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2020: On Thursday, Biden again refused to reveal his stance on packing the Supreme Court. “You’ll know my opinion on court-packing when the election is over,” he said.

CALIFORNIA: Los Angeles – Yes, Virginia, there ARE Trump supporters in Hollywood! In the dark of night, activists put up this massive Hollywood-style “Trump” sign off the 405 freeway in Los Angeles. The letters are 20 feet tall and a whopping 70 feet long.

COVID-19: Democrats believe in the “magical germ mitigation” powers of masks so sincerely that they enthusiastically condemn, fine, and even arrest people who are not wearing one regardless of where they are or who they are with. (Unless it’s one of their who has removed theirs because they think the cameras are off.)

But, according to shrieking jerknalists like Mika “The Adulteress” Brzezinski, masks are USELESS when it comes to protecting the masked Secret Service agents who drove President Trump around the block to wave at his supporters. These are the same SS agents who were also separated from him in the car by plexiglass AND who put their lives on the line ever time they go to work to protect the president.

Mika also squealed about Trump “ignoring” the random, unnamed “scientists” for going home when his doctors said he was ready and claimed that his doctors’ refusal to release his personal test results were part of a cover up! Does being President of the United States mean the man has no HIPPAA rights? ::smh::

KAMALA: Kamala Harris says the American people deserve a “full accounting of the financial interests, including the indebtedness of the president of the United States.” She also claimed that his reported personal debt, running into the hundreds of millions of dollars and coming due in the next few years, was a national security issue.

Actually, his reported personal debt is a matter of public record. It is true that Trump owes over $400 million. It is also true that the debts is mostly mortgages and that the man is a billionaire who could pay it off tomorrow if he saw any financial reason to do so.

But you go ahead, Kamala, and bear false witness against the President, just like you did when you quoted the same old racist crap that’s been debunked a bajillion times. Maybe it’ll reassure a few of your uninformed voters that they’re not hateful morons for supporting the Biden-Harris ticket. Or is that the Harris-Biden ticket?

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: There’s no bias in the MSM. Just ask them.

WISCONSIN: Wauwatosa – After a black police officer was cleared for shooting a black teenager in January, BLM instigated another riot. I was thinking that destroying stores has nothing to do with promoting racial justice, but then I remembered, they’re Marxists. They hate privately owned businesses.

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