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2020: [:52] – Don’t get tricked!

ANTI-SEMITISM: Three Jewish men tried to join a BLM protest to show solidarity. The BLM mob violently chased them away, shouting things like, This ain’t your fight, Y’all gotta go, and Get the f–k out!

AOC: She who yammers endlessly about the evils of wealth is in Vanity Fair magazine, trashing Trump while wearing outfits worth more than $14,000.

She no doubt learned her hypocrisy from her mentor, Bernie Sanders, who also rants at length about the evils of capitalism, yet owns three homes.

BANNED: The day after the CEO of Twitter got a tongue-lashing by Congress for banning conservative speech … Twitter suspended U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan for the post above celebrating the success of the U.S. southern border wall keeping violent criminals from reaching American communities.

It is not clear to me which of the protected categories gang members, murderers, sexual predators, and drug dealers fall into. Is it race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease?

BIDEN-GATE: Tony Bobulinski says he was questioned for five hours by six FBI agents on October 23. He is listed as a “material witness” in the money laundering investigation the FBI opened late last year. Senate Republicans are also looking into the material found on Hunter’s laptop.

Wait, wut? The FBI has had this for nearly a YEAR, but they’re only just now getting around the interviewing Tony Bobulinksi who had numerous emails and texts on the laptop?! It’s way past time for Trump to fire Christopher Wray and put in someone who will clean out THAT swamp!

100% of the news media outlets in Washington have sources at the Department of Justice or the FBI who could confirm that Hunter Biden and his associates are under investigation for money laundering. 100% could confirm this in 10 minutes … if they ever bothered to ask.

Nobody who was not in a coma will ever forget the non-stop shrieking Democrats and their surrogates in the Slime Stream Media did for more than TWO YEARS about Trump allegedly being in Putin’s pocket.

Now that we have copious evidence that Joe Biden is in the pockets of not just the Russians, but also the Chinese, the Ukrainians, and I lose track of who else … the Slimers are ::crickets:: (when they’re not sneering “conspiracy theory”).

COUP: CLICK [2:19] to see federal workers discuss ways to leak to the press and plot how to shut down DC after the election.

DIVERSITY: Leftist preach at us all the time about it. But they don’t practice it. Ninety-nine percent of Cornell University faculty donations go to Democrats and liberal Political Action Committees.

GLENN GREENWALD: The price for trying to do real journalism is high, as the co-founder of The Intercept learned recently. Greenwald – who had a contractual right of editorial freedom – was refused the right to publish an article about Biden-gate unless he removed everything critical of Joe.

Greenwald has resigned (first link), published his story himself (second link), and also published the emails his former colleagues at his former company sent him about the article (third link). Greenwald writes,

This draft obviously would have gone through one more round of proof-reading and editing by me — to shorten it, fix typos, etc — but it’s important for the integrity of the claims to publish the draft in unchanged form that Intercept editors last saw, and announced that they would not ‘edit’ but completely gut as a condition to publication.”

Excerpt: The few mainstream journalists who tried merely to discuss these materials have been vilified. For the crime of simply noting it on Twitter that first day, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman had her name trend all morning along with the derogatory nickname “MAGA Haberman.” CBS News’ Bo Erickson was widely attacked even by his some in the media simply for asking Biden what his response to the story was. And Biden himself refused to answer, accusing Erickson of spreading a ‘smear.'”

FACEBOOK: Gotta wonder how many posts they allowed about the Steele “pee pee tapes”, Stormy Daniels’ complaints, and Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged rape spree.

FAKE FACT CHECKING: The Slime Stream Media has been boosting their BFFs in the Democratic Party by “fact checks” that are full of you-know-what.

Washington Post maintains has a running tally of Trump’s alleged false statements. Current total is more than 20,000 … but they include more than 220 that are variations on the fact that his job has been made harder by phony witch hunts like the Russian collusion conspiracy. Jokes and examples of obvious hyperbole also dominate the list.

Politifact fact-checked the claim that “Florida is doing over five times better than New Jersey and New York in COVID-19 deaths per million people” by acknowledging that the claim was 100% true at the time of writing, but say that things could change in the future, so they rated it “mostly-false.”

When somebody said Joe Biden had eulogized “former KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd” when he died, the Associated Press said it was “partly false” because Byrd had not been a “grand wizard”, but merely a member of the KKK which he later renounced. Actually, Byrd had enthusiastically recruited enough members to form his own local KKK chapter, to which he was elected Exalted Cyclops.

FLORIDA: Miami-Dade is HEAVILY Democrat. But, as of Wednesday, the GOP had a 4.4% lead in early voter turn-out. By Thursday, it had grown to 6.8%!

Dan Bongino told his viewers. “If Trump were to win Miami-Dade…that’s a moon shot, that’s a 1 percent chance. Do you understand it would be the equivalent of Trump winning California?”

Re: Trafalgar Group (graphic) is the one that called it right in 2016.

MAGISTERIUM: Cardinal Gerhard Müller said there are moments where Catholics “have to criticize many ideas and actions of individual Popes.” Such questioning, however, does not lead to “questioning the divine mission and mandate of the Pope as Successor of Peter.”

In short, the papal words about same-sex civil unions are merely “private pastoral musings.” They have “no authority for a Catholic Christian.”

“The Faith stems from God’s Revelation and not from the manipulative wording and framing presented by theological and political influencers,” the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith stated.

He reiterated the RCC’s continuous teaching that “marriage is a life-long union between a man and a woman,” adding that “any sexual union outside of marriage is objectively a grave sin.”

MASSES FOR TRUMP: [2:26] – A Catholic group has set up two websites to encourage the faithful to have the Mass said for President Trump. The current total is 5,700.

If you have one said in your own church, you can add to the total here:

If (like me) your pastor is hostile, you can donate toward the $20 stipends needed per Mass here:

OREGON: The woman in the photo is a senior Oregon health official announcing the daily death toll from coronavirus on October 28, 2020 (i.e. NOT Halloween).

“As of today, there have been 38,160 cases of COVID-19 in Oregon, with 390 new cases being reported today. Sadly, we are also reporting three deaths today, bringing the statewide total for COVID-19-related deaths to 608.”

PENNSYLVANIA: Philadelphia – “Social Justice Warriors” who really, Really, REALLY care about Black Lives have been looting and destroying businesses in black neighborhoods because a cop shot Walter Wallace Jr..

Never mind that Wallace, who was armed with a knife, had a long criminal history (graphic) that included not only punching a cop in the face, but also punching his own mother in the face and threatening to shoot her!

POPE FRANCIS: [3:19] – On Oct. 22, 2020, the Vatican’s Secretary of State sent out a letter to Vatican embassies that Christmas Mass would be celebrated “in a private form without the presence of members of the diplomatic Corps.” It also noted that the liturgies will be streamed online.

Also, on Oct. 22, 2020, the Vatican hosted an award ceremony in the Vatican Gardens for the filmmaker who did the film Francesco, which has caused a ton of controversy thanks to the Pope’s pro-homosexual civil unions remarks.

On Oct. 20, 2020, Pope Francis took part in an ecumenical gathering with Buddhist, Seik, Muslim, and other religious leaders. The event was titled, “No One is Saved Alone: Peace and Fraternity.”

That title alone should give every Catholic, nay all Christians, serious reason to question this man’s faith in the cross of Jesus! Never mind that Pope Francis was fine with attending it while simultaneously barring the faithful from attending CHRISTMAS MASS!

SCOTLAND: [5:39] – It’s moving toward 1984 in Scotland where Justice Minister Humza Yousaf is proposing criminalizing acting in ‘a threatening, abusive or insulting manner’ towards one of its protected groups.

The bill as it currently stands would not require an actual victim, just proof that the perpetrator was motivated by ‘malice’ or ‘ill-will.’ According to the bill, a report by a single source could be enough to secure a conviction. And, speech within one’s own home would NOT be protected.

Yousef is also very annoyed that there are so many white people in the Scottish government. Scotland is 96% white.

TEXAS: This vehicle has been shadowing the Biden Bus all over Houston. Tweeters have filmed it and said the Biden bus is running red lights like crazy trying to shake it. At stops, they pull out the casket, which is heavily decorated. The driver says, “We been getting thumbs up from all the cops.”

TWITTER: This happened after President Donald Trump signed an executive order paving the way for a potential crackdown on social media companies censoring conservative content.

WALK AWAY: “All I was watching was CNN so I had a lot of hate for [President Trump]. One day I decided to say: You know what I don’t know much about him so let’s go and pray. When I did, God opened my heart and that’s how I became a big fan. Now I have 47 people close to me who are voting for him!”

GRAMMY NOTES: Blossom’s brother set this up. LOL!!

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Bits & Bytes

2020: Trump economy – The economic output of the United States fell by 31.4% in the second quarter when we were all on lockdown. The Department of Commerce announced Oct. 29 that the third quarter grew by a record-breaking 33.1%. And that’s with some Democrat states still on lock down!

2020: SATIRE [4:07] – Allie Stuckey explains why YOU should vote Democrat.

BIDEN: Even without the corruption, this candidate is a disaster. CLICK [:27] to hear him blather until he’s led away by one of his keepers. “Here’s the deal … one of the things that is that is important … is that um …… keep in mind … although they’re gonna vote on … uh uh … Barrett I think today … you gotta keep in mind that that … [unintelligible].”

CHOOSING LIFE: “I have had four viable pregnancies. I know the pain and devastation of miscarriage as well, the fear of being far from home and rushing to an emergency room. But for those four viable pregnancies, abortion was pushed on me for each one. I gave in and did abort my first, but I fought for the lives of the other three, and all of them are thriving today.” – Catherine Glenn Foster

COUP: If they can’t win fairly, then they’ll cheat. If they can’t win by cheating, then they’ll riot.

COVID-19: Researchers in Spain looked at the vitamin D levels of 216 coronavirus patients who had been admitted to hospital between March 10 and March 31. Eighty-two percent were deficient in this important nutrient.

I am very interested in seeing a similar study that looks at zinc levels. I haven’t come across one (yet), but it seems a logical thing to examine given that the most effective treatments include supplemental zinc, which is known to inhibit the ability of viruses to gain a foothold inside the cells.

FACEBOOK: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, LIED in his testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee. He claimed that Facebook does not censor or ban users based on their political beliefs. But the FACT that they have and do has been documented many, many times.

The latest to be deep-sixed was American AF, a veteran-owned company that specializes in patriotic apparel. The page, which had accumulated more than 1.6 million followers over five years on Facebook, was banned without warning on Oct. 16. Facebook said the decision is permanent. The company is considering suing.

They have set up a new shop @ Their main website is @

FEMINAZIS: After Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court, the Girls Scouts of America congratulated her on Facebook and Twitter for being the fifth woman ever to sit on the high court since its inception in 1789.

Leftist backlash ensued and the group deleted is congrats. This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, given that the GSA aligns itself with liberal causes and companies, such as Planned Parenthood.

GAB: Forget Twitter! Switch to where they actually do NOT censor you!

HUNTER: Among the many disturbing revelations leaking out of Hunter Biden laptop concerns Hunter’s inappropriate (and possibly criminal) behavior with a certain minor and his family’s response to it.

First, some background. Hunter Biden’s first wife (Kathleen) tossed him out of the house because he wouldn’t stop using drugs. He headed out to a detox center, but got sidetracked and ended up spending a week binging on crack in a Los Angeles homeless encampment instead. Eventually, he spent a whole week at a detox center, then checked into a resort spa, then hooked up with his dead brother’s widow, Hallie Biden. They were a couple for about two years.

While he was with Hallie, Hunter fathered a child (born August 2018) with an Arkansas stripper. He denied having had sex with her, but the DNA said he did. Maybe he was so stoned on coke, he didn’t remember. Either way, she sued for child support. He claimed he was unemployed and in debt, but he was living in a $12,000-per-month Hollywood Hills rental home. The judge demanded he produce his financials. He fought it, then shortly before he was to be held in contempt, he agreed to pay the woman’s legal fees and monthly child support.

Emails on Hunter’s laptop include text messages between Hunter and his father, Joe, in which Hunter complains that Hallie had accused him of banning him from visits, because he had created “a very unsafe environment for the kids.” Specifically, he had Facetimed with a 14-year-old girl (widely believed to have been Hallie’s daughter) while walking around naked and smoking crack.

Rudy Giuliani said there were “numerous pictures of underage girls” on Hunter’s laptop.

MSDNC: After making this absurd statement, Joe apparently remembered people like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, so revised his TDSing to “nobody in the White House.”

Yeah … no.

First of all, it’s beyond ridiculous to blame President Trump for ANY American COVID-19 death, never mind all of them. And secondly, 655,000 Americans died in President Abraham Lincoln’s Civil War and more than 200,000 Japanese (mostly civilians) died as a direct result of President Harry Truman’s decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Also, see “5 More COVID Charts Democrats — And The Press — Don’t Want You To See” at Issues & Insights (link below) for a reality check on the actual status of the virus in the U.S. under President Trump.

OUTED: An anonymous “higher-level employee inside the White House” published an article and a book about why he is allegedly part of the Resistance inside the Trump administration. Except he’s not.

His name is Miles Taylor. He once worked somewhere way down the pecking order at the Department of Homeland Security under former Secretary John Kelly. Dan Bongino joked that the White House bomb dog had more access to the “higher-level employee inside the White House” than this joker did.

Washington Examiner reports that, when he left DHS, his May 1, 2019, exit email had nothing but good things to say about his workers and the administration’s efforts.

He now works as a CNN contributor where, in August, he was asked if he was the author of the anonymous article/book. He said nope, no way.

Sooooooooo … I count at least three lies in there. Why should we believe anything he said?

PENNSYLVANIA: Philadelphia – After a police-involved shooting, rioting and looting broke out in the City of Brotherly Love. Police were ordered to disperse, not arrest, looters. The mayhem didn’t stop, so the mayor ordered a curfew, which the rioters and looters ignored.

The stand down order had to come from the top, which means either Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney and/or Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, who used to be Chief of Police in that haven of law and order … Portland, Oregon.

Outlaw is a major proponent of the “empty the jails” movement in the country. When the pandemic hit, she quickly used that as an excuse to speed up her efforts to put as many convicts back out on the streets as possible.

At least 30 cops have been injured so far.

POLLS: I’ve written before about how inaccurate the “who are you going to vote for?” polls are and how the much more accurate “who are your friends and family going to vote for?” polls show Trump in the lead. John Kudia writes at American Thinker that even the first kind are shifting in Trump’s direction. Click for details.

TERRORISM: Please pray for the people of Nice, France. – On Thursday morning, three people were murdered at the Basilica of Notre Dame. One was beheaded; two were stabbed. The perpetrator shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he committed these atrocities in a house of God. Police shot the perpetrator and took him into custody. He repeated the phrase even after arrest.

TWITTER: From the New York Post – On Wednesday, the Senate launched a hearing to investigate “Big Tech’s bad behavior.”

Center-stage: Twitter’s strong-arm tactics to censor The Post ever since we began reporting on Hunter Biden’s emails. First, it froze our account and banned our stories; then, amid a public backlash, it agreed to unfreeze us — but only if we deleted our original tweets.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sounded like every mob enforcer and shakedown artist in history: Nice paper you got there, New York Post. Shame, should something happen to it. He knows full well media outlets depend on social media, and Google search algorithms, to help readers access our reporting.

Sen. Ted Cruz wasn’t fooled: “Mr. Dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report, and what the American people are allowed to hear?” he thundered. “Why do you persist in behaving as a Democratic super PAC, silencing views to the contrary of your political beliefs?”

WALK AWAY: Today’s excerpt – Our 95 year old lifelong Democrat voting mother has, against all odds, voted for Donald J. Trump!!!

When we asked her why, she responded, “I have lived a long life. I have seen it all and heard it all. I lived through Hitler, Mussolini, and Socialism. I can tell that Trump is for the American people and Biden is not a good man. Furthermore, I love my freedom. This may be the last time I vote, and if it is, I’m going out with Trump!”

We are blown away! We never thought we would see the day she flipped!

GRAMMY NOTES: Dearest participated in a small pro-Trump rally in our village. The husband of a couple we have known since before they were married (oldest kid is a college graduate) walked up to him and said, ”Fuck Trump”, right to his face.

Democrats keep saying it’s Trump and the people who support him (like us) who are the instigators of all the hate and division in this country. That’s a load of crap, as this man’s appalling behavior testifies. I am so disgusted.

SAM: [2:30] – Sam shares a little inspiration about what kids can be when they grow up.


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Donald Trump is doing two to three rallies a day, every day, and looking more vibrant and alive with each passing appearance before tens of thousands of people.

Trump rally attendees who were NOT Republican has ranged from 14% to 56%.

Trump rally attendees who did not vote in 2016 has ranged from 20% to 33%.

Dan Bongino reports on two Biden rallies and a Trump rally. First Biden rally … a drive by outside the rally is packed with Trump signs. ONE Biden sign was seen. Second Biden rally … coronavirus hypocrites chat up close, then separate into their social distanced circles. Total attendees = maybe 40. Trump rally … “there are more people lined up for the bathrooms than were in the circles at the Biden rally.” IT’S TIME TO WIN!

Black voter support is sky-rocketing!

CLICK [1:59] to hear the latest signs of Joe’s mental deterioration. If he weren’t such a corruptocrap, I’d feel bad for him.

Also, “No more billionaire dark money in our elections” except for George Soros’. Cuz the ONLY thing they care about is their own power.

I saw the following on FB – Probably one of the stupidest political arguments right now is “200,000 have died from Corona because of Trump” coupled with “We (Biden/Harris) have a plan to deal with Corona.” We get it at the debates and in the commercials.

First, if you have this miracle plan, why the hell have you not implemented it? Senator Harris, you get to present and pass laws. Mr. Biden, your party has control of the House of Representatives where all the money gets spent. Why have you not passed and funded this miracle plan months ago? Why do we have to wait? If what you claim is true and you did nothing, then those 200K deaths are on you.

Second, when all the political BS is peeled back, there is not one single Mayor or Governor that can honestly say that they did not get what they needed and more, to keep the medical system from being overwhelmed. Mobile field hospitals went unused. Naval hospital ships went unused. Charity mobile hospitals went unused. The private sector and Americans stepped up and met the PPE needs. The partnership between the White House and the private sector cranked out ventilators and not only met the needs, but replenished the emergency stockpiles. Not one, but multiple variations of vaccines have been discovered and are in final trials in the fastest time in history.

So, take your secret plan and shove it. I am too old to buy into snake oil scams and too experienced to not look at the real evidence/record.

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Documents have vanished

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson informed viewers Wednesday evening that highly sensitive and “damning” documents his show received from a source about the Biden family have disappeared.

“On Monday of this week, we received, from a source, a collection of confidential documents related to the Biden family. We believe those documents are authentic, they’re real, and they’re damning,” he said.

Carlson explained when he and his executive producer received them, they were in Los Angeles preparing for his interview with Tony Bobulinski about the Biden family’s shady foreign business dealings.

“So we texted a producer in New York and we asked him to send those documents to us in L.A. and he did that,” he explained. “So, Monday afternoon of this week, he shipped those documents overnight to California with a large national carrier, a brand name company that we’ve used, you’ve used, countless times with never a single problem.”

They never got to Los Angeles, he said, noting that the shipping company contacted them on Tuesday morning to say the contents of the package were missing: “The documents had disappeared.”

Despite the company’s best efforts at tracking every step of the package’s journey, it has no answers.

“They traced the envelope from the moment our producers dropped it off in Manhattan on Monday all the way to 3:44 a.m. yesterday morning. That’s when an employee at a sorting facility in another state noticed that our package was open and empty; apparently, it had been opened,” he said. “So the company’s security team interviewed every one of its employees who touched the envelope we sent, they searched the plane and the trucks that carried it. They went through the office in New York, where our producer dropped that package off. They combed the entire cavernous sorting facility. They used pictures of what we had sent so that searchers would know what to look for, they went far and beyond, but they found nothing.”

Carlson continued: “Those documents have vanished. As of tonight, the company has no idea, and no working theory even, about what happened to this trove of materials, documents that are directly relevant to the presidential campaign just six days from now. We spoke to executives at that company a few hours ago. They seemed baffled and deeply bothered by this, and so are we.”

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Did Obama sell out our allies for personal gain?

If this stuff is true, it is YUGE!

CLICK [2:19]

Here is the gist of what the translation on the video says along, with the accompanying photos, plus some additional information to help you understand things.

On April 1, 2016, the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, attended the Nuclear Security Summit at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

On April 4, 2016, President Obama had a private meeting with Hunter Biden in the Oval Office. It is believed that one of the items on their agenda was Obama’s promise to not interfere if the ChiComs made a military move on the South China Sea.

Countries other than the PRC that claim and use all or some of the South China Sea include the Republic of China (ROC, commonly known as Taiwan), Indonesia, The Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

According to the man on the video, 26 hours after the Hunter-Obama meeting, the ChiComs wired $1 Billion dollars to one of Hunter’s intermediaries to be distributed to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and their cronies.

The April 4, 2016 photo of the Oval Office meeting was found on Hunter’s computer along with a videotape of the meeting. Hunter provided these to Xi to prove he’d sealed the deal with President Obama. Namely, that in exchange for $1 Billion dollars, Obama would take no action in response to the ChiComs moving their war ships into the disputed South China Sea.

That’s why the CCP has consistently said that Obama was fine with China moving its war ships into the South China Sea. Xi had every confidence that Obama would not move to intervene, because Xi had the photo, the videotape, and presumably evidence of the payment with which to ruin him if he didn’t keep his word.

If these claims are true, then President Barack Obama SOLD OUT Taiwan, Indonesia, The Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, and Vietnam … NOT to gain some strategic benefit for the U.S., but to line his own pockets and those of the Biden Crime Family and its cronies.

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Tucker Carlson’s interview with Tony Bobulinski

I found the full, genuine video of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Tony Bobulinski about how Joe Biden not only knew about Hunter’s sleazy deals, but was directing them.

It is embedded @ [49.16]. MUST VIEW!!

plausible deniability n. The organization of a clandestine operation in such a way that knowledge of its existence may be denied by those in authority.

Bobulinski suggests downloading Senator Johnson’s report – “Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns” by the U.S. Senate Committee Report on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs – and reading Pages 65-87, which is Section XI: Hunter Biden and his family’s financial transactions with Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh, and Chinese nationals raise criminal concerns and extortion threats.

The report can be downloaded here:

Bobulinski briefly mentions that when he was in the service, he had a Q clearance level. This is the same Q alleged to be the clearance level of the person or persons responsible for the so-called QAnon revelations. That’s not related to the Tucker Carlson interview. I just thought it was interesting.

Some background …

[6:44] Maria Bartiromo talks with Steve Bannon talks about the exploding Biden scandal. Bannon mentions that Tucker Carlson was going to be interviewing whistleblower Tony Bobulinski.

[2:07] EdukateUrself also talks about the Carlson-Bobulinski interview.

I tried to find that Carlson-Bobulinski interview on YouTube, which embeds the best here at WordPress, only to discover that YouTube is actively suppressing it! I found twelve times that the FULL show had been uploaded. ALL of them are gone now.

There is one video still up at YouTube that only appears to be the full interview. It’s not. After a minute, it goes to forty-two minutes of “click on the link below.” That link goes to a different site that features numerous, nasty ads and, again, after a minute, Tucker goes away for more nasty ads.

Way to go, YouTube. SQUASH the genuine article, but leave the “links to porno” version UP! A$$holes.

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Bits & Bytes

RESCUE: CLICK [3:31] to see yet another dog rescue end with a healthy, happy animal living with his forever family. I love these in part because they are such beautiful metaphors for how God seeks to rescue each one of us and how, if we can put aside our fears and anger, we can end up healthy and happy, living in our real forever home.

2020: Can you change your vote? – The answer in most states is YES.

2020: As Trump holds 3 rallies a day, Joe and Kamala are nowhere to be seen. Ditto the media. It is a largely unreported phenomenon that grassroots Trump rallies have been happening for months and in some of the places he most needs to win.

The one in the photo above happened last Saturday, less than two weeks before Election Day. It was planned entirely by local Trumpers, not by the Trump campaign. The caravan of approximately 2,000 cars, many with whole families inside, drove 12 miles honking and waving American and Trump flags.

Byron York of The Washington Examiner said, “As far as I could tell, I was the only newsperson there.”

Data collected by the Trump campaign about planned rally attendees suggests that his base is expanding way past registered Republicans and people who voted for him in 2016. At three recent rallies in Pennsylvania, 14-24% of attendees were not Republicans and 21-22% did not vote in 2016.

ACB: Thank You, Lord!

CLICK [2:57] to hear Candace Owens speak truth to power. She is such a wonderful speaker.

Meanwhile, the ever-fair-and-balanced jerknalists at CNN and MSDNC didn’t bother to cover the confirmation vote.

ANTIFA: “Yesterday the New Yorker published a lengthy piece about Antifa in Portland which feels like it was written by someone who set out to write something positive about the group but who, after spending some time with them, couldn’t quite manage it. …

“It’s impossible to read this piece and come away thinking Antifa and their allies are the good guys. There is also some criticism of the Portland Police, but you can’t have murder, vandalism, beatings, arson, vehicular attacks and Molotov cocktails being used on a regular basis as part of a diversity of tactics and still maintain Antifa are victims. The whole piece is worth reading if you have the time.” – John Sexton

BACK THE BLUE: Operation Autumn Hope – During the month of October, U.S. Marshals recovered 45 missing children and made 169 arrests.

Operation Autumn Hope is a multi-agency law enforcement operation focused on human trafficking as well as finding missing or endangered children.

BLACK BLOC: I didn’t know there was a name for this – “A black bloc is a tactic used by protesters who wear black clothing, ski masks, scarves, sunglasses, motorcycle helmets with padding, or other face-concealing and face-protecting items. The clothing is used to conceal wearers’ identities and hinder criminal prosecution by making it difficult to distinguish between participants. It is also used to protect their faces and eyes from pepper spray, which is used by police during protests or civil unrest. The tactic allows the group to appear as one large unified mass. Black bloc participants are often associated with anarchism, anarcho-communism, communism, libertarian socialism, antifascism, or the anti-globalization movement.”

CATHOLIC: Opinion by Antonio Socci – “[This pope] has never before made an explicit public announcement like this that contradicts the official and perennial Magisterium of the Church. The novelty of this step is therefore enormous. …

“The papal utterance has thrown the Catholic world into bewilderment and confusion. But Bergoglio is not worried about this. For him questions of doctrine or morals or spirituality are useful only instrumentally, in service of an objective that is always only and totally political.”

HUNTER: I’m listening to Dan Bongino talking about how Slime Jerknalists are claiming the Hunter email story was broken by a “tabloid.”

The New York Post is the oldest newspaper in the country. It was founded in 1801 by Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

IOWA: When the University of Northern Iowa’s Student Government voted to ban Students for Life of America, the affected students sent an appeal to UNI’s president., Mark Nook. He has ruled in favor of the pro-lifers saying that “by denying them recognition when they intend, in good faith, to engage in lawful activities, we deny them their right to free speech and assembly guaranteed to them by the First Amendment.”

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: The Slimers are doubling down on their hyper-politicization of what is supposed to be news that voters need to make wise decisions.

Their coverage of Joe Biden has been 62% positive.

Their coverage of Donald Trump has been 92% negative.

NEW YORK: Chucky Schmucker is an embarrassment.

Schumer: “Today … will go down as one of the darkest days in the 231-year history of the United States Senate.” – Oct 26, 2020 (Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to SCOTUS)

Schumer: “This resolution will go down as one of the darker moments in Senate history.” – Jan 25 2020 (President Trump’s impeachment vote)

Schumer: This will “mark today as one of the darkest … days in the long history of this Senate.” – Dec 1, 2017 (Tax bill)

NY POST: The nation’s oldest newspaper has endorsed Donald Trump and is still locked out of its Twitter account.

OOPS: I saw this on FB – “Are you freakin serious??? So after leaving the drive thru today, I took my sandwich out of the bag and I see THIS!! Seriously? Oh not today, not today!! I went back to the restaurant, went INSIDE (already fuming), asked to speak to the manager and then threw the sandwich on the counter. I asked him for an explanation. He looked confused, so I pointed at the writing on the sandwich and demanded that he tells me why someone felt the need to write it on my sandwich. He answered, “because you ordered a BLT with cheese??” To which I replied “Oh.”

PENNSYLVANIA: West Philadelphia – More than 30 police officers were injured in West Philadelphia Monday night after anti-cop rioters clashed with authorities following a police-involved shooting.

The whole thing started after 27-year-old Walter Wallace, a black man, brandished a knife at officers who were responding to a domestic violence call. Instead, video from the incident shows him failing to respond to multiple orders to drop the weapon and lunging at the police, who had their weapons drawn. Two officers then fired at Wallace, who was hit several times and died at the scene.

The incident kicked off a massive protest-turned-riot, during which 30 people were arrested and more than two-dozen officers were wounded as violent activists vandalized buildings and vehicles, lit dumpsters on fire, and broke multiple store windows. Others busted into shops and began hauling shoes and clothes away in black garbage bags.

POLLS: Like Trafalgar, the pollsters at USC Dornsife say their “social circle” question (i.e., how do your friends plan to vote?) is predicting that Biden will win the popular vote by a large margin, but will narrowly lose the Electoral College and, thus, the White House.

In 2016, this question predicted outcomes more accurately than either the own-intention question or aggregate polling. For example, it got right four of the five swing states that unexpectedly went to Trump (Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin). The own-intention question only got three of them and aggregate polling got none.

PROJECT VERITAS: Massive voter fraud by operative for Mauro Garza who is running for Congress for Texas-20. In the 17:47 video, Raquel Rodriguez admits repeatedly that she’s breaking the law in multiple ways … while she wears her little gold cross necklace. ::gagme::

Undercover video is embedded at the PV link.

RUSSIAN COLLUSION: Remember when the Left shrieked at us for more than two years that Putin owned Trump, because of some sex tapes he had that Trump wouldn’t want anyone to see?

Guess what?! Surprise (not). The real person who is owned by Putin because of sex tapes is … wait for it … Hunter Biden and his skeezy dad.

Joe made his son, Hunter, the Biden Crime Family’s bag man. Hunter arranged big money deals with countries hostile to the U.S. in exchange for access to Joe. He gave half of the take to Joe and used the other half to support himself and the rest of the Biden clan.

And because they’re not stupid, the people who bought Joe bought insurance for themselves in the form of blackmail photos/videos of Hunter, who cheerfully took advantage of the sex and drug opportunities offered to him.

SOUR GRAPES: @HillaryClinton tweet – “It is an insult to the American people that the GOP is ramming through a Supreme Court justice with just eight days until the end of an election in which nearly 60 million people have already voted.” (Oct 26, 2020)

@BattleSwarmBlog reply – “It is an insult to the American people that @realDonaldTrump beat you fair and square four years ago and you and your cadre of corrupt cronies have done everything you could to ignore that and obstruct his constitutional powers and duties.” (Oct 26, 2020)

TEXAS: The Texas Army National Guard will be sending up to 1,000 troops to five cities across the state to support local officials ahead of Election Day.

UNEXPECTED STAR: This is a fun show, kind of a combination of Candid Camera and Britain’s Got Talent. CLICK [19:55] to see Kiera.

WALK AWAY: Today’s excerpt – My two daughters have been in college for years and have been brainwashed into being Democrats. I talked to them for years without making a dent. What finally push them over the edge was Hunter Biden’s laptop. They finally have their eyes open.

GRAMMY NOTES: My spell check is as sleepy as I am.

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Biden Campaign Insider

CtH: I grabbed this off my Parler feed. It was posted by Lude.

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Bits & Bytes

2020: On Thursday, Dementia Joe managed to get through a 90 minute debate after taking 4 days off to rest. On Sunday, he said twice that he’s running against George.

To give Joe some credit, he’s absolutely right about the importance of this election. But I have no interest in living in the kind of country he … well, Kamala … would steer us into, cuz we’ve all seen it. Cuba was a prosperous nation; then, they voted in Castro. Venezuela was a prosperous nation; then they voted in Chavez.

2020: Dearest told me some inspiring local news. One, there are four times as many TRUMP signs on our street this year than in 2016. Two, a friend of ours has been wearing his Trump hat everywhere he goes. He doesn’t drive, so he has a lot of face-to-face contacts. He has yet to be verbally or physically assaulted. In fact, he says he gets a steady stream of cheers, horns, and thumbs ups!

2020: CLICK [:10] to hear Jill Biden get a wimpy response to her call to “stand with Biden and Harris” … while Joe wanders around behind her.

BACK THE BLUE: Especially the ones on four feet and their two-legged handlers! – Last Tuesday, a toddler and his dog wandered off from their rural Iowa home. Mason City Police Officer Duane Kemna and K-9 Kilo tracked him to through several acres of timber to a creek where the boy had gone wading. The boy was fine. I’m guessing his parents not so much.

CALIFORNIA: Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s Department of Health has issued an updated “Guidance for Private Gatherings” in time for Thanksgiving. Basically, fun is illegal in California:

Gatherings that include more than 3 households are prohibited. This includes everyone present, including hosts and guests. So if you have three grown children, you can invite two of them.

Oh, and forget hanging out in the den watching the game, cuz it has to be outside. And don’t even THINK about having your annual tag football game, cuz physical exertion increases the risk of transmission.

Also banned are singing, chanting and shouting … though that last one might be a good idea, given today’s political climate. Not that anyone will be close enough to chat, since “each household must be kept 6 feet apart in all directions—front-to-back and side-to-side.”

Gatherings should be two hours or less, so hurry up and finish your turkey, Grandma. Then, go sanitize your hands again at the mandatory hand sanitizing station. But thank Gov. Newsom that you’re allowed to use the powder room instead of their bushes … just so long as you let the hostess know so she can run inside and sanitize it between visitors.

I guess the homeless can forget their annual turkey and pie blow out at the local soup kitchen. Are soup kitchens even allowed anymore? Or did California decide it was better to starve to death than risk catching a virus that is less lethal than the seasonal flu?

HUNTER: Warning – The following from Gnews is disturbingly graphic and heart-breaking.

One of the videos is that Hunter Biden used his 9.5-inch genitals to continuously poke a girl’s vagina after taking drugs. This little girl looks only about 10 years old and is a Chinese girl. In the video, the little girl’s lower body continued to bleed, and the little girl kept screaming, terribly. These videos will be released to the public after the face and key parts are blurred. You can see the girl’s hands and feet, as well as hear the girl’s cry.

“These exposed videos are only the tip of the iceberg of evidence of the Biden family’s crimes, but they can give a glimpse of how the CCP used extreme sexual bribery to control Western politicians.”

ILLINOIS: Chicago – Hundreds of private school students are back in class, but the Chicago Teachers Union won’t even come to the table to discuss returning to in-person learning. Chicago Public Schools serves 361,000 students in more than 600 schools.

JEWS FOR TRUMP: Anti-Trumpers attacked a YUGE ‘Jews for Trump’ convoy in New York City by throwing rocks and eggs, pepper-spraying cars filled with families, splashing paint on cars, punching windows, etc. They also threw eggs at Trump’s personal lawyer and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

JOEL 2:25 INTERNATIONAL – Jeremy Schwab, founder of this Christian ministry for men, women, youths, and families affected by Same Sex Attraction, say they feel betrayed by Pope Francis.

Catholic News Agency is reporting that Pope Francis’s remarks on civil unions included in a new documentary were spliced together, out of context, from a 2019 interview. He needs to clarify what he originally said asap.

KARMA: MAGA style – CLICK [:06] to see a Trumper get sucker punched in the head by some butthole in a black ANTIFA mask who gets quick retribution in the form of a butt kicking.

LATINO VOTE: [1:50] – Jorge Masvidal is the son of a Cuban refugee and is a champion MMA fighter. “When you’re winning Super Bowls, you don’t replace the coach. … And you certainly don’t replace him with another coach who has been in the sport for 47 years and never won a game.”

MASSACHUSETTS: Boston – On Saturday, some schmuck set a fire in a Boston ballot drop box that destroyed 35 filled out ballots.

MICROSOFT: Can’t you just feel the “love trumps hate” COEXIST-y tolerance?

PELOSI: On Sunday, San Fran Nan said, if Democrats keep control of the House of Representatives, she will seek another term as Speaker.

POLLS: Trump was down by three points last week in Rasmussen’s White House Watch survey. Now he’s up by one. That’s a four point swing in a single week!

PRECIOUS FEET: CLICK to see an interview with Dr. Sacco, the man who took the iconic “precious feet” photo that proved children killed by abortion are not mere “clumps of cells.” He refused to copyright the image, so it could be used by anybody to help end the slaughter.

RACISM: San Diego public schools have decided to institute racist grading policies in a bid to “prove” they’re not racists. Instead of figuring out why Black and Hispanic students earn more failing grades than White and Asian students, they’re going to just give them higher grades.

TREASON: The revelations from Hunter’s laptop just keep going from bad to worse!

From 2010 to 2012, the ChiComs killed or imprisoned 18 to 20 CIA sources, dismantling a network that was years in the making and hobbling U.S. spying operations.

Investigators were divided over whether there was a spy within the Central Intelligence Agency who betrayed the sources or whether the Chinese hacked the CIA’s covert communications system.

On Saturday, the Chinese who leaked a number of Hunter Biden porn videos and pictures said it was the Bidens who gave the ChiComs the names of the CIA sources … thereby condemning them and our intelligence operations.

If this can be corroborated … whoa, Nellie!

The revelation about the CIA is part of the video posted at GTV (bottom link). If you don’t want to have to bleach your eyes, just watch the first minute and the last two minutes. The video in between is a partially blurred out video of Hunter Biden smoking crack and getting a … I dunno what to call it … foot job? He really does have an enormous man part.

P.S., I don’t want to hear one more word about how Donald Trump is an embarrassment to our nation.

TRANS: Worth listening – CLICK [3:06] to hear a medical student and Ben Shapiro discuss why transgenderism is not biology.

WALK AWAY: “Yesterday we hit a major milestone in our #WalkAway Campaign Facebook group; 500,000 MEMBERS! That’s half a million people on Facebook alone that have HAD IT with the Left, that have been brave enough to dare to question an ideology that isolates and ostracizes people and destroys American values. But the bigger we get, the more threatened big tech becomes. They are targeting us, removing hundreds of pieces of content from our groups daily. They’re looking for any reason to label us a hate group, connect us to conspiracy theories and violence. They’ve set the wheels in motion to SHUT US DOWN.”

ZOMBIES: CLICK [:15] to see the ad the Trump campaign aired for people watching The Walking Dead.

GRAMMY NOTES: The Buzzers love decorating for Halloween.

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If the Media Hated Democrats

Joe Biden regularly would have to answer questions like these …

Given your obvious mental deterioration and your difficulty working a full schedule on the campaign trail, why should the American people believe you are physically and mentally capable of handling a job as demanding as the presidency?

You have been in government since 1972, so aren’t you part of the problem? Why should anyone believe you’ll make things better?

While you were Vice President, America had the weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression. Shouldn’t Americans expect the same poor performance this time if you win?

Was your son Hunter qualified for his Burisma board member position? What exactly did he bring to that position other than the possibility you would use your position as Vice-President to help him?

You tried to dodge questions about your son’s notorious laptop that was left in a Delaware store. Are you claiming that the laptop is not his?

Compromising pictures of an underage girl were supposedly found on your son’s laptop and there are indications you knew about this beforehand and talked with him about it. Did you do anything to protect that girl from your son?

Very clearly, your son Hunter has made millions by promising people access and help from you, but you say you have not given it. Given the revelations of Laptopgate, why should anyone believe you?

Are you willing to condemn #Blacklivesmatter for all the rioting, looting, lawbreaking, and bad behavior associated with the group?

The no-bail policies you support have dramatically exacerbated the violence and rioting of your supporters in many places. Are you willing to abandon those policies and call for all of your supporters who break the law to be charged with a crime and held on bail?

You have denied that you want to do away with fracking and fossil fuel many times, but there is video of you saying it. Were you lying then or are you lying now?

Under the Title IX rules that were put in place during the Obama administration, lawsuits have proven that college men were being convicted of sexual assaults they didn’t commit on college campuses. The Trump administration changed these rules, but you say you want to go back to them. Why do you believe it’s okay for college men to be falsely labeled as rapists by kangaroo courts that make it impossible for them to defend themselves?

The United States is currently 27 trillion dollars in debt. You have proposed programs that will add another 11 trillion in debt. Do you see programs like Medicare and Social Security surviving in their current forms when we are that far in the hole and if so, how?

A family of four earning $73,000 saves $2,000 per year because of the Trump tax cuts and their taxes will go up if you, as promised, repeal the Trump tax cuts. So, aren’t you lying when you say no one making less than $400,000 will have their taxes raised if you become President?

You want to give citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens. Why do they deserve Medicare and Social Security benefits? Also, that will encourage millions of other illegal aliens to come here. Will you give them citizenship, too?

Why do you now believe it’s moral to fund abortions using the tax dollars of people who are adamantly opposed to killing unborn children?

You have talked about a “national mask mandate,” but have given few details. Will you force people to wear masks in gyms? When they’re walking outside? At home with their loved ones? In between bites of food at a restaurant? Should people be jailed for refusing?

You are well known for your unwanted sniffing and kissing of women and girls. You have also been credibly accused of sexually assaulting a former aide. Are you a sexual predator, Joe? Can women be safe around you?

Many people believe that stacking the Supreme Court would turn them into puppets for the White House and destroy respect for the court. You’ve refused to say whether you support this radical change. Are you willing to finally tell us where you stand on this?

There are many Democrats that favor getting rid of the legislative filibuster in the Senate. That is a radical move that could destabilize the country. Do you support it?

Millions of Americans lost their health care plans and prices have gone up dramatically because of the Affordable Care Act. Would you be willing to apologize to the American people for all the lies used to sell that legislation and for the failure of Obamacare?

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