2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.

“2360 Sexuality is ordered to the conjugal love of man and woman. In marriage the physical intimacy of the spouses becomes a sign and pledge of spiritual communion. Marriage bonds between baptized persons are sanctified by the sacrament.”

There is a good deal more in Catholic teaching about these issues, but these are the two “money” lines.

2020: Dementia Joe – He’s getting worse. Over the week-end, Joe Biden …

  1. Forgot Mitt Romney’s name (called him “that senator who was a Mormon, the governor”);
  2. Declared (again) that he is running for the Senate;
  3. Said, “You’re trying your breast, but it never feels like enough”;
  4. Directed voters to a website that does not exist;
  5. Misreads his teleprompter twice, first calling for a $15 million minimum wage, then a $15,000 minimum wage, before finally getting it right;
  6. Removed his mask so he could cough into his hand;
  7. And got confused about which way to go to get off the small stage he was on.

ACB: “Newest Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is almost the polar opposite of the ‘Sex and the City’ chimera of female empowerment: a serious Christian who eschews hookup culture and has seven kids. Half of her resume consists of behavior the leftists who control feminism constantly attack as anti-woman: big-time motherhood and big-time religion.

“Fertile women who are serious about prayer get derided as brainless sex slaves, with the ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ imagery that gets deployed against any skepticism of abortion. Of course, this is a steaming pile of horse hockey, and Barrett proves it. She is obviously not a browbeaten, barefoot and pregnant caricature of a conservative woman. Those kind of women are not professors at Notre Dame Law School, or Supreme Court clerks, or federal court judges.

“Barrett has done exactly what the left’s anti-woman feminist narrative says is impossible — obtaining a high-octane education while maintaining religious devotion, marrying in her 20s and choosing both a big family and a big career. To really rub salt in that eyeball, her big career has consisted of kicking butt and taking names in a field the left believes is their own and is central to power.” – Joy Pullman, The Federalist, Sept 28, 2020

ASIANS FOR TRUMP: Mainstream media and Twitter activists do not understand why many, many Asians love The Donald, who routinely attacks the ChiComs. Seriously? They don’t understand why people who FLED the ChiComs are cheering the president who sticks up for their beliefs? Wow.

BLACK VOTE: Democrats must win this demographic in Detroit, Milwaukee, and Cleveland if they want to win statewide in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio. But party leaders say there is disturbingly little visible enthusiasm for the Biden/Harris ticket.

COLORADO: Denver – Previous reports have said that Matthew Dolloff, the guy who shot and killed Lee Keltner at a pro-Trump rally, was employed by Pinkerton who hired him out to “9News”, the NBC affiliate station in Denver, to be security for their news crew at the protest.

New information shows Dolloff was not licensed to work as a security guard, much less an armed one, in the city of Denver. And Pinkerton says he isn’t one of theirs.

COVID: Shut downs don’t work.

MOVIE RECOMMENDATION: Dearest stayed awake for the whole 2.5 hours, which should tell you all you need to know about this flick. In short, it’s worth watching. It’s got enough interpersonal drama for the gals and enough vroom-vroom and car crashes for the guys.

As for kids … I doubt the ones young enough to be bothered by the few scenes of auto mayhem (one has a driver on fire) would engage with the movie in the first place, but use your judgment.

NEW YORK: New York City – CLICK [:21] to see Mayor de Blasio’s very strange message to New Yorkers.

Best of many comments – “This is the single saddest, most embarrassing moment of the week, so far. I feel really awkward and guilty, just watching it. Like when your grandpa soils himself during family dinner.”

SCOTUS: The Senate hearings before the foregone conclusion were political theater. CLICK[11:04] to hear Tucker’s view.

CLICK [8:06] to hear Sen. Josh Hawley criticize the Leftists who have repeatedly questioned the fitness of ACB and other Catholics to serve on the bench. Democrats have been rabidly anti-Catholic for many years.

CLICK [8:20] to hear Sen. John Kennedy to talk to ACB about the slurs she has and will endure before this is over.

TRANS: [13:45] – Keira Bell, now 23, is suing the NHS organization that rushed her into full surgical and hormonal transition from female to male when she was only 17. She says nobody ever explored why she felt like she did before putting her on an irreversible process.

WALK AWAY: Today’s excerpt – While I was out walking, a neighbor stopped me to talk about the upcoming election. I know she is a staunch Democrat, but she said how nervous she was about the election. So we talked. I said I know the fear people have about Trump … his brashness blah blah blah … but I also know his love for America. He keeps proving that. I also know that America needs to stay conservative for our grandchildren. She admitted that she is now voting republican. Neither one of us wants Kamala or Pelosi in charge. At all. This is not the path America was built on.

GRAMMY NOTES: 41 years of blessings.

CLICK [9:19] to see an incredibly gutsy, triple amputee (dog) try on prosthetic legs for the first time. And walk with them!

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