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2020: These things have never happened before, but since this is 2020, we might as well be prepared.

  1. Technically we are each voting for a slate of electors, not a specific candidate, so if a presidential candidate withdraws or dies before Election Day, the party will simply replace the candidate.
  2. If a candidate withdraws or dies between Election Day and the Electoral College meeting, things get more complex, because different states have different rules. The Supreme Court will likely come into play.
  3. If the President-elect dies or is unable to assume office on Inauguration Day, the 20th Amendment says the Vice President elect shall act as President.

ABORTION: [4:45] – The Pro-Life Reply to “Babies with disabilities are better off aborted.

ACB: [2:48] – Read the inspiring testimony of one of her former law students, a blind woman, who personally experienced the grace of Judge Barrett’s faith walk

ALABAMA: Tuscaloosa [3:54] – Hundreds of University of Alabama students were forced to sit through a so-called “inclusion” seminar delivered by far-left speaker Jane Elliott. In it, the speaker disparaged and lied about Conservatives and President Trump.

For example, she claimed Trump “has admitted to being racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, and ethnocentrist” (none of which Trump has actually admitted), and said his supporters backed him anyway “because he is opposed to abortion.”

She also claimed Trump sleeps in bed with Hitler’s “speeches and manuscripts”, said “religious people need to get over abortion,” “evangelical Christians are terrible,” “George Washington was a terrible person,” “race doesn’t exist,” and the terms “gay” and “straight” are both “offensive.

Meanwhile, the University of Alabama is busy rolling out their new OneUA initiative, the slogan for which is “Hate doesn’t roll here.”

Note: The video above is not part of the seminar. It’s just the shortest example of her presenting her nasty ideas that I could find on YouTube.

Her rants bear absolutely NO relationship to any piece or part of my 18 years of formal education. In fact, I complained to my kids’ elementary school about how they were spending time every year, year after year, talking about this, that, and the other brown civilization.

I asked when my kids would get to study their own heritage. “They’ll get that in high school.” Great. They won’t hear one good thing about their own ancestors until they’re obsessed with their hair and their hormones. ::smh::

BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Chris Wallace has been added to my “do not click” list.

CALIFORNIA: Yorba Linda – Brian Rokos tweeted about a confrontation between BLMers and pro-Trumpers last Saturday. “The counter-protesters call BLM protesters ‘criminals’, yet it is the counter-protesters who are breaking the law today by jaywalking across Imperial Highway to engage the BLM people.” Oh noes! Jaywalking! Say it isn’t so!

One of the BLM-supporters showed how “peaceful” her organization is by jumping into her car and plowing through the crowd of pro-Trumpers. Two people suffered serious injuries and the driver was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.

But, JAYWALKING! The horror!

CANCEL CULTURE: Prager U says, “Never apologize to the mob.” [5:34] – Paris Dennard describes the problem and offers a solution.

CINO JOE: During an interview on Sept. 28, Burke explained why Joe Biden is an apostate who should not receive Holy Communion, then said, “I don’t understand why Catholics who are involved in politics can’t get this straight in their heads, but they should.”

COVID-19: An Italian doctor makes a common sense point. “If the virus is no longer as strong as it was, if it is no longer capable of causing pathologies, then what is the problem of seeing it spread faster?”

DEMOCRATS: A group of Pennsylvania lawmakers posed topless to help remind voters to avoid submitting so-called naked mail-in ballots.

Bethany Hallam (D) and Olivia Bennett (D) are Allegheny County Councilwomen. Emily Kinkaid (D) is a Pennsylvania State Representative-elect.

And Democrats actually complain that Donald Trump’s behavior isn’t “presidential.

FREEDOM TOONS: [3:09] – Black Lives Matter lies to you.

INSHALLAH: When debate moderator and Fox News anchor Chris Wallace asked Trump when Americans could expect to see his tax returns, Trump replied, “You’ll get to see it.”

Biden replied, “When? Inshallah?

According to the Washington Post, Biden also used the word “inshallah” at a New Hampshire campaign event earlier this year when speaking about Medicare for All. “It’s going to take at least four years to pass it. Inshallah. You’re not going to pass it.

Inshallah means “God willing” and is associated with Islam, though my friend who used to be married to a Muslim says both Christian and Muslim Arabs use it.

What it means in conversation depends on the context. When used formally or in earnest, it means the speaker is hopeful for a certain end result.

However, it can also be said sarcastically, as Biden has done, it means the speaker doesn’t think the end result will ever happen.

Some folks saw Biden’s use of the Arabic word as evidence of a cultural awareness that Trump lacks. Others saw it as pandering to the pro-Muslim, anti-Israel Left.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt interviewed CNN’s Brian Stelter about his new book, Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth.

During the interview, Hewitt said his main problem with the book was that the Steele dossier has been completely discredited.

The Steele dossier, as anyone who has been paying even a little bit of attention knows, was the sole foundation upon which the Democrats’ based their dishonest FISA warrants, illegal spying operation, and lengthy Mueller investigation.

Stelter claimed he didn’t know anything about the Steele dossier.

Hmmmm … maybe it would be okay if we all skip reading his book, ya think?

PANTS ON FIRE: At the debate, Biden accused Trump of not doing anything to lower pricing on medicines. It simply isn’t true.

Senator Grassley, who is one of the leading figures in the Senate’s efforts to lower the drug prices, said President Trump has taken several actions to reduce prices. And Americans have noticed.

Tweet: “Biden is a liar, my wife’s medication went from $186 a month to $26. I know first hand Biden was lying.”

Tweet: My Daughter In-laws friend is on insulin. Thanks to our @POTUS @realDonaldTrump her insulin went from $900 a month to $8 a month. She can afford to feed her family now.”

Tweet: “Joe Biden could’ve done this during his 47 years in government, but he didn’t.”

CLICK on the Gateway Pundit link to read about the other 32 times Biden LIED during the recent debate.

PEOPLE OF PRAISE: Hacked – On September 21, 2020, somebody hacked the website of the Charismatic group to which ACB belongs. The hack breached the membership database of the charismatic community.

SPYGATE: On Tuesday, Lindsey Graham released a letter from Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe. In it, Ratcliffe wrote that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were both involved in originating the Russia hoax and that former CIA director John Brennan pushed the investigation.

Andrea Widburg writes at American Thinker, “The Trump Department of Justice has known about this for a long time but hasn’t brought indictments because the administration is playing a long game. The D.C. federal judicial system is controlled by the Democrats, from the courtroom to the jurors. …

This is why Trump and Mitch McConnell have been working to change the federal Judiciary from district courts up to the Supreme Court. The only way to get a fair trial is with judges who believe in the Constitution and the laws flowing from it. One of the things a fair judicial system will do is allow the administration to remove the trials from D.C. to a more neutral location.

Until then, Trump is using the month before the election, a time when people are finally paying attention, to put the facts before the American public. We’ve finally entered the final phases of the power struggle in D.C., and Trump is playing to win. There was, therefore, a tone of real menace during Tuesday night’s debate, when Trump said loudly and clearly that he had absolute evidence of a coup against him.

TEXAS RELOADED: Must watch! [3:54] – This is without a doubt THE best political ad EVER!

TWITTER: Mega fail – Twitter hasn’t removed the tweet or put any warning on it yet, even though they’ve banned other users for simply criticizing islam or using biologically accurate pronouns.

But, you know… calling for mass executions of Conservatives is totes okay.

UTAH: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/1288100771/videos/10217786678880518/ [4:30] to hear a very smart, articulate citizen speak truth to power and leave her County Board of Health speechless.

GRAMMY NOTES: We’re in peak foliage week here in central New York State. In 1979, Dearest and I enjoyed leaf peeping during peak foliage while we were on our honeymoon in the third week of October. I’m no climate scientist, but it kinda sorta seems to me that if the climate had warmed, like AT ALL during the last 41 years, peak leaf week would be later, not three weeks EARLIER.

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